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Honorees Stephen Kandall, Victor Falkenheim, and Lance Deplante

Thanks to Lance dePlante, Class of 1957, for loaning his yearbook to Carol Marston for her to scan.  If others would like to do that, please contact Carol at  Rest assured, it will be returned.

Ed Erdely, Class of 1957 joins us from California and writes the following.

Dear Skip,

I am a member of the class of 1957. I was born in Rockaway Beach Hospital, attended P.S.39 and F.R.H.S. After graduation I attended Pratt Institute and received a degree in Electrical Engineering, and came to California in 1962. I have been back to the Rockaways many times over the years and it is a real shame what has happened, but some day it will come back as beach front property all ways does.

I think your web site is great and you are performing a great service. My class as far as I know has never had a reunion, so I will be looking to this one. Some of your letters really bring back memories, and you asked if we could share some of our memories.

After seeing Woodys Allen's Radio Days the scene where Woody is standing on the roof over looking the ocean he sees a German submarine. Yes the submarine was real. I remember my father taking me to the beach after every large storm as the cargo of the sunken liberty ships would be washed ashore. We were looking for K rations. Sealed cans of food that tasted awful, but contained a piece of chocolate. What a treat. Todays kids are being cheated they have no such recollections.

Ed can be reached at

Thanks Ed for your letter. I can also remember walking the beach after a good rain storm to see if anything had washed up. You also brought back memories of my "sand-sifting" days under the boardwalk with a home-made sandsifter. Thanks.

Richard Bender, Class of 1957 - Deceased, 2007

Hi Skip, Great Page!

I attended FRHS in 54, 55 & 56. I never got to graduate with my class of 57 due to a family situation. I did finally graduate in NYC in 59. I lived on Beach 140th St. in Belle Harbor and would love to hear from others of that period. It has been a long time and I am planning to be there in September to see the 57 alumni and all the gang. Where is Gail Schatz, Carol Loeb, Ann Samuels, others??

Richard can be reached at

Amelkin, Susan (Lipton) - - Ormond Beach, FL - Updated May, 2020
My Mom, Roslyn Simon Amelkin, Class of '32 passed away. I've been very busy packing and sorting old pictures. She was a graduate too. She told me of walking from the old school behind P.S. 39 in Far Rockaway en masse the day the new building (Bch 25th St.) opened its doors. It wasn't easy having the same teachers as my Mom and my brother. About 10 years on TV I saw that FRHS won the McDonald award for "double dutch jump rope". We drove through this past summer and were shocked. Love to hear from you. Boy, has this small school produced many success people.  Teacher! Thank you Mr. Traiger, if it wasn't for his efforts beyond the classroom, I would have left school. I still have and  read the letter. I had to have a a lot of surgery and he was very supportive. He told me how class wasn't the same.  Excited I'm going to be a great grandmother. Have never been called grandma...the oldest one nicknamed me Buddy. It stuck and everyone, adults and kids all call me Buddy. Love to hear from you!

