Graduates From Rockaway In 1960

Several Graduate Photos Below Are Courtesy of Marty Nislick, Class of 1962
Visit His Excellent Site to View Graduate Dolphin Photos of Most Years And Lots of Other 'Stuff'

Eileen Rothschild (Gabriel), Class of 1960, joins us from North Babylon, New York and writes the following.

Dear Skip,

 I do not know which year you graduated but both my husband and I are graduates. Me in 1960 (Eileen Gabriel) and my husband 1959 (Stanley Rothschild). We would love to be listed in the class listing under our respective names.

 We went to the reunion and had the blast of our life. Although I graduated in 60, I was friendly with Stan's whole graduating class and always felt more at home there. Seeing everyone again was just fantastic.

The football game was outrageous because everyone was just waiting for Jack Kirshman to take the field like the old days. The "Great Event" was just that and anyone who chose not to attend really missed something special.

 Thanks to all of you on the various committees who brought that weekend about and can keep all of us connected through the internet. We just came on line and cannot wait to meet and greet our lost friends.

 I hope to hear good things soon, and thank you for adding us to the list.

Eileen and Stan can be reached at

Elaine Mandell (Barel), Class of 1960, joins us from Israel and writes the following.

Skip, My compliments on the great job you are doing on this page. I'm sending some photos from the 1960 issue of the Dolphin yearbook - if this doesn't wake up my classmates and bring some response from them then they are deader then Latin!!!! By the way, looking back over the yearbook entries, almost everyone mentioned the Senior Latin class with Miss Craft. For whatever reasons I do believe this was one of the most memorable classes we shared.

As for me I been living in Israel these past 30 years; married with two great kids and running my own successful business. I would love to come in for the reunion if enough of my classmates attend. I've been in contact with Richie Lifschutz who has remained one of my closest friends He promises me many other classmates so let's hear from you out there.

Elaine can be reached at

Thanks to Elaine for writing and sending along the great photos which have been posted on the Photo Gallery page.

Adelman, Harold - - Tampa, FL - Updated August, 2012
Seek mirth, and accept no bovine residue.  Does anyone know when and of what Fred Ruf died? Does anyone know how to get in touch with his children?

Adolphus, Sheila (Klein) -  - Coconut Creek, FL

Alper, Madeline (Kramer) - - Delray Beach, FL
Would love to hear from old friends & acquaintances!

Bader, Elaine (Sarfati) -  - Brooklyn, NY
I often go back to the Rockaways, especially in the fall and winter when it is the most beautiful.  My husband, who was born in Greece, and I love the beach.  My memories are more vivid since the reunion (which I reluctantly but happily went to, in the mid '90's. At that time I made a committment to stay involved. I hope to see classmates at future reunions.  My memories of growing up in the rockaways have been with me always.  I still spend as much time, all year round, at the beach.  FRHS had everything that is good to remember.  It was the late 50's, we had innocence, freedom, football, Mr. Jager and Mr. Herz, walking on the beach in wintertime and coffee at the State diner.  Have a good life.

Bader, Helaine (Nelson) - - Del Mar, CA

Baron, Ellen (Falk) -  - Nesconset, NY
I was really sorry I was not able to attend the reunion. I would really love to hear from my classmates.

Barkan, Beverly (Mandel) -  - Winnetka, CA

Bart, Judy (Kancigor) - - Fullerton, CA
Author of "Cooking Jewish: 532 Great Recipes from the Rabinowitz Family"( Workman Publishing); Freelance Writer Lovin' this stroll down memory lane. Would love to reconnect with classmates and friends!   Web site:

Bassin, Carla (Polakowski) - - Anaheim, CA - Updated February, 2010

Berger, Bruce - - Oldsmar, FL
Semi-Retired with my wife Reva in Oldsmar, FL (Tampa Bay area): consulting in U.S. and Europe for research based pharmaceutical companies - specializing in registering new drugs.  Find me and other 1959/60 alumni on Facebook.

