Graduates From Rockaway In "The 2000s"

Aigbe, Okenfe - - Far Rockaway NY

This is unbelievable. I just happened to stumble across this website and I must say that I appreiciate the hard work that was put into this project. I want to use this opportunity to say hello to all my classmates from the class of 2000 and all the teachers that taught me, especially Ms Karen Hughes, Mr. Nelon, Persaud and others.

Barnett, Teena - Far Rockaway, NY  -  Class of 2000
As one of the newer graduates of Far Rockaway High school, I just wanted to thank the many wonderful teachers I had.  Ms. Spence, Ms. Barbara Saber, Mr. Persaud, VP-Ms. White, Mr. Goldberg, Ms. Goodman, Mr. Ramnarine, thank you all for believing in me.

Bessard, Reuven - - Elmont, NY - Class of 2000

Boeninghaus, Anthony - - Worcester, MA  

Figueroa, Melissa - Far Rockaway, NY
The nursing program is one of the best programs in Far Rockaway H.S. It prepared me for my major in biology. I had a great experience at the "ROCK" because of great teachers like Ms.Goodman, Ms.Smith, Ms.Michael and Mr.Katz, (just to name a few). Keep an eye on my sister Jessica Figueroa; she is a junior.

Greene, Shonette - - Fort Belvoir , VA
I cannot believe that my high school has closed its doors, I am so heartbroken. Great memories and friends happened in those walls.

Jordan, Xavier - Morrow, GA  -  Class of 2000
Well, I like what ya'll have done on creating this website. I would have never known, I was just looking in my yearbook and then came across the website.  I know I'm the youngest person who probably joined even though I have not been out for a year I miss Far Rockaway High School. The school now is much different from the time you have been in it.

Michel, Edwidge - - Far Rockaway, NY  -  Class of 2000

Monereau, Sophonie - - Far Rockaway, NY - Class of 2001

Moreau, Lawrens - - Elmont, NY - Class of 2000  

Santos, Edward - - Jacksonville, FL

Waithe, Donovan - - Far Rockaway, NY - Class of 2002

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