Graduates From Rockaway In 1956!

Class of 1956 Graduate Photos Below Courtesy of Marty Nislick, Class of 1962
Visit His Excellent Site to View Graduate Dolphin Photos of Most Years And Lots of Other 'Stuff'   

Class of 1956 To Celebrate 60-Year Reunion

Click Here For Great Former 1956 Reunion Photos and Other 'Stuff'

This wonderful photo of the Class of 1956 which was taken at the reunion in September was sent in by Carol Marston. Thanks for sending it along.


Left to right: 1956 alums Steve Targum, Steve Sbarge & Dan Reiss celebrating their 75th birthdays.

1956 alums Steve Targum, Steve Sbarge & Dan Reiss & families.


Freda Goldstein (Deutsch), Class of 1956 joins us from San Diego, CA
and writes the following.

We have raised 5 children and have 6 grandchildren and are living in Las Vegas. I would love to hear from long lost friends and acquaintences. Please feel free to contact me. I have already been in contact with some of my high school cohorts that I have not seen or been in contact with since graduation.

It has been so much fun and such a thrill to be in touch with our past.  This web site is beyond fantastic.
Freda can be reached at  -  Updated August, 2011

Sheldon (Shelly) Fogel, Class of 1956 joins us from Las Vegas, Nevada and writes the following.

My name is Sheldon (Shelly) Fogel, Class of 1956 - brother Lawrence (Larry) Class of 49 and sister Enid Class of 52. We all graduated from P S 106. I now live in Las Vegas for the past twenty years I have been in the gaming business. I really enjoy the Rockaway Beach web site .

I would also enjoy hearing from some old {not really meaning old}, friends. My family owned two fish stores. One on Central Ave and the other one on 116th St.

Keep up the good work on the web .

Shelly can be reached at - Updated July, 2015

Carol Marston, (Solomon) Class of 1956, joins us from Sun City, Arizona, a Phoenix suburb. 
I left Far Rockaway the very night I graduated! I had to move with my family to Chicago for my father's job transfer (they dragged me kicking and screaming out of Far Rockaway). I then moved to Phoenix after five years in the windy city.

I raised and trained Arabian horses and have also taught Computer Literacy and Internet Basics. I am a web page designer and graphic artist. I'm married to Pete, a retired cargo pilot, and have one son and two grandsons who now live in Georgia. I grew up in Bayswater and am still homesick.

                                      Carol and her prize winning Arabian colt Maitaiyar taken in 1975                 Carol and Toby

L to R:  ???, Carol, Ellen Scharer Nasses Hesterman, Beverly Nasses.
Seated; Mrs. Molly Scharer, Ellen's mom, and Mr. Ben Scharer, Ellen's dad.

I can be reached at

Congratulations to Carol for getting her new web site up and running. You can visit it at

Thanks to Carol for her contribution. She's lost her Dolphins, years 1952 through 1956. Any one have extra copies????

Peggy Gordon, Class of 1956 - Deceased, 2006 - formerly of Warwick, NY

I graduated FRHS in 1956, and went on to Cornell University where I majored in math, graduating in 1960. Did a couple of years of fruitless graduate work, came back to New York, moved to Manhattan, and have been here ever since, although I did do a lot of travelling in the 'late 60's and '70's. I've worked in computer software development my entire career, and at that time was working for a software house which kept me on the move, including a trip to Israel in 1974, where I caught up with Ronnie Nieman Segal, one of my best friends from FRHS.

I now work for the Bank of New York in Securities Custody (still software development). In 1987 I married Fred Miers, and we live at 372 Central Park West, Apt. 6R, NYNY 10025. We built a weekend home in Warwick NY, where we go every weekend, and are beginning to think about retirement, but we'd like a better climate (and lower property taxes!). We've ruled out Warwick, Florida and Arizona; anybody got any ideas?

My father, Leonard, and brother, David also went to FRHS ('27 and '60, respectively), and, by a weird coincidence, so did my husband's ex-wife's husband, Ed Sprung ('47?). My e-mail address is, and I'd love to hear from anyone who recognizes my name or lives in either of my neighborhoods.