Berger, George - - Uppsala, Sweden - Updated April, 2009
After 36+ years of living in Horrid Holland, I moved to Uppsala. What a breath of fresh air!
I would like to thank you for maintaining this excellent website. My name is George Berger, and I am from the FRHS Class of 1960.  From 1942 till 1965 I lived at 1430 Greenport Road in Far Rockaway (I have already contributed to your Sid and Sam's item). I am now retired, and live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I discovered your site by accident, while searching for some old friends. I noticed the Sid and Sam's item, established by Larry Weiss. I e-mailed him, since I have fond memories of S&S, and he replied at once. It turned out that he and I partly grew up together. We lived in the same apartment house, on Greenport Road. I remembered his name, and he remembered me and my mother. Thanks for making this new contact possible. Sid, of S&S was glad to receive my memories (via Larry), and that gave me a very warm feeling.  I hope that you will continue to maintain this site. It has been very helpful and informative, and has brought back many good memories. I have now had time to  examine the website in some detail (after contributing to Sid and Sam's). I was especially struck by the photos. I lived very near to the corners of Central and Mott and Central and Cornaga (I lived on Greenport Road), and the pictures brought back fond memories. Your photo of B. 35th Street also was good for me, since I worked several Summers ay Schechter's place.   Thanks for posting that fine photo of Sam Schechter (of Beach 35th st) and his family. It was amazing to recognise him after more than 40 years. I worked for him for several summers. I sold blintzes and maybe knishes too. I remember his son as well. Keep up the good work. My email address is .  All the best wishes.

Berger, Marilyn (Burns) -  - North Miami, FL

Berger, Stephen -  - Ramat Gan, Israel
Been in Israel since 1973 - would love to hear from old friends.

Berk, Carole (Steinberg) - - Lansing, MI

Bernstein, Stan - - Boynton Beach, FL

Boockvar, Billy -  - Woodmere, NY - Deceased, 2009

Burres, Michael - - Boca Raton, FL

Butler, Fay Elizabeth (Bostic) - - Raleigh, NC
I'm happy to have found this web site, and look forward to keeping up with Far Rockaway High School graduates from the the 1960's.

Calvin, Susan (Schwach) - - Rockaway Park, NY - Updated September, 2011

Charney, Alan - - Morristown, NJ - Updated October, 2016

Cohen, Carole (Schrager) -  - Valley Stream, NY

Cousin, Elaine -  - Port Jervis, NY - Deceased, 2013
I received a note from Sara Cousin, Elaine's daughter.  I am sad to report that Elaine passed on November 18, 2013. 
Elaine's original post to this website - All the credit in the world for this huge undertaking. You have been doing a beautiful job.

Cox, Millie (Glass) -  - Plantation, FL

Deaner, Gail -  - Lawrence, NY
Happily retired from working.

Decter, Anita (Radezky) -  - Belle Harbor, NY

Deutsch, Annie (Abbott) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Van Nuys, CA

Deutsch, David -  - Honolulu, HI
Visit David's website located at

Ducat, Bonnie (Hiller) -  - Toms River, NJ
I am looking forward to the next reunion because I had no knowledge of the others. I am tying to contact Sheila Hepner, Eileen Finklestein, John Gilde, Howard Weinstein, Donald Goldman. This is very exciting!! Good luck with the web site.

Dworkin, Maxine (Bernstein) - 1960 -  - Barnet, VT

Ehrlich, Harvey -  - New City, NY

Factor, Stephen -  - Bronx, NY

Fassenfeld, Ian - - Oceanside, NY - Posted May, 2008
It was a pleasure seeing names that have not surfaced for almost fifty years.

Felshin, Emily (Ehrlich) -  - Barnegat, NJ

Felshin, Roy -  - New York, NY

Fenster, Marlene (Willard) - - Oceanside, NY - Updated January, 2014

Ferdschneider, Carol (Streisand) - - East Windsor, NJ
Photo courtesy of Marty Nislick's Rockaway Memories Website

Fields, Amy (Puro) -  - Staten Island, NY

Fields, Barbara ((Baruch) -  - Whitestone, NY

Finkelstein, Andrea “Pandy” (Green) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - New York, NY

Fishon, Arnie -  - Bayside, NY

Flatt, Roy -  - Mahopac, NY

Frey, Irene (Scarlett) - - Scottsdale, AZ- Posted August, 2008

Friedman, Howard - - Tamarac, FL
This brings back great memories. Keep this WEBSITE going.  Photo courtesy of Marty Nislic's Rockaway Beach Memories

Friedman, Susan (Brownstein) - - Delray Beach, FL - Updated March, 2016

Gabriel, Eileen (Rothschild) - - Winter Haven, FL

Gerber, James - - Voorhees, NJ

Gerlack, Alan (Stark) - - Grand Ledge, MI
The golden days of Far Rockaway are locked away safely in my memories. Like many I remember the Diner on Mott Ave, and the old library, before the fire, and the boardwalk. The Far Rockaway of my youth was a wonderful place, but it no longer exists there.  It is a wonderful thing that so many of us feel the same way about that time in our lives.

