Graduates From Rockaway In
'The 1990s'

Bailey, Laurie (Bailey-Thomas) - - Far Rockaway, NY

Barreto, Shasha - - New York, NY

Benjamin, Kirk -  - Houston, TX

Bercianopena, Joan - - No City Listed - 1994

Black, Alicia -  - New York, NY - 1995
This site is interesting..I went the "Rock" for 2 years.. and met some people who I am still close too was nice to see some familiar names on this site!

Brown, Erna -  - Greensboro, NC

Brown, Monique Eugenia  -  - Springfield Gardens, NY - Class of 1990
I graduated in the class of 1990. When are we having a reunion?

Bruccoleri, Michelle (Prast) - - Virginia Beach, VA - Class of 1993 - Updated February, 2009

Burnett, Shelley -  - (No city/state listed) - Class of 1993

Cantu, Luis -  - Class of 1990

Carr, Melonie -  - Far Rockaway, NY  -  Class of 1997
I graduated June 1997....Yes, I'm in the year book, Class of 1997!!!

Catania, Randy -  - Lawrence, NY

Darkwah, Abena -  - Kumasi, Ghana - West Africa  -  Class of 1995
Hello everyone, I think we would all agree in saying Skip has done quite a wonderful job with this site.  Many thanks to Skip and his family. By the way, Mrs Datner, G4, I will always remember your smile.

Davis, Nikki - - Far Rockaway, NY - Class of 1990  -  Updated April, 2009
If you graduated in 1990, please...I would like to hear from you.

Fernandez, Gerber -  - Far Rockaway, NY - Class of 1992
Hello my fellow brothers and sisters.  Feel free to email me, would love to hear from my classmates or anyone interested in chatting.

Ferrufino, Carolina -  - Las Vegas, NV

Figueroa, Candice Marie -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Franklin, Crystal -  - Far Rockaway, NY  Class of 1996
The Class of 1996 was the best class EVER. No seriously, Far Rock prepared me for so many things. Thanks to all the teachers who prepared me for the REAL WORLD.

Gibbs, Chamaine - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Class of 1991

Glover, Jermaine -  - Baltimore, MD - Class of 1995

Green, Chiquita - - Marietta, GA
Miss you all! Please contact me.

Harper, Medina -   - Arverne, NY - Class of 1994

Harris, Jackie - - Tignall, GA
Had good memories at the Rock!!!!

Hernandez, Martita -  - Jamaica, NY  - Class of 1993

Hernandez, Renee -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Hicks, LaMark - - Far Rockaway, NY - Class of 1994
What's good is everyone that I came in contact with at Far Rock. Had so much fun at that school. Too bad that this school will no longer be open. What a waste. That school produced a lot of talent and a lot of good people.

Hopkins, Erica - - Beaufort, SC - Class of 1990 - Posted January, 2008
Hello Class of 1990! Those were some rough years! If anyone remember me feel free to email me. I used to be with a girl name Nean from Edgemere projects. I must admit, we were pretty rough but that was then and this is now! Hope to hear from you soon

Hylton, Miguel -  - No City Listed - Class of 1999

Jenkins, Kimberly -  - Far Rockaway, NY  - Class of 1998

Lopez, Sumaya (Malone) -  - Tobyhanna, PA - Class of 1995

Kassim, Bibi Shameza (Leslie) -  - Brentwood, NY - Class of 1995

Kelley, Jacqueline -  - Roanoke, VA
I am looking for an old highschool love, Eddie Williams.  He did not graduate from "The Rock," but he did attend. If anyone has any information or can give me some information on finding him please contact me. Thanks.

Koffer, Daniel -  - USS Porter DDG-78  FPO - AE - 09582 USA - Class of 1997 BCHS

Lina, Carlyne (Jean Jacques) - - Brooklyn, NY
I recently heard from my 16 year old brother that Far Rockaway High School is closing in 2011. I would love to visit the school and take pictures there before it closes. Good memories there in the mid to late 90's. Class of 1997!

Marzan, Claudio -  - Bronx, NY - Class of 1998

Negron, Vincent -  - North Andover, MA - Class of 1990
Where's Yuri Torres?

Oge, Alex -  - Far Rockaway, NY - Class of 1991

Ortiz, Gualberto Jr. - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Puerto Rico - Class of 1990
My mane is Gualberto Ortiz, known as Albert back in school. I went to Rockaway from 87 to 90.  I have great memories of that old school, especially with my old friends. Elier, Anery, Miriam Gomez my ex which I never forgot.  Mari Terry from 97th and Coral Way, Marilyn from the trailer park on Flagler St., Donny, Perry Perez and lots more. If anybody is recognized, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I'm a Civil Engineer, residing in Puerto Rico. If you wish to contact me you may do so at 787-410-5406

Padgett, Shanique "Daisy" -  - Norfolk, VA - Class of 1996

Paul, Chaka - - No City Listed
What's up! I just did this to contribute because I felt I should, even though I know no one from my era is going to participate. Because unlike the 50's-70's FRHS wasn't a place that displayed strong school spirit. If these former graduates could've seen what it was like to go to Far Rock in the mid-80's through early 90's they would lose their mind!

Pierre, Jean-Paul "J.P." -  - Far Rockaway, NY - Class of 1995
It is good to hear from old friends, so if my name rings a bell do not hesitate to send me a few lines.

Rawlins, Clyde -  - Cockeysville, MD - Class of 1993

Rivas, Dennis -   - Far Rockaway, NY
This is the best web site ever made. I would like to congratulate the head behind all this.

Rodriguez, Daniel -  - Sarasota, FL

Rodriguez, Hector -  - Far Rockaway, NY - Class of 1992

Ryland, Jaseena -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Sanford, Eric -  - Madison, WI - Class of 1998

Savalis, Charles -  - Far Rockaway, NY - Clas of 1994

Simms, Addia (Simms-Greaves) - Snellville, GA - Class of 1999
Just wanted to support, shout out to all my Jamaican people, Caribbean people. Shout out to the soccer team girls/boys 1997-1999. Hello Neylon, Stephanie, Sheryl, Dwane, Crystal, Monica, fellow Nursing Assistant students (Ms. Smith), anyone who knows me give me a hello.

Soto, Jaidie (Soto-Perez) -  - Brooklyn, NY - Class of 1999
My favorite part of "The Rock" was singing and the student gov.

Towns, Sharif (Fordham) -  - Far Rockaway, NY

Weekes, Deun A. -  - Watford, England - Class of 1992
Wasn't very popular but feel free to email if you remember me. Would like to get in contact with Sarah Mathews, Jason (from Antigua), Lancelot Williams, female whose nickname (Sims petite, she's from Jamaica W.I) Thanx, respect.

Williams, Dwight -  - London, England - Class of 1996
It's been 10 years since I graduated from "The Rock." Will there be a 10 year anniversary?

Woodley, Ann -  - NY - Class of 1991
I'm looking for Patty, a very close friend to me from high  school. When she sees this note she'll know exactly who I am. (Hint: we  won the dance contest at our first talent show together.)


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