Baron, Renee (Mandel) -   - Hollywood, FL

Becker, Robert -  - Victoria, TX

Bedell, Syma (Silverman) - - Toledo, OH

Bender, Richard - - Long Beach, CA - Deceased, 2007

Berelson, Howard -  - Teaneck, NJ
Howard received his Bachelor of Industrial Design from Pratt Institute in 1962. He left the field of Industrial design in 1968 and became an illustrator of children's books, both trade and text.  In 1989 he studied printmaking and discovered personal vision.  Exhibitions include: Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters; The Bergen Museum; Fairleigh Dickinson University; Ben Shahn Galleries at  William Paterson College; The Interchurch center, NY; The Gallery at Presbyterian Church, Franklin Lakes, NJ; Passaic Community College;  Children's Book Repository Archives, Rutgers University; Rabbet Gallery (New Brunswick);  Artbuilders (Jersey City); Printmaking Council (Georgian Court College);  Aljira (Newark);  Printmaking Affiliates at John Harms;  Tribecca 148 (NY);  City without Walls (Newark);  Phylis Rothman Gallery, FDU (Madison);   Noyes Museum (Oceanville);  Pleiades, (NY);  Gallerie Renee Denise (Chicago). Howard is in the permanent collection of The Bergen Museum and the Children's Book Repository, Rutgers University.  Early presentations as an illustrator of children's books in elementary schools expanded as artist-in-residence in suburban/urban school districts. "Intrigued by children's inquisitiveness and innocence, I realized my effect in enabling them to discover and explore their imagination. I joined with them in experiencing and creating their world.  I rediscovered mine."  Howard is a permanent roster teaching artist for the Art in Education Program, New Jersey State Council on the Arts; A teaching artist for NJSA, the New Jersey School of Visual Arts, New Jersey State Dept. of Education and the following not for profit arts organizations: Arts Horizons, Project Impact and Artists for Social Change.  Howard recently began to integrate his mask making vision into theater-dance productions and this is his second collaboration with choreographer Candace Hundley-Kamate  in this production of: "Dancing Under The Magic Orange Tree."

Berlin, Virginia - - New York, NY

Blackler, Stephen - - Cambridge NY - Updated November, 2009
Glad to have found your site. I hope to be able to be a useful member.

Boockvar-Fried, Gail (Jurrist) -  - East Meadow, NY

Boyle, Richard -  - Rockville Center, NY
Retired FRHS Industrial Arts Teacher

Brause, Jay  - - Atlanta, GA - Deceased

Cattano, Joan (Bradley) - - Miramar, FL

Ceren, Brenda (Rosenthal) -  - Delray Beach, FL
We are moving to Boca Raton for 6 - 7 months and would love to hear from FRHS alums.  We will be there in November at Boca Lago.  I've looked for a PS 39 site but have not found one. One of the teachers I remember from FRHS was Mr. Ottenstein. He had me do a report at the Queens Public Library and my love of public speaking continues. Does anyone remember the kindergarten teachers Ms. Morris and Ms Ring at PS 39 or Mrs. Burkander? If you remember any of the teachers from PS 39 from around 1945 to 55-57 do write me personally. I went there from kindergarten to 8th grade. I do believe we were the last class to graduate the 8th grade before it changed to a Jr high school formula . I lived right across from the school at 20 Mott Place behind the police station.

Cirolli, Rose - Franklin Park, NJ - Deceased
My dad was John Cirolli, owner of Johnny's Shell Station on 129th St. There were so many great times had in those days.

Cohen, Irene (Mitchell) -  - Sunrise, FL

Cohen, Martin -  - New York, NY

Cohn, Ellen (Levy) - - San Diego, CA
 I love living in my Far Rockaway past!

Copen, Linda (Rochelle) -  - Dix Hills NY

Crovella, Lucille (Moskowitz) -  - Fort Worth, TX
Married June 58 to Marty Moskowitz, FRHS class of 1954.  Worked 18 years for the City of Fort Worth. Retired 10-03.  Looking forward to communicating with my old friends.

Davidman, Fern (Geschwind) - - Palo Alto, CA - Updated January, 2014

Davis, Francine (Gross) -  - Boynton Beach, FL
Would love to hear from whomever might remember me. My father, Sam Davis, had the Project Pharmacy on 54th St. and Edgemere Ave. in Arverne- Next to Murray's Delicatessen-I would love to hear from Norma Kirschenbaum and anyone else who remembers me-we really did have fun at that old bag Monica D. Ryan's school- remember Mr. Tietze's daughter, Ophelia??????????? lol

Deitch, Allen -  - Monroe Township, NJ - Updated December, 2010

dePlante, Lance -  - New Ipswich, NH - Updated January, 2014
Coach Barry, you are not forgotten.......Update - Hi Skip, Thanks for the update and please pass on my regards to Carol. Got into the FRHS web site and re-visited my class photos of 57, am glad I was able to provide the yearbook. Am attaching a photo of me and my wife taken a year ago---After HS--went to OSU, graduated in 62 ands spent the next 32 years in the Army, took a year off, got bored and went to work for the State of NH where I was Director of a state program.--fully retired now, have a farm and too many critters I care to think about and 4 wonderful labs in the house. Took up Banjo and now enjoy playing with some buddies......and in HS was a member of the Rifle team--shot on the Army teams and switched to pistol and was the state pistol champ for several years. Sincerely, Lance 57