Gilde, Jon -  - Dix Hills, NY

Glassman, Estelle (Matsil) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Old Bridge, NJ

Gold, Janet (Creel) -  - Mt. Pleasant, SC
Just learned of this site and think it is wonderful.  I am looking for 2 classmates- Lynn Ratner Fireman and Gayle Shelling. I went to a reunion in the early 90"s? in NYC but have never heard about any more.

Goldberg, Stella (Rosenfeld) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Las Vegas, NV

Goldenberg, Arlene (Novick) -  - Houston, TX - Updated November, 2012

Goldman, Barbara (Bordnick) -  - New York, NY
Web page located at:

Goldman, Donald - - Boynton Beach, Florida - Posted on August 24, 2017
Retired attorney

Gottlieb, Jerome 'Jerry' - Los Angeles, CA - Deceased

Gottlieb, Lloyd -  - Bedford, MA
Would be interested in hearing from anyone in my class.

Granoff, Carol (Young) -  - Livingston, NJ

Greenberg, Barbara (Small) - - East Meadow, NY
I grew up in Arverne and had the best time there....

Greenberg, Steve -  - Coral Springs, FL

Gross, Roberta (Cohrssen) -  - Arlington,VA

Hamburger, Enid (D'Giff) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Oceanside, NY

Hartenstein, J. Philip (Hart) - - Houston, TX
I have a lot of friends who graduated in 1961. My name was changed in 1971 to J. Philip Hart.

Healey, Robert J. -  - Dingman's Ferry, PA - Updated Comment February, 2012
After working in banking for 50 years, I’ve finally retired and am enjoying life in the Poconos. We vacation in Florida or any place with a warmer climate in the winter. Now my wife who has retired due to the economy and we enjoy the wonders of technology such as reading on a Kindle and using the PC for our means of communication with our friends and relatives. I’m having fun converting tape cassettes to CD’s mixing the songs I like the most from one cassette or another as to what I like. Then we play them in the car when we go on a road trip. I’ve only kept in contact with a few of my old friends who also went to FRHS. Tried to locate others, but I don’t think they use the internet. Thanks for the site.   Worked with Chase Manhattan Bank for 35 years, went overseas to Thailand with our Military Finance division in 67 and returned in 73. Took early retirement in 95, worked with Oppenheimer Financial Services for 5 yrs. and left downtown Manhattan in Dec. 2000 to move to the Poconos and started working for a local bank in Sussex County. Hope to retire full time in July of 2008.  Love the site, the comments made by others brings back memories of Far Rockaway. I was a member of the Swim Team, worked as a Lifeguard on Beach 126th street the Summer of 1960. I worked for 34 years at Chase, which included a 6 year overseas assignment in Thailand. (1967 to 73). I left Chase and am now working at CIBC Oppenheimer two blocks from my old place of employment.  Most of the buddies I was hanging around with apparently don't surf the web. I see some of the swim team from years before and past have signed in are listed. Brian Donnelly, Bill Stenger, Paul Hollander, Phil Aires?? Buddy O'Connor, Frank Reynolds, Jay Moore, Tommy Toomey?? Where are they?? Other name's I remember, Edith Shapiro, Carol Klein, Chris Smith (DiResta), Eileen Rooney, Eileen Gibson. I might have some of the names wrong?  Rockaway Playland, PS 44, all gone, torn down. I still have relatives in Rockaway Park, 119th St. and 92nd St. It's not the same. In a few years my Wife and I will retire to our place in the Poconos. That's the plan for now. Should anyone remember me, send me an e-mail.  Thanks to Marty Nislick's Rockaway Memories for the photo.

