When:  June 23, 2007  7 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.
Where: Marriott Hotel in Uniondale, NY

Make sure you are a part of the fun.

Click HERE to see a list of who has confirmed
their reservation.


$50 deposit will hold your place (per person).
We can only have 120 total attendees (and we are getting close.)
If you're a member of the Class of 1957 but did not graduate, you are still welcome!

The total cost for this one time event is $100 per person (buffet dinner).

Please make your check payable to Lucille Moskowitz.

Send your $50 deposit and/or final payment to:

Lucille Crovella Moskowitz
7137 Wind Chime Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76133

Final payment is due April 1, 2007.

Linda Stone, is seeking more e-mail addresses
of 1957 grads (or phone numbers).

Gail Boockvar Jurrist,, has volunteered to organize this
and coordinate with the Marriott.

Irene Steinberg Shapiro,, is doing a photo surprise and will
want a current photo to be mailed or e-mailed to her starting next month.

Roy Cravzow,, has offered to take pictures of your
Rockaway home if you e-mail him your old address.

Howie Schwach,, is arranging a
guided tour of the Rockaways (Saturday afternoon).

Don't miss this once in a lifetime experience.



Most important item--if you haven't yet sent in your $50/per person deposit to hold your place, do so ASAP.

Send to:     Lucille Crovella Moskowitz
                  7137 Wind Chime Drive
                  Fort Worth, TX 76133

The total cost will be around $100, due by April 1st, so you can send Lucille the full amount at this time, if you prefer.  For those who have sent in deposits:  Note, an additional $50 pp is due April 1st.

I just added about 15 new '57 graduates and hopefully they will lead us to some of those we've not yet been able to locate.  We were a class of about 480 and so far, we have email addresses for about 100--many thanks to the website maintained by Skip Weinstock, class of '63 and Carol Marston, class of '56.

1.  Irene Steinberg Shapiro and Gail Boockvar Jurrist have volunteered to put together a photo project and have requested you send a recent photo to:

        Irene Shapiro
        455 FDR Drive, Apt. B1002
        New York, NY 10002

or you can email to:, but it MUST be in jpeg (.jpg) format.  If you send it by mail and want the photo back, include your full name on the back with the word "return," along with a self-addressed envelope.  If you're asking  what "jpeg" format is, mail it!

2. Gail Boockvar Jurrist -, is coordinating the arrangements for the room at the Marriott Hotel, Uniondale.  She has arranged for a block of rooms to be set aside at $159/night for those who are staying at the hotel.  Address is:  Marriott Uniondale, 101 James Doolittle Blvd., Uniondale, NY 11553, 516-794- 3800.  Be sure and mention that you are part of the 1957 FRHS Reunion.

3.  I am trying to maintain a master list of all those who are interested to keep everyone updated on new information.  Please send me - - any e-mail addresses for friends who may have not heard about the reunion, or forward this website to them.  If you just have phone numbers for some '57 alumni, send me those numbers and I will contact them.

I am also receiving BIOS from those attending and from others who can't make it, but want to be included.  50 WORDS FOR 50 YEARS is a good guideline, but a little longer is ok, too.  Just keep in mind--how much information is too much information.  If you begin, "Well, in 1958, I left for college and ...," you're heading in the wrong direction.  Again, e-mail me your BIO -

I am also compiling a DIRECTORY for our class.  If you want to be included in that, send me your name (including maiden name), and whatever you want included:  address or city, phone number, e-mail address. This is for all, whether or not you can make it to the reunion.  E-mail me information to include -

4.  Howard Schwach,, has volunteered to organize a customized bus tour of the Rockaways, your homes and elementary schools, on Saturday, June 23rd in the afternoon, for any who might like to participate. Let Howard know if you're interested.

5. Roy Craznov has volunteered to take a picture of what your home looks like today.  If you'd like to see that photo, e-mail Roy at:

If you have any questions or need additional information, please don't hesitate to e-mail or call me at 310-488-1826.   Can't wait to see you all in June.

Linda Stone