Thanks to Phil Hartenstein (Hart) for scanning
these "around school" pages from his
FRHS 1960 Dolphin

Click a thumbnail photo to go to the large version.  If your
browser won't make them as large as you want, check the tools
for the "zoom" feature and zoom to 100%.

Dolphin1960Page60tn.jpg Dolphin1960Page62tn.jpg
Dolphin1960Page64tn.jpg Dolphin1960Page65tn.jpg Dolphin1960Page66tn.jpg
Dolphin1960Page66tn.jpg Dolphin1960Page67tn.jpg Dolphin1960Page69tn.jpg
Dolphin1960Page70tn.jpg Dolphin1960Page71tn.jpg Dolphin1960Page72tn.jpg
Dolphin1960Page74tn.jpg Dolphin1960Page75tn.jpg
Dolphin1960Page76tn.jpg Dolphin1960Page77tn.jpg Dolphin1960Page78tn.jpg

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