I keep running into old FRHS grads who aren't e-mail-enabled, but are looking for classmates anyway, so I've offered to post these.
Beatrice (Lubin) Lewis (class of '37?), 201 E. 69th St., New York, NY 10021: would like to hear from any of her classmates, especially those who were in the commercial course with her.

Selma (Wallman) Fried (class of '35), 5 Peasley Drive, Marlboro, NJ 07746: would like to locate Myril (Mushlin) Kaplan.

Selma is my aunt; Bea is the mother of a friend of a friend.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks Peggy for writing and allowing me to put your graduation photo on the web site. "Give my regards to Broadway!"

Martin Abrams, Class of 1956 joins us from Rockaway and writes the following.


Both I Martin Abrams and my wife Louise (Chinitz) Abrams, graduated from FRHS. 1956, 1959. We live in Rockaway, and Louise teaches at PS104. We both are registered for the Prom and other events.

Martin and Louise can be reached at

Aarons, Myrna (Lackey) - No Email Listed - Boynton Beach, FL
Left to right:  Rima Fass, Myrna Aarons, Audrey Bernstein 
(a friend), Joan Kuller, Vivian.Gertzkis

Abrams, Martin - - Far Rockaway, NY - Updated September, 2011

Arens, Beverly (Heller) - - Somerset, NJ
I just found the FRHS website and I was astonished as to how much info there is. I must commend all who are involved. I am one lucky lady having the best of two worlds.  I live in San Diego from November to May, and live in Somerset NJ May 1 to Nov 1. I am so looking forward to the June reunion and hoping to find some of my classmates on both coasts.   Lived in Laurelton till I married Harold Heller, who also lived in Laurelton and graduated AJHS, (1960). (Hal deceased since 1994). We moved to NJ in 1963. Presently I live in Somerset, NJ and would love to hear from those who remember us.

Avirom, Jonathan -  - New York, NY
Myrna Aarons called me out of the blue to tell me about the reunion next year, she also referred me to the website which moved me to tears of joy. Two weeks before while attending a lawyers conference in Philadelphia I had dinner with Jane Somerstein, my prom date. My wife and I  play golf  every weekend with Mike and Cynthia Leiberbaum. Between holes we talk about 5th period lunch and all the fond memories of FRHS. Keep up the great work.

Barr, Irene (Price) -  - Cranford, NJ
Would love to hear from anyone that remembers me or Gene (he was a twin).

Behren, Irwin - - East Windsor, NJ
I graduated in January, 1956 and went on to Brooklyn College, where I graduated in January, 1960.  Photo courtesy of Marty Nislick's Rockaway Beach Memories.

Belicove, Vera (Gitten) -  - Boynton Beach, FL
This is great! I'd love to hear from those of you who remember me, my husband Larry Gitten (deceased) or my brother Vic Belicove.

Beloff, Robert -  - Milford, PA
I grew up on Central (lived in an Apt. over Toddy's Deli.) Avenue, and just the pictures I find bring back such great memories. Your site is fantastic, thank you.

Bergazyn, Neil -  - Boynton Beach, FL

Bernstein Sandra (Guttentag) -  - Cedarhurst, NY

Bressler, Diana (Goldberg) -  - Marblehead, MA
This is fun...was recently on a cruise when was told about this website..was from laurelton, graduated in 1956...married a fellow far rockaway grad..alas that marriage ended in divorce...moved to MA and married in 1971..we live in a oceanfront community just 12 miles north of Boston.   We have two grown children ( i think they are older then me), my daughter lives in Marblehead, Ma....with a wonderful boy and son lives in Bogota New Jersey with his wife and two wonderful little girls.  I have been a real estate agent for the past 18 years, most of the time i love it!  this site is fabulous and glad I know about it now.  thank you.  Website located at  

Brier, Myrna - - Oceanside, NY - Updated April, 2009

Carr, Martin -  - Lake Worth, FL
Would be nice to hear from some of my lost friends. Seems the wrong e-mail address was posted for contacting me. Trying to contact Stan Sorscher and Dick Heath. Would very much like to hear from them or anybody who knows where they are.  Moved to FL in 1970, became bored with civilian type work and became a police officer. I will be retiring in 2003 with 33 yrs. in law enforcement. Don't have a computer at this time as I gave mine to my youngest. Would love to hear from some of my old classmates. Please just a line or a call.

