• Photo Restoration  & Retouching (Old photos made new again.  Have a scratched or wrinkled photo? I can fix it.)

  • Photo Restructuring*

  • *Another name for "virtual plastic surgery" where I lop off unwanted pounds, remove an unwanted chin or two, make a large schnoz petite, add hair to those balding pates, etc.  You get the idea.  It's cheaper than the real thing and one heck of a lot less painful!   In the photos below, this young lady wanted to see how she'd look 25 lbs. thinner.   No starvation or suffering involved.

    before.jpg after.jpg
    Before After

    Photo Services Include:

Minor Repair
Repair of torn, aged photos
Colorization of black and white photos
Photo Enhancement
Photo Brightening
Fixing under or over exposed images
Adding color to black and white photos
Sharpening of blurry images
Special Effects
Lighting effects
Sepia Colorizing (Old fashioned style)
Moving items from one photo to another
Changing backgrounds
Changing colors
Adding or removing persons in photo

Some of the photos below were thought
to be damaged beyond repair.

(Helpful hint:  NEVER use Scotch Tape on a photo!)

damageda.jpg fixed.jpg
Before After
When kids write on photos, all is not lost.
Can this old, neglected and damaged
photo be repaired?
Again, another family heirloom saved!
Space and Time Warping
Older Brother, Younger Sister

Mom wanted a photo showing them at
approximately the same age in one photo.

cari-rob1b.jpg cari-rob2b.jpg
One  Two

Here I've put the girl from the left on photo #1 into one photo and combined it with the boy on the right in photo #2 to make them appear the same age in one photo.


Another example of the technique used above is when husband and wife Tom and Sharon
wanted photos of themselves together at the age of five.  Since they didn't meet until they
were adults, this seemed impossible, but here is the result below.

sharonat5.jpg tomat5.jpg
Sharon at 5 Tom at 5
Tom and Sharon together at the age of 5


Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Son
and Grandson in Club Uniform

Another spectacular example of people not together in space or time is the following
montage of photos done for four generations of a New Zealand family.
ggranddad.jpg 3generations.jpg
Great Grandfather Grandfather, Father and youngest club member
A Family Get-Together
With No Plane Fare to Pay!


Is someone or something spoiling your picture?  Get rid of him, her or it!

Now you see him...

Now you don't!


A Modern-Day Romeo & Juliet Separated, Now Together

Our "Juliet" on the right
And her "Romeo"


Changing an all-color photo to "black and white with color"
creates a dramatic effect.

If you want someone added to a photo who just didn't happen to be around when it was taken, that can be arranged. There are two people in the my high school reunion photo who didn't make it to the photo shoot but they ARE present in the photo.  Can you find them?  The photo is located here and is right at the top of the page.

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