Held, Maxine (Pascal) - - Fair Lawn, NJ

Hirschhorn, Larry - - Bucharest, Romania - Updated July, 2011
Romania is actually a beautiful country with lots of great people, cultural history, architecture and landscape features. The culture takes a bit of getting used to, but is a worthwhile destination for vacationers. This is not the land of Gypsys and Dracula that it is so often misconceived of it, but there are a lot of Gypsys, lol.

Holmberg, Frances (Jonza) -  - Cedarhurst, NY
I can be reached through my daughter June's email address  Hope to hear from the class!!

Isenberg, Sheila - - Bearsville, NY
Website:    Thanks to Marty Nislick's Rockaway Memories for the photo.

Janovsky, Andrew - - Croton on Hudson, NY - Updated October, 2011

Kaplan, Linda - - Palo Alto, CA

Kaplan, Murray -  - Kitty Hawk, NC - Deceased April, 2008

Kassof, Diane (Miller) -  - North Woodmere, NY
We have a scholarship we give in June at the high school in my husband Henry Miller's name.  He was a fire fighter lost on 9/11/01 and a member of the class of 1967.  For the past 3 years we have given 1000 dollars scholarships to average students who need help with the cost of their education.  Click here to read about Henry.

Kaufman, Dava (Buyum) -  - Belle Harbor, NY

Kegler, Sheila (Kravitz) - - Coral Springs, FL - Updated September, 2011

Kimmel, Sondra ( Leon ) - - Valley Stream , NY
Photo courtesy of Marty Nislick's Rockaway Memories Website

Kimmel, Susan (Schreiber) -  - New York, NY

Kissen, Rita -  - Ft. Collins, CO - Updated March, 2015
After almost 40 years without any contact whatsoever with Far Rockaway and FRHS, I have just discovered this web site--what an experience! After graduation I attended Cornell University (with classmate--David Gordon--where is he now?) and ended up living in quite a few different places, including a long time in Springfield Mass., seven years in the midwest, and, for the past eight years (and forever I hope) on Peaks Island, part of the city of Portland, Maine. I teach at the University of Southern Maine, where I'm a member of the teacher education faculty in the College of Education. My spouse, Norm Rasulis (a midwesterner by birth but an easterner in his heart) is recently retired from college teaching and grows a great island garden. My best FRHS memories are editing the CHAT in 1959-60 and discovering Shakespeare's sonnets in Mrs. Wexler's English class. I'm reachable at

Klein, Enid (Aisenthal) -  - London, England

Klevins, Diane (McCarthy) -  - Brewster, NY

Knoll, Amy (Haimm) - - Lawrence, NY - Posted January, 2008

Koskowitz, Ellen (Schreiber) -  - New York, NY

Kramer, Madeline (Alper) - - Delray Beach, FL
I'd love to hear from old friends & acquaintances.

Krell, Clifford - - Huntley, IL - Posted July, 2008

Kyriacou, George -  - Fairfield, NJ
Although I never did graduate from FRHS, I did attend PS44,PS39, and JHS 198. I did graduate from JHS 198 in 1957. Then moved to Woodmere, and graduated from George W. Hewlett HS in 1960. Memories are all we have left, they killed Rockaway Beach, Arverne, Bayswater, Far Rockaway. I remember the boardwalk in the summer evenings. I remember Rockaway's Playland. I remember Irish Town. I remember the Green Bus Line, and the school buses for JHS 198. I remember not the diner in Far Rockaway, but the restaurants, Long Island, Central, Ocean View. I remember when I would walk from Beach 13th Street to 142nd Street on weekends, so that I could see the girl I was crazy about. Since I first heard about this Web Site from Gus Elia, 63 and Lee Christoforou, 68, I have been in touch with Rodney (Harvey) Sheldon, 58, Harry Sophos, 58, Elaine Mandel, 60. I was in Carole Waxman's 4th, 5th, & 6th Grade Classes. I would love to hear from anyone that graduated JHS 198 in 1957. That would be the Class of 60, FRHS, I also knew quite a few people from PS 39, the last 7th Grade Class that did graduate from JHS 198. Remember Dave Finfer, Gay Einhorn, Kenny Rosenberg, Dave Abramson, Michael Shapiro, Larry Fremed, Howard Gooss, Frank Howard, Ken Feldman, Ken Winnick, Alan Moore, Elliot Rohr, Elliot Goldstein, Stan Panitch, Eddie Schultz, Irv Mazur, Kovacs, Barbara Garland, Sally Lerman, Linda Resnick, Burton Cohen, Joseph Dick, all of a sudden the names come out at you, Carol Hufschneider, Linda Glucksman, Renee Vrahnas (now), Carol Zucker, Frances Holmberg, Tecca Kaye, Frances Berkowitz, Arlene Rogoff, saw Helaine Bader Nelson at her son's HS PTA, Rita Winston,! Susan Foxx, Joan Rommer, where has every one gone. As tese names come to me I am envisioning everyone as they were then. Wow I didn't think I could remember all this. Next time I'll send a picture from the 5th grade, Miss Messer and we'll see how many people recognize anyone? Thank you for stirring up the old, great memories of the past.