Casimano, Buddy -  - Merrick, NY
Hi, I would love to hear from friends from Far Rockaway/Rockaway.  Also, my wife was a 1961 graduate of Bishop McDonnell H.S. but hung out with a lot of FRHS people.  She would love to hear from old friends also.  I'm so glad I was told about this website.  It's great!

Ceren, Vic - – Las Vegas , NV

Cherkoss, Richard - - Plantation, FL
From Laurelton - Forest Hills H.S. grad, attended FRHS for a year

Chesler, Eddie - Deceased

Chiat, Loretta (Mufson) -  - Guilford, CT

Cohen, Judith (Levey) -  - Hempstead, NY

Cooper, Arthur -  - Old Bethpage, NY

Cooper, Joel - - Roslyn , NY

Cracovaner, Gail (Widom) -  - Great Neck, NY

Craft, Ruth (Lax) - - Manalapan, NJ - Updated January, 2009
Glad to have found this site.  I would love to hear from anyone who might remember me.

David, Margery (Weinroth) -  - Massapequa Park, NY

Decter, Neil -  - Atlantis, FL

Deutsch, Freda (Goldstein) - - San Diego, CA
Would love to hear from lost friends and acquaintances from 1956.  We have raised 5 children and have 9 grandchildren and live in the Las Vegas area. I would love to hear from long lost friends and acquaintances.  Please feel free to contact me. I have already been in contact with some of my high school cohorts that I have not seen or been in contact with since graduation. My email address is

Dorizas, Elizabeth -  - Neshanic Station, NJ
It is truly a pity that our grandchildren will never know the Far Rockaway that we did.

Drubin, Gilbert - - Tucson, AZ
Went to Shimer JHS for SP program (3 years done in 2). Would like to hear from any Mu Sigma brothers 1952-1956

Eberle, Art - - Sherrills Ford, NC - Deceased

Eberle, Fletcher C. -  - Breezy Point, NY
I was Captain of the FRHS Swimming Team under Coach Richie

Edelman, Barbara (Simon) -  - Ardsley-On-Hudson, NY

Edwards, Joyce (Schroeder) -  - E. Northport, NY
This was a wonderful find for me. It brings back fond memories of FRHS, and  an age of innocence which were the 50s. It was also wonderful to read of the teachers. Miss Haynes, the gym teacher who was also a guidance counselor, lived  to the ripe old age of  94. She retired in 1956 and lived out her years in Cooperstown, NY.

Ehrlich, Barbara (Reich) - - Boca Raton, FL
Reading this website brought back the most fabulous memories of the simple days of growing up in Laurelton. Those were the days. I am currently living in Boca Raton with my husband Jules, but our two children, each with two children of their own, live in Manhattan. I see Judy Miller Melnick (Andrew Jackson 1954) and Barbara Weiss (Andrew Jackson 1956) frequently. Recently, thanks to my niece who found this website, I heard from and responded to Ruthie Silverman who I lived down the street from on Francis Lewis Blvd. Also just made a renewed friendship with Brenda Tursky Wolf (Far Rockaway 1956) who was my best friend (went to camp together and even roomed at college together). Judy, Barbara and Brenda are all living in Boynton Beach. Look forward to hearing from people and reading more of the web's notes.

Ehrlich, Daniel -  - Barnegat, NJ

Eisenberg, Steve - - Englewood, NJ - Updated February, 2008
I saw the video and song about Far Rockaway. WOW it brought back so many wonderful memories... playing stick ball in front of my house with Mike Marshak, Carl Weiss and Neil Bergazyn. Going to the Central Deli on Central Ave...all those days and nights on the boardwalk, having egg creams, at the soda shop, going to Falcaro's Bowling Alley and then to Cairos for pizza. Thanks for the memories.

Enfeld, David -  - Sunset Beach, NC

Fass, Rima (Smollen) -  - Ocean Ridge, FL
I am semi-retired and live with my husband, Paul, in a beach house in Ocean Ridge, Fl. Once a beach person, always a beach person. I'm married to Paul Smollen, a former Edgemere dweller. We have 2 sons and 4 grandsons and are waiting for our 5 grandchild (perhaps, finally, a girl.) We are in the antique business and specialize in silver...a labor of love. I am in touch with Renee Lamkay and thru her, Sandy Guttentag (nee Bernstein). Life has been good!