Edelman, Marjorie (Abrams) - - Santa Monica, CA - Updated September, 2011

Eisen, Susan (Wollman) -  - New York, NY

Erdely, Ed -  - Manhattan Beach, CA

Falkenheim, Victor -  - Toronto, Ontario Canada
Happy to find this website and all the old photos. I haven't been back to Rockaway for many years, but I hope to visit there with my family soon. Lots of the comments brought back memories of my own, including the Irish Riviera, the boardwalk (or rather under the boardwalk) at 116th Street, and post-WWII spy stuff around Floyd Bennett Airfield. Woody Allen resonates for me too. I'm still teaching at the University of Toronto, 35 years and counting. My specialty is Chinese politics and I'm out there pretty regularly. Summers (and spring and fall too when possible) are spent in the bush canoe camping. I picked up the trumpet again, 48 years after the Far Rockaway High School Orchestra. I'd be happy to hear from classmates.

Feldman, Jerry - - Rego Park, NY

Feldman, Rita (Silverstein, Rheba) -  - Silver Spring, MD

Fell, Barry - - Huntington Station, NY - Updated September, 2011
Recently linked up with Lance De Plante after 45 years. Hope to find others to say "hello" to.

Ferdschneider, Arthur -  - Long Beach, NY

Fields, Doug - - Huntington, NY


Fields, Stephen - - Monroe, NY - Updated February, 2010

Freeman, Cindi (Wellins) -  - Jupiter, FL

Gallagher, Patricia (Minton) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Troy, NY

Gillman, Frances (Strauss) -  - Mount Laurel, NJ

Goetz, Susan (Reiling) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Livingston, NJ

Goldfield, Michael (Myron) -  - Wilton, CT

Goldman, Paul - - Palm Harbor, FL
Member of Gaynotes (Drummer) and school orchestra

Goldstein, Eddie  -  - Lagrangeville, NY
How can there be any discussion about Rockaway without mention of the magnificent Irish Riviera that was Rockaway between Playland and 114th St; i.e.: The Lietrim Castle, The Lietrim House, The Sligo House, The Mermaid, The Dublin House, McNulty's, Maguires...? I could go on forever. This was the jumpingist summer area in the country in the late 50's and early sixties. Surely someone must know what I'm talking about and still be alive to talk about it!

Goorland, Frances (Bradley) -  - Amityville, NY

Helft, Elaine (Pechner) - - Silver Spring , MD - Updated September, 2011
I'm looking for Sandra Feldman that lived at 345 Beach 69th Street in Arverne. Call me!!!

Henglein, John - - Berlin, MD

Ingeneri, Edward (Eddie) -  - Manorville, NY
I am very pleased that you took the time and effort to make a web page for all those that attended Far Rockaway HS and various neighborhoods. You brought back many fond memories of my youth and put a smile and a tear on my face. I would love to hear from anyone that remembers me. I am sorry to admit that I can't recall too many names but may remember if a name is brought up and better yet if I was face to face with former schoolmates for a little re-union. I lived in Laurelton, graduated from PS 156 in 1953 and Far Rockaway HS 1957. Keep up the good work.

Kancigor, Barry -  - Fullerton, CA

Kandall, Steve -  - Raleigh, NC
Have reconnected with a number of '57 classmates--looking for others. Resettled in North Carolina in 2000 and love this area, although admittedly retirement certainly eases the tension.

Kantor, Marvin G. -  - Rockaway Park, NY
Retired FRHS Biology Teacher and Guidance Counselor

Katz, Alan N. -  - Easton, CT

Kennedy, Robert -  - Alexandria, VA
Visiting this web-site was a walk down memory lane. To my classmates, please feel free to contact me.