Lahn, Foster -  - Boca Raton, FL - Deceased, 2016
Just hanging out down here in Boca.  I would love to hear from old friends. Looking foward to the 7/2000 reunion in Ft. Lauderdale.

Lentnek, Arnold - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Atlanta, GA

Leonescu, Maureen (Zone) -  - Merrick, NY

Lepene, Lew -  - Boca Raton
How about all of the South Florida 1960 alum and their friends meeting for breakfast or lunch somewhere near the Beach?

Levinson, Marcia (Robbins) -  - Melville, NY
We grew up in a place where the never ending surge of the foamingly active ocean hugged the sand in the same energized manner as our sportscar specials grabbed the roads of Rockaway. We were all filled with the freshness of youth and kept being pumped up by the fresh salt air of the ocean breezes. I miss the place but this site has allowed all of us to find each other, and in a sense, a special part of ourselves too.

Levy, Carol (Barash) -  - Henderson, NV
Lived in Far Rockway, Oceanside, NY and now Henderson, NV. Taught for 30 years in Oceanside. Now retired. Children are spread out Oceanside and Atlanta, GA. If you remember me please contact me.

Linker, David- - Brooklyn, NY
During my childhood in the Rockaways we had quite a wondrous existence. Although painful to see how the Rockaways have changed in comparison to those times, we must hope that one day a new generation will revive its glory. It is a location with so much potential. The website has allowed me to communicate with old friends as well as to make new acquaintances from my old graduating class. How phenomenal the computer is in bringing us all together again. Thank you Carol for all your diligent work. My website is located at the following address:

Lowenstein, Ricki (Caspe) - - Wanaque, NJ - Posted December, 2008
Just learned of this website from Arlene Winder, looking for Sheila Janowitz, Eileen Finklestein, Majorie Roth, and lots of others.

Lustig, Larry -  - Boca Raton, FL

Mandell, Elaine (Barel) - - Tel Aviv, Israel - Updated February, 2010
I would love to hear from anyone from the class of 60.

Mazur, Irv - - Auburn, CA
Dear classmates. I am truly sorry that I didn't make the reunion. I heard that it was a blast!! I got a call from Ron Reyburne telling me to look up this web site. At first I thought that it would be a waste of time but after reading some of your comments, I said to my self,"self, this is really neat!!!!" It's great to see the names from my past are still alive and kicken!! i do have a suggestion for those of you that are interested in not only writing, now we can also see each other (if you care to, could be scary) the cost of a televideo system is realy inexpensive. I am using a system from Intell called "create and share". The retail cost of this or a similar system that hooks up to your computer is less the $200. I would love to be able to see and hear from some of you so. Anyway, I think I said enough for know. I'll keep in touch so you keep in touch. I think I have heard that somewhere.Take care and best to you all!!

Mednick, Robert S. -  - Boca Raton, FL - Deceased November 9, 2015

Moore, Alan -  - Plymouth, MA

Moskowitz, Michael A.  -  - Belmont, MA

Nathanson, Stanley - - Rockaway Park, NY

Norden, Terry (Chall) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Woodmere, NY

Novack, Roberta E. (Rein) - - Syosset, NY - Updated October, 2011

Pacetta, Sal -  - Audubon, NJ
"What a long, strange trip it's been."

Patterson, Shelby (Smith) -  - Brentwood, CA
Hi everyone from the class of 1960. If there's a 50th reunion I hope to see you all there.

