Class of 1957's Scholarship Award 
Goes to FRHS 2008 Graduate
Nanayaa Serwaa

Nanayaa Serwaa, 17, valedictorian and heading for Stony Brook University in September, is the recipient of our FRHS Class of 1957 Scholarship.  24 alumni from our class (so far) helped contribute, and together, we collected a little over $2000.  Thank you to those who made this possible, and especially to the committee who worked on the application and original letter that went out to everyone last August.  Our committee:  Nick Papouchis, Irene Steinberg Shapiro, Steve Kandall, Mike Gold, Helen Meyer Weinstein, Ruth Altman, Paul Roth, Ken Handel, Howard Schwach, (and me, Linda Stone Shure).

It is not too late for anyone else who might like to send a donation.  Nanayaa is a foster child, living with her foster father and sister, and has high goals of pursuing a career in medicine.  The more financial support we can provide her, the better her chances are, and the better chance we have of producing an active, contributing, and productive member of society. 

We are not actually presenting Nanayaa with a check till September after she sends up a copy of her registration.  But Irene, Ruth, Sue Weiss and Eileen Pontrello are all going to FRHS this Monday to present Nanayaa with a certificate at the school's Awards Night.  Ruth will say a few words on our behalf and Howard has a reporter from his newspaper, The Wave, who will write a little article on her winning our scholarship.  It's rewarding and fun to recognize and praise achievements, especially those won under challenging circumstances.  For those who would like to join the rest in donating, it's not too late.  Send your check, made out to Nick to:

    Nick Papouchis
    63 Prospect Avenue
    Montclair, NJ  07042

I know a few of you were put off when you heard of the closing of Far Rockaway High (scheduled for the year 2010).  But isn't that all the more reason to recognize and assist a high achieving graduate who worked hard and scored high scores, in her classes, on her Regents, and on her SAT's?  If you haven't already done so, please send in your donation, and hopefully we can hit a goal of $3000!  Irene will be bringing a camera with her on Monday night and will forward a photo of Nanayaa accepting the award.  Thanks to those of you who helped make this possible.

Linda Stone Shure

Scholarship Award Presentation

1957 Scholarship Presentation

Left to Right:  Eileen Rollo Pontrello, Sue Wallach Weiss, 
Nanayaa Serwaa, Irene Steinberg Shapiro, Ruth Altman

About the recipient of the 1957 Scholarship Award:
  • Name:  Nanayaa Serwaa, 17.
  • Moved to Far Rockaway in 2006 with her foster father and sister.
  • Ranked #1 in her class.
  • GPA:  98,  Regents:  90s, high SATs
  • Excellent recommendations from an elder in her church, her English teacher, and her College Advisor
  • Skilled speaker and debater.
  • Essay:  About her two-days-a-week internship at a local nursing home.
  • Goal:  Medicine

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