Klein, Melvyn -  - Oyster Bay, NY

Kniberg, Harriet (Werner) -  - Plainview, NY
Thanks to the hard work of a few, many of us can now enjoy the benefits of this website. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Carol Greenberg, Dolores Jackson or Marge (Midge) Edelman (aka Radiant Marge)...all 1957 grads? If there is to be a Laurelton reunion, count me in. Would love to get together with some "old pals of mine."

Kronick, Lee -  - Tamarac, FL


Kuch, Alice (Senecal) -  - Delray Beach FL - Deceased November, 2010
Living in Delray Beach, Florida after retiring from a 35-year career in teaching. Husband of 34 years, Larry and I have 2 grown sons and 2 grandkittens.

Kuch, Jacqueline (Callan) - - Tarzana, CA

Levy, Micky (Stanfield) - Boca Raton, FL
1957 was the class I would have graduated with, but I left late in 55 for California. Returned to graduate Jamaica H.S. in June 57. Married September 57, had 4 kids and lived in Long Beach, N.Y., Wilmington, DE, Oceanside, NY, and Temecula, CA. Divorced after 33 years moved to Florida and married again. Now living in Boca Raton with Stan and our only "baby" a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Baggy. Does any one remember the name of the "candy store" under the "el" where they let us do the fish while we were cutting class?

Litman, Audrey -  - Las Vegas, NV
I fondly remember our Bayswater "clique." If you remember me, get in touch.

Litt, Phyllis (Libutti) - - Juno Beach, FL

Lustig, Gerald 'Jerry' -  - Sunrise, FL

Lustig, Rachelle (Rubenstein) - - Commack, NY

Maggio, Irene (McShane) -   - Massapequa Park, NY
This site has brought back happy memories for me.Growing up in the Rockaways was a joy. I would love to hear from  friends who went to P.S. 42 in Arverne, class of 1953.

Mahoney, Neil - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Fishkill, NY

Margulis, Sheila (Berloff) -  - Boynton Beach, FL

Miller, David -  - Baldwin, NY


Milner, Bob -  - Brooklyn, NY

Mullane, Irene (Eberle) -  - Sherrills Ford, NC - Deceased, 2014

Nafpliotis, Mary (Chakeres) - - New York, NY
I would like to locate my prom date, Peter Zaphiris, FRHS class of 1958; Gail Schatz, Leon Cholakis (football Team).

Pollack, Jeffrey - - Dover , PA
Looking to locate old, old friends from Laurelton, NY who attended FRHS, Class of '57.  This was quite a find my "baby" sister made and sent me. I scrolled through the names and found several I've thought about many times. Even found the best man at my (first) wedding who I haven't seen in at least 40 years. I lived in Laurelton from 1949 until my marriage in 1962, then Rego Park and Westbury/East Meadow. Moved to suburban Baltimore , MD in 1973 when I bought a business there. Now residing in Dover , PA just outside the city of York . Love to hear from people who remember me (even if my brain cells don't remember them without a jolt).

Pollack, Jerry  -   - Spring Valley, NY

Rabinowitz, Joan (Greenberg) - - Lake Worth, FL
I would love to hear from my high school friends!!

Raphael, Glenda (Toni) (Rutter) -  - Bayside, NY

Rapport, Norman -  - Great Neck, NY

Rella, Lucille (Clohessy) -  - Sonoma, CA

Rizzo, Terry (O'Neill) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Massapequa Park, NY

Rosenfeld, Morris - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Wantagh, NY

Roth, Sandra - - Orlando, FL

Roth, Paul -  - New York, NY

Schapiro, Gail (Marsh) - - Asheville, NC - Updated April, 2012
Looking for my friends who, with my mother, gave me the best surprise sweet sixteen birthday party.  Toby, Eileen, Renee, Fern.....are you out there? Those were the good old days in Wavecrest!

Schnall, Robert 'Roe' - - Delray Beach, FL - Updated March, 2008
Retired for several years. Winter in Delray Beach, summer in Westchester.