Finfer, Paul - - Hollywood, FL

Fioresi, Bob - - Montauk, NY - Updated June, 2011
Hi to my friends and old athletes at FRHS. I can't believe how fast the time has passed. Life is wonderful. This is a wonderful site. My wife just contacted her old friends thru the web site.  If anyone has a chance, please contact me.  Regards to all.

Flax, Linda -  - New York, NY

Fogel,Sheldon - - Las Vegas NV - Updated July, 2015
Anybody when you come to Las Vegas LOOK ME UP!

Gandin, Michael I. -  - Melville, NY
I retired from a busy law practice three years ago. I now realize that work is overrated. I jog, go to the gym, babysit for my grandson, visit the library, and shop for dinner. There goes another busy day. I am friendly with Peter Zaphiris who lives locally, and we have dinner together at least once a week. My wife Lissa Marshak Gandin (Class of 1961) is still working as a print broker. Her brother Mike Marshak (class of 1956) and his wife Bette Simon Marshak (class of 1960) are in my loop and I see them often.

Gertzkis, Vivian (Maskin) -  - Delray Beach, FL
Looking for any graduates from 1956 down in the South Florida area....was at 100th reunion in Sept. 1997; got to see a few old friends but not as many as I would have liked.  I think what the two of you are doing and have done in the past keeps Rockaway as we knew it alive and well and living in all our hearts.  Thank you.

Goldstein, Myra (Forte) - - Northport, NY - Updated March, 2011

Gordon, Peggy - - Warwick, NY- Deceased, 2006

Gorman, Patricia (Feller) -  - Haverhill, MA
I'm a retired corporate exec now living in Northern Massachusetts near my two beautiful grandchildren. I met the chief of police for my town at a service club meeting and could not believe - he's a FRHS grad!

Greenbaum, Leonard -  - Wellington, FL
Have been looking for Nelson Goldberg & Gene Stuttman, class of 1956. HELP!

Hecker, Leonard - No City Listed - Deceased July, 2015

Herbst, Jack -  - Clifton Park, NY

Hinderstein, Allan - - Sacramento, CA - Deceased, 2007
After FRHS I attended Boston University.  From there I went to WGBH-TV in Boston, then to University Extenstion at the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison.  I have been in Sacramento at Calif. State Univ., Sacramento for 26 years.  I coordinate live televised instruction on the web, satellite,  microwave, and two Education Access Cable channels in Sacramento.  I will formally retire August '02 and continue half time at the University.

Hirsch, Arthur -  - Westbury, NY
Just surfed in...saw listing for Michael Kraus. E-mailed him now awaiting for return mail. Also fowarded copy to old friend Howard Swedlow but his e-mail address did not deliver e-mail. Does anyone know what ever happened to the tall one, Fred Mass? Let me say hello to my old friends from the AZA's of Far Rockaway, and Arverne. Worked for over 20 years with Artie Schecter. Reunion was great. As they say we are not getting older just better..regards to all.

Hirsch, Judith (Asch) - - Boca Raton, FL

Kaplan, Edward -  - Sanibel Island, FL

Kaufman, Beverly (Marshall) - - Westport, CT

Kavesh, Susan (Bank) -  - Aventura, FL/New York, NY

Kemp, Susan (Delman) - - Delray Beach, FL

Kob, Gary - - Houston, TX - Updated January, 2009

Koeppel, Nora - - Lynbrook, NY - Updated January, 2008
Need any mirror glass or storefront work -- metropolitan area just call. Special treatment For Rockaway-ites