Perlo, Gloria (Cowen) - - New York, NY - Updated April, 2010

Propis, Mel -  - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Rasmus, Bobby - - Bozeman, MT - Updated November, 2010

Reyburne, Ronald - - Merrick, NY

Reznikoff, Rosalie (Acinapura) - - New York, NY


Rogoff, Arline (Littman) - - Oceanside, NY - Posted December, 2008

Rogovin, Dan -  - Newbury Park, CA
I lost contact with all my high schools friends after I when to graduate school in 1964. I would like to write or talk to the 1960 graduate class.
Rolnick, David -  - Madison, WI


Roseman, Barbara (Wangrofsky) - - Brooklyn, NY

Rostolder, Marvin -  - Sands Point, NY

Roth, Judy (Berkowitz) -  - Scarsdale, NY

Rothkopf, Susan (Ackerman) -  - White Plains, NY

Rothschild, Judy (Fields) -  - Monsey, NY

Sara, Jay - Send Me Your Current Email AddressRocky Mount, NC  

I am submitting this information for my brother Jay Sara who moved to North Carolina to raise his family in the early 60's.  We grew up on 141st Street in Belle Harbor.   He had a lot of really great friends, some of whom are mentioned on the website. His oldest friend was Gregory Gutman who, sadly, passed away about a year and a half ago.  I think he would get a kick out of hearing from the other people he was friendly with .... Mitch Wisotsky,  Peter Asher, Tina Firestone, Arlene Rogoff, I am not a reliable source.

Schecht, Philip - - Ridge, NY - Posted December, 2008
It would be great to hear from any of my old friends; I look forward to it.

Schiffries, Wesley - Send Me Your Current Email Address - San Francisco, CA

Schneid, Doris Weinstein - Deceased

Schrager, Arnie -  - Lake Worth, FL

Schwartz, Marjorie (Goody) - - Oceansde, NY
I never realized how rewarding it could be to reconnect with my 1956-1960 Far Rockaway High School class. How wonderful to reaffirm my memories of having lived in such a beautiful place; attending a school filled with amazing energy that inspired its students to achieve productive, successful lives.
The most frequently heard sentiment was, "Those were the best four years of my life." We didn't need a lot of money to be happy. In the fall, winter and spring we had school and our clubs to keep us busy and in the summer we could walk to our beautiful beaches in the day and stroll on the boardwalk at night. That was our Rockaway, and I consider myself fortunate to have been part of it. iN FACT Howie and I liked FRHS so much we let three of our daughters attend Far Rockaway, they graduated in 1980, 82 and 84.


Selbst, Lynne Terry - - Simi Valley, CA - Updated February, 2008

Seltzer, Stewart -  - Boca Raton, FL
I live in Boca Raton Fla., and would love to play golf with an alum. Pass the word.

Shapiro, Susan (Klein) -  - Brooklyn, NY - Deceased, 2014

Shatkin, Barry - - Arlington, TX - Updated September, 2011
Thank you for being so mindful of the energy you have given to enable us (Rockawayites) to keep in touch with one another.

Sherman, Arlene - Deceased

Sherman, Selayne - Deceased

Siegel, Diana (Blender) -  - Dania, FL

Sigler, Stephen A. -  - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Hi to all FRHS grads, particularly 1960 grads. If you have fond memories of me please e-mail and say hi.  If any of you were Mitchell Cohen AZA members in the late 50s, then hi to those of you that remember me.  Life has been very good to me and I am one of the many Far Rockaway alumni living/retired in the sunshine state.  I wish you all a very healthy, happy and prosperous 2001 and beyond.

Silverman, Judith (Greenfield) - - Stone Ridge, NY
Photo courtesy of Marty Nislick.

Sloane, Richard -  - Oviedo, FL

Slomiak, Steve - - Boynton Beach, FL - Updated January, 2008

Spinner, Stephanie - - Sherman, CT
Scrolling through this site brings back so many amazing memories -- I can almost smell Miss Craft in all her musty glory!