Schneider, Steve -  - St. Petersberg, FL

Schwach, Howard - - Rockaway Beach, NY - Updated September, 2011
Still in Rockaway and loving it. I would like to hear from all of my classmates and my friends from Wavecrest Gardens. By the way, people, Rockaway is still a great place to live.

Schwirck, Marilyn (Wilner) -  - Valley Stream, NY

Seidenstein, Rosalind (Schull) - - Palm Beach Gardens, FL - Updated January, 2008

Seplow, Eva (Agosta) - - Boynton Beach, FL - Posted January, 2009
Would love to hear from Laurelton grads of P.S. 156 & 1957 grads of FRHS.

Shakerdge, Betty (Shakerdge Filer) -  - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Silverman, Sandra (Silver) - - Melville, NY
I have been married since 1989 to Melvin Silverman. He is a graduate of Far Rockaway High School, Class of 1955. He also ran Morton's Army and Navy Stores in Far Rockaway.

Silverman, Judith (Ames) -  - New Paltz, NY

Smith, Barbara (Stanton) -  - Jacksonville, FL

Sorkin, Marta (Marcy) -  - Las Vegas, NV
I seem to have dropped through the cracks and was never contacted by anyone from FRHS, probably because I had to stay an extra 6 months to graduate. I had been a cheerleader at FRHS. I married and divorced 2 years later in Far Rockaway, moved to Los Angeles with my my parents Irving and Esther, who had retired from their butcher store in Arverne. We migrated to Los Angeles, where my mother took 2 degrees at Cal State Northridge and my father went into the dry cleaning business with my brother Lon. I married a fellow from Las Vegas and moved there. I started college at age 29, attended Cal State Northridge and UNLV where I am now working in the library. I also have a jewelry business. My sister Gail is a retired school teacher and lives with her husband in Calif. Both Gail and Lon attended FRHS. I am delighted to be in contact with all of you and hope to hear from my friends, Gail Bookvar, Linda Coplan, Gail Schatz, Lucille Crovella, Robbie Hollander, Steve Kandell, Frank Demayo, etc.

Steinberg, Irene (Shapiro) -  - New York, NY

Stone, Linda -  - Los Angeles, CA

Storch, Steve - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Champaign, IL
Currently living in Champaign, IL - I taught high school physics and chemistry for 30 years and am now supposed to be retired. However, we have an active photography business and a rental property business that we would like to get rid of. We also have a little bit of Illinois farm land which keeps us very busy. I would love to hear from FRHS alumni ( address is 2211 N. Barker Rd. Champaign, IL 61822 and phone is 217-863- 2837) You all welcome here if you are ever out this way.

Taurins, Maija (Zvirbulis) -  - Show Low, AZ

Testa, Anna (Caragiulo) -  - Sarasota, FL
Enjoy your website. Forever grateful for the superb education I received at FRHS. How sad it no longer exists. After living in East Rockaway for 25 years and raising our family we settled in Sarasota 18 years ago to open "Caragiulos Restaurant."

Wallach, Susan (Weiss) -  - Hewlett, NY

Weinrib, Sheldon - - Wilton Manors, FL
Graduated from Adelphi University in 1961 with a degree in Math Ed. Taught in Massapequa Schools for 35 years. First at Berner H.S. and then Massapequa H.S. I lived in Massapequa until 1984, when I was divorced. Then I lived in Oakdale, L.I. until 2010. Since then I have been living in the Fort Lauderdale area, where 2 out of 3 of my daughters live. Four grandkids, the oldest is 18.

Weiss, Eve (Cotton) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Fresh Meadows, NY

Wendroff, Allan - - New York, NY

Willner, Irwin “Willie” -  - Sarasota, FL - Deceased, 2007
Looking for Mike Jacobs and Stan Cohen.

Wohlner, Ellis -  - Stockholm, Sweden

Wolpov, Michael -  - Rockville Centre, NY

Zuckerman, Leonard -  - Dix Hills, NY

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