Kooperman, Leonard - - Niagara On the Lake, Ontario, Canada - Updated July, 2022

Kramer, Howard -  - Calabasas, CA

Kraus, Michael -  - Torrance CA

Kubersky, Ruth (Feinberg) -  - Indianapolis, IN

Kuller, Joan (Suskauer) -  - Long Beach, NY

Lamkay, Renee -  - Los Angeles/West Hills, CA - Deceased July, 2015
I have lived in Los Angeles since 1967. For the past 27 years I have been a principal of four elementary schools in the Las Virgenes School District. It's a wonderful district. I continue to stay in touch on a frequent basis with Sandi Guttentag (Bernstein), Sheila Kreinces (Weinstock) and Rima Smollen (Fass). My brothers are Edward and Victor Lamkay and we lived in the house my dad built at 1051 Bay 25th Street in Bayswater. It was the green house that everyone called Captain Video's House.  Just to let you know, I am now a retired elementary principal and have reinvented myself.  I have a residential real estate license with Coldwell Banker in Calabasas, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. Still wanting to be in a helping profession, I enjoy getting referrals from friends and relatives around the country. As an educator, I am very familiar with public and private schools. So, if you think I can help out, please email me.  Even if I can't help out, I would love to hear from you.  P.S. Need handwriting analyzed?  I can do it as a Master Graphoanalyst, Certified Handwriting Analyst. Contact me as I have a fax. Website:

Lamm, Irwin -  - Boca Raton, FL

Lehrer, Barbara (Banchik) -  - Belle Harbor, NY

Librizzi, Angelo - Deceased, September, 2014

Libsohn, Cynthia (Friedman) - Peoria, AZ - Deceased

Lieberman, Howard -  - Howard Beach, NY - Deceased, 2009

Lieberman, Joan (Gotlib) -  - Boca Raton, FL

Lieblein, Madeline (Kasof) -  - Cupertino, CA
I would love to hear from "old" or "lost" friends.  After teaching over 30 years, I am loving retirement. Everyday I have the opportunty to enjoy each moment without the stresses of having to do anything that I do not want to do, or be anywhere that I don't want to be. I feel blessed! I look back at my high school years with a smile and I would enjoy hearing from "old friends".  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley) and would love to see friends that travel this way..I do travel to NY.

Locke, Robert -  - Indian Head, MD - Deceased, 2015
Went to Queens College for a semester after graduating from FRHS.  Went to C.W. Post College (LIU) where I graduated in 1960.  After 1-1/2 years of graduate studies at University of Florida, started work in 1962 for the Veterans Administration in Albany then the Bronx, NY.  In 1963, entered the Coast Guard and went to Officer Candidate School and was commissioned in January 1964.  Served two years on recruiting duty and one year on the USCGC CAMPBELL (WPG/WHEC 32) out of St. George, SI.  Did 4 Ocean Station patrols in the Labador Strait and off of Bermuda (my ship was part of the escort for the 1966 Newport, RI to Bermuda yacht race).  Released from active duty in 1967, went back to VA for 2 years, transferred to IRS in Manhattan where I worked for 5 years.  In 1970 I completed a M.P.A. in Public Administration at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY).  In 1974, I moved to Washington to accept a position in Coast Guard Headquarters.  Worked in the Coast Guard Command Center as a reservist, including during Mariel Boatlift.  In 1980, I became the first inactive duty Coast Guard Reserve officer to graduate from the U.S. Naval War College's Off-Campus Program and received my diploma in Newport, RI.  In 1986 I retired as a Commander in the Coast Guard Reserve.  In 1995 I retired from my civilian job in Coast Guard Headquarters after 34 years of combined military/civilian service.  Since then, I have served in various positions with the Coast Guard Federal Credit Union.  About 3 years AGO I started driving for the Meezer Rescue Express, a group of volunteers who transport abandoned and abused Siamese cats from local shelters to our Center in Virginia, and from the Center to the cats' new homes.  I have done transports from eastern Connecticut to southern Florida to Indiana.  I also publish my Congregation's newsletter and have been asked to run to become its new President.

About a year ago, I learned about and renewed contacts (after 45 years) with 3 of my former JHS classmates (who also went to FRHS) and a number of other FRHS grads.  During the 3 years I went to Far Rockaway, I was in the Laurelton/Rosedale group that commuted to school by LIRR.  I last visited the Far Rockaway area about 10 years ago and was dismayed to see the school looking like Stalag 17 with barbed wire, and bolted gates and doors.  I wonder how many of my classmates remember Mrs. Koppelman who worked in the front office?  Her son (who went to Andrew Jackson instead of Far Rock) is a big record producer and former head of EMI in Manhattan.  I wonder when one of Far Rockaway's most famous graduates will join the online alum group -- Dr. Joyce Brothers?