Stadler, Philip -  - Chico, CA

Stark, Alan (Gerlack) -  - Grand Ledge, MI
The golden days of Far Rockaway are locked away safely in my memories. Like many I remember the Diner on Mott Ave, and the old library, before the fire, and the boardwalk. The Far Rockaway of my youth was a wonderful place, but it no longer exists there.  It is a wonderful thing that so many of us feel the same way about that time in our lives.

Suling, Barbara (Spencer) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Severn, MD

Talesnick, Toby (Stone) -  - Hewlett, NY

Thaler, Linda (Shapiro) -  - Henderson, NV
Dear Alan,  Thank you for all your hard work in bringing FRHS alumni together and allowing us to connect. My husband Marty (class of 1958) and I have lived in New York, San Francisco, CA., Florida and now in Las Vegas and in my travels I keep meeting people from Rockaway. Every time this happens I get a special feeling in my heart as I am returning home.  Rockaway will always have a special meaning for me. This is my roots. I talk about Rockaway and my childhood days to my children and grandchildren. Fortunately my children were born in Far Rockaway in St. Joseph's hospital and remember Rockaway Beach. We moved to Long Island when they were 4 and 7 years old. But their memories still linger on as well as mine.  I was an Arverne girl and would like to hear from my fellow classmates. I kept in touch with a lot of my friends but unfortunately we lost many people from the class of 1960. In Remembrance to mention a few: Roberta Hunter, Susan Kaye, Harriet Greenblatt, and Sheila Shear. They are gone but not forgotten.  My fellow classmates of 1960 this is a very special year for all of us so wishing you a wonderful 65th Birthday. May the Sun shine on you every day bringing you much love and happiness.

Vint, Angela (Jasper) - - New York, NY
I still miss Rockaway after all these years. Great place to live growing up. Best wishes to all old friends.

Waldman, Sandy (Ettus) -  - New York, NY - Deceased March 29, 2016 after a short bout with cancer  

Wallach, Betty (Melnick) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - East Meadow, NY

Wallach, Jane (Kessler) -  - North Bellmore NY
I am one of the "Wallach Twins." I am the mother of two sons and the grandmother of two. I live in North Bellmore and have been working for ten years for Nassau Boces. I have been having so much fun reading about Far Rock alums and the 100th reunion. I was there and thought that it was a wonderful time-bringing back great memories of some very good times in my life. I live in N.Bellmore-not to far from my twin sister, Betty who is in East Meadow. People still refer to us at the "Wallach Twins." While walking on the boardwalk at Jones Beach the other night, I met my date from my senior prom-also a Far Rock alum. You can't seem to escape. Both my parents(now deceased) were graduates of Far Rockaway HS and attended many reunions in Florida that were attended by hundreds of alums. I hope to go back to Far Rockaway soon, to visit where I lived(24th street in Bayswater). I am amused to hear about so many people who spent their summers at the bungalows in Far Rockaway. I am always proud to say that I was born and bred there.

Wayser, Myra -  - New York, NY - Deceased May, 2010

Webb, Marilyn - Deceased, 2016

Weiss, Zena (Ackerman) - - Boynton Beach, FL - Updated April, 2010

Wiesenfeld, Lester -  - Hewlett, NY

Winder, Arlene (Nockowitz) - - Plantation, FL
Over the past year or two, it seems that Florida has morphed from the Retirement Capital to the Far Rock Reunion Capital. Have reconnected with several good old FRHS pals and been to a number of mini-reunions..the people and the get-togethers are pretty teriffic! The easy conversations, recollections and laughs have become a wonderful part of our lives..very enjoyable. Talking about those good years, I put a call out to hear from Marilyn Webb, Susan Hollenick, Bob Antulov, Ernestine Cook, Barry Dubrow, Ian Fassenfeld, Steven Grossman, Mark Hart, Ronnie Rayburne, Cynthia Silver, Dorothy Waimey and Howie Weiss for starters. It was a great place and a great time!


Winter, Richard - - Lake Worth, FL - Updated October, 2011

Wirth, Joan - - Olympia, WA

Woollard, Florence "Sunshine" (Hough) - - Wilmington, NC - Posted November, 2008

Zaslavsky, Howard -  - Tucson, AZ

Zuckerman, Ronald -  - Kings Park, NY
I live on Long Island and I am retired from the NYC Police Dept.

Zuckerman, Sheila (Bergman) - - Roslyn Harbor, NY

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