Announcing the Preliminary Planning for Celebrating the
125th Anniversary of Far Rockaway High School - October, 2022


Dear Far Rockaway Grads,

In 1997, 5,000 graduates traveled worldwide to Far Rockaway, New York to attend the Far Rockaway High School 100th Anniversary Celebration. In the end, all agreed, it was an unparalleled and unforgettable event.

During the past 23 years as we attended many regional reunions, the question whether another FRHS anniversary celebration could happen again was always brought up.  We took this question to heart!  We are in the preliminary planning stage of such an event to assess if there is enough interest and support to move forward for a 125th Anniversary Celebration - to take place around October of 2022. 

Although much has changed over the years including the very name of our high school, we all have a shared experience of fellowship, camaraderie and community.
What an amazing, joyful experience it would be to come together again to celebrate.

Preliminary plans call for a Saturday rally, football game, tour of the school building with an evening event at a chosen hotel or beach club, and of course Sunday brunch. In addition, because this event is scheduled to take place in 2022, we would be honored to have the graduating classes of 1952, 1962, 1972, 1982, 1992,  and 2002 celebrate their respective anniversaries as part of this event.  While those dates have a greater significance to each of those classes because this celebration will take place in 2022,
this event is open to anyone whoever attended Far Rockaway High School. Because of the COVID19 lockdowns, classes ending in 00, and 01 who were not able to celebrate their respective reunions may also want to plan something special as part of our 125th Celebration.

We would like you to complete a short confidential questionnaire (link below) and add any additional thoughts and comments you may have in the planning and execution of what will undoubtedly be an extraordinary event.

We will be launching a new Facebook page shortly specifically devoted to this event.  Once this page is up and running, we will let you know how to access it so you can be kept informed of any and all updates as our planning moves forward.

Remember, “There’s No Place Like Home!”

Best regards,

Alan, Bob, Skip, Toby & Robin             

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Your Planning Committee
Alan Silverstein - Class of 1970 
Bob Goldman - Class of 1972  
Alan 'Skip' Weinstock - Class of 1963

Toby Indig Kronick, Class of 1968 

Robin Greenberg Johnson Class of 1971