Lutsky, Alan - - San Anselmo, CA - Posted May, 2008

Marcus, Lynn (Ellison) -  - Derby, KS
I'd love to hear from former classmates.

Mark, Bernard - - Boynton Beach, FL - Updated April, 2013
Photo courtesy of Marty Niclick 

Marshak, Michael -  - Dix Hills, NY

Mass, Fred - - Hicskville, NY - Deceased, 2007

Mednick, Stan -  - Bothell, WA
I am very happy to have found you all. I wondered if I was forgotten when I left Far Rock for CA in 1959. Both of my brothers (younger) graduated also and hopefully will be in touch.

Miller, Allen -  - Garden City, NY

Mittler, Austin -  - Washington, DC

Moed, Sandy (Venetianer) -  - Howard Beach, NY
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.  Am sure everyone still looks the same.

Nesoff, Robert (Bob) -  - New Milford, NJ
Would love to hear from old friends at The Rock and PS 42.  Only saw a handful at the reunion a couple of years back.  Went to the reunion two years before the big one and it blew my mind when I had to walk through a metal detector.  Seems to me as though we all got along pretty well back in the '50s.  Let's hear from you.

Nicoll, Richard -  - Boca Raton, FL

Pacetta, Marie - - New Haven, CT - Updated August, 2015
Thanks to Gail Cracovaner for the updates in life..this is a great idea and leave it up to you, Carol Solomon, to be in on it...glad to see every one is alive and well!!!

Parides, Stacia (Brueckel) - - Plainview, NY - Updated January, 2014

Polin, Allen - - Boynton Beach, FL - Updated October, 2016
Would like to correspond and or meet with some of you if possible. I have met many FR grads, but not from my class.

Portnoy, Jay - - Saratoga Springs, NY
I graudated PS 156 in 1952 and Far Rockaway High in 1956. After Far Rockaway I attended Queens College, City College,
Brookyln College (I taught Political Science there for a couple of years) and the City University of New York. Worked almost 30 years
(mostly in Albany) as a personnel and fiscal bureacrat for New York State and am now happily retired with my wife in Saratoga Springs.
The 1952 PS 156 graduating picture is on my den wall and I was interviewed by ABC news about the student in the back row, 3rd from the left.
Last spring I gave 2 ABC-TV camera girls a tour of Laurelton and Far Rockaway High and the beach, but did not mention any names.

Rabig, Harley - - Gretna, LA
Would love to hear from old friends.

Reaper, Margie (Ingram) -  - Sinking Spring, PA

Reiss, Daniel -  - Manhattan Beach, CA

Rich, Kevin j. - - Seaford, NY
Was at Far Rockaway HS for one Year in 1954.....Played on the Football team that year. I remember Steve Emmanuel, and Bernie Mark..... among other classmates...... I lived in Broad Channel.

Robertson, Patricia (Rosendale) - - Inwood, NY - Updated March, 2016

Rochelle, Ed - - Dix Hills, NY - Deceased, May, 2007

Rokoff, Howard -  - East Northport, NY

Rosenbaum, Selma (Briansky, Sue) -   - Needham, MA
Heard about the website from Diana Bressler Goldberg who, believe it or not, is almost a neighbor.  We disagree on a lot of old memories of FRHS and can't wait for this website to straighten us out.

Rosenblum, Sheila (Simon) -  - San Francisco, CA

Ross, Leonard -  - Hallandale, FL - Deceased, 2009

Roth, Joel - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Long Beach, NY

Roth, Myron -  - Aventura, FL

Ryan, Iris (Della Marco) -  - Flushing, NY

Sable, David -  - Merrick, NY
Retired from IBM after 27 years.  Current position: Technical Consultant, Invision.  This Web Site is super. When I read the names on the site I look up their pictures in the year book and they bring back great memories. I have the Jan.'53 thru June '56 Dolphin year books. If anyone needs a photo, etc from the year books, I will scan it and send via e-mail. Would love to hear from the class of '56 as well as other grads of "The Rock."

