FRHS Class of 1963 Reunion Brunch 2014 Questionnaire

Dear FRHS '63 Grads & Friends:

We are so excited! We are holding SUNDAY OCTOBER 19 for Brunch at the SUNNY ATLANTIC BEACH CLUB BOARDWALK RESTAURANT. Your notes and emails to Ed Mutchnick, indicate a high level of enthusiasm for this location based on last year's success. Thank you so much for helping us to chose this venue.  Because of the heartfelt enthusiasm generated at last year's reunion, many of you asked us not to wait too long before getting together again....WE HEARD YOU!  

We have negotiated the same price for the Buffet Brunch spread, including drinks, tax and tip - $40.00 per person. There is, however, a caveat: as the Sunny Atlantic has discontinued the Sunday Brunch Buffet, in order to offer grads of FRHS the opportunity to return to the Club, there will be a site fee of $750.00.

What does this mean?? It means that depending on the number of grads attending, the total price per person will be between $62.00 per person and $65.00 per person if we have a minimum of 30 guests. Unfortunately, if we have less than 30 guests, we are concerned that the cost will be too high, $70.00, for most people. If we have more than 30 guests, the total cost will
be less than $62.00. The Sunny Atlantic will not hold this date for more than five days from today.

So.........we don't need your money today, just your tentative commitment to attend.  We will however need a $40 deposit by May 30th.  (address to follow)

What DO we need to do to make this happen? Simple - we need each of you to respond to the questions below.  We need a response from each of you (EVEN IF YOU LIVE TOO FAR AWAY, AND/OR YOU DO NOT PLAN TO ATTEND.

So there you have it, we need to hear from you ASAP to make this happen! Immediately, pronto, asap, really fast, speedy. warp speed.. I could go on.

Do not let this great reunion redux in the glass enclosed restaurant on the boardwalk with ocean views! slip away! Respond to us and let's get the sand in our toes again... do not miss this great event and a fitting FRHS event!

The Committee: Ed Mutchnick, Janice Magid Davidson, Skip Weinstock


Your Name (Ladies use your maiden name):


Best email address contact: 


Are you interested in attending based on the location, price and the date described above?


Will you be able to submit a $40 deposit by May 30?  (Address to follow)


If you are bringing a spouse or significant other, what is that person's first name?

Please use the box below for any comments or questions you may have about the Brunch
or any clarification you would like to make about your responses.



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