Saffer, Susan (Rosenzweig) - - White Plains, NY- Updated October, 2014
After graduating I got my BA from Queens College in Economics. Then two years at Johns Hopkins Graduate School of International Affairs - spent the second year on a Fulbright at the school's Bologna (Italy) Center.  Then moved to Ames, Iowa where my husband attended grad school.  Moved to Philly in 1967, lived there for 13 years and earned my MLS at Drexel University.  Then to Chapel Hill, NC until 1990 when we moved to Rhode Island where my husband still teaches at Bryant University.  From 1970 had a variety of jobs but when we moved to RI I became an independent consultant.  I retired in 2002.  I'm looking forward to reconnecting with friends I haven't been in contact with for years.

Sbarge, Steve - - Marina Del Rey, CA - Updated December, 2015

Scharer, Ellen (Hesterman) - - San Marcos, CA - Deceased August, 2015

Schechter, Artie -  - West Palm Beach, FL

Scherer, Carolin (Jacaruso) - - Boynton Beach, FL

Schiffer, Robert M. -  - Kill Devil Hills, NC - Updated December, 2014
Former President of Kappa Alpha Tau Fraternity, looking for brothers.

Schnitzer, Gerald S. - - Wilton Manors, FL - Deceased, December, 2010 - Click here for Memorial

Schrager, David -  - Valley Stream, NY

Schwartz, Paul - - New York, NY

Schwartz, Richard -   - North Hollwood, CA
Class of '55, but due to "Teenage Rebellion" graduated Jan. '56.

Shapiro, Gloria (Garbin) - Send Me Your Current Email Address - Coral Springs, FL

Soicher, Lawrence G. - Manhattan, NYC - Deceased

Sokatch, Martha "Micki" (Sokatch-Fuller) - savtamicki@msn.comKibbutz Tsuba, Jerusalem, Israel
I made Aliyah to Israel a year ago last July--a dream realized (since my days at FRHS) when a little house became available on my son's kibbutz. So this is permanent although I plan to be in the states for a few months every year--since my sister, brother and daughter (not to mention cousins, step kids and friends) are there. You can reach me via my American cell phone (leave message) 301-980-2715.

Solomon, Carol (Marston) -  - Phoenix, AZ

Spector, Carl -  - Plainview, NY

Spierman, Hazel (Davis) -  - Lynbrook, NY

Stern, Sandy -  - Granada Hills, CA

Storch, Martin - - Lake Worth, FL

Swedlow, Howard -  - Freedom, PA - Deceased November, 2008
The Rat pack of Wed nite poker guys Artie Hirsch, Freddie Mass, Mike Kraus, and Howie have found each other due to this fab web site. Whatever happened to Cookie Zweibel (My wonderful Bear Mtn. boat date)? Some years after Grad, USMC etc., I met Renee (I think Lamkay) on the Rockaway subway. When we got to Manhattan, we both called in sick and spent the day starting w/the Staten IS Ferry. I have never forgotten that magical day. I wish I could see her again...Where did Howard Gross (the fotographer ) go? Is Rima Fass such a raving french beauty still? Does anyone remember the little rich Texan who came to buy (bail out) FRHS in the Senior Musical Play? That was me, and I got comically kicked all over the stage. Fred Ruff let me play that Piccolo solo for Stars & Stripes and has my undying love for that and all his kindnesses. And Lenny Gunther the greatest Violinist, and Rich Zucker of Cello Fame Where are you? Luv ya all write/call/scowl or whatever. Howie (Da Big Kahuna) Swedlow

Tesch, Mike -  - Coral Gables, FL

Testa, Josephine (Pelligrini) -  - San Francisco, CA

Traister, Sheila - - Redgranite, WI

Tuck, JT (Judy Tuck) - - Tucson, AZ - Updated May, 2013

Vanefsky, Fred -  - Delray Beach, FL

Warshaw, Stephen -  - New York, NY - Updated September, 2012

Watson, Colleen (Webster) - - Long Beach, NY - Deceased, 2007

Weinfeld, Ronald - - Far Rockaway, NY- Updated June, 2008

Weinstock, Sheila (Kreinces) -  - Merrick, NY

Weisbard, Norma (Maybruck) - - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Weiss, Barry - Click Here to Email -  Little River, CA
Thanks for all the effort exerted in assembling all the info on Far Rockaway. 

Weiss, Carl - - Thousand Oaks, CA - Updated February, 2008

Wendroff, Susan (Denenberg) - - Boca Raton , FL - Updated July, 2012

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