Page Three - FRHS Alumni Listings S-Z


Since we began the website in 1997, we would say most, if not all those who registered, sent e-mail addresses at the time.  After a year and a half trying to incorporate a spam blocker program into our site so you would not be bothered with unwanted e-mail, we replaced your e-mail address with a coded "Click here to e-mail" which was designed to hide your e-mail address. We've heard from many of you who were unable to use this feature no matter which browser you were using.  Skip and I have decided to use this three-page list as a quick reference to those who have registered with us. If you would like to contact anyone on this list after locating their name, click HERE and then go to their year page where you should find their e-mail address.

While we have no control over browser "spiders" which go to the sites to collect e-mail addresses to send you unwanted mail, please let us know if you're getting mail that seems to come from our site and we'll take your e-mail address offline.

*Deceased alumni indicated in red*


        Sabato, Vicky 1964 Rockaway Park NY
        Sable, David 1956 Merrick NY
        Sachs, Anne (Nelson) 1962 Manhasset NY
        Sachs, Marion (Libow) 1953 Boynton Beach FL
        Sacks, Alan H. 1949 Jacksonville FL
        Sacks, Sally (Spellman) 1945 Boca Raton FL
        Sacks, Steve 1968
        Sadin, Jerry 1972 Santa Cruz (Aptos) CA
        Sadin, Robert 1973 Bellevue WA
        Sadin, Wayne 1970 Sugar Land TX
        Sadovnik, Alan 1971 New York NY
        Saffer, Susan (Rosenzweig) 1956 Lincoln RI
        Saffiotti, Vincent 1967 Rumson NJ
        Safran, Carol 1978 Lake Worth FL
        Safran, David 1974 Raleigh NC
        Safran, Wendy E. 1972 Yorktown Heights NY
        Sakowitz, Sheldon 1946
        Salamon, Sandra (Keigh) 1962 New York NY
        Saldinger, Ellen (Lederman) 1965 Philadelphia PA
        Saldinger, Joy (Goldberg) 1973 Annapolis MD
        Saldinger, Lester 1969 Plainview NY
        Salguero, Yvonne (Gallagher) 1980 Levittown NY
        Salinger, Eleanor (Sussman) 1952 Lido Beach NY
         Salpeter, Burton 1935
        Salstein, Arthur 1965 Jupiter FL
Saltzman, Lyle 1968 Satellite Beach FL
        Salwen, Harold "Hal" 1944 Teaneck NJ
        Salzman, Ira 1972 East Meadow NY
        Sambroff, Joan (Reyburne) 1963 Merrick NY
        Sameroff, Karen (Zuckerman)1977 York PA
        Sameroff, Stephen 1973 Great Neck NY
        Sameroff, Viviane (Kovacs) 1973 Searingtown NY
        Samms, Michael 1987 New York NY
        Samotin, Nancy 1977 New York NY
        Samuels, Alan 1949 Atlantic Beach NY
        Samuels, Harvey 1966 North Bellmore NY
        Samuels, Jay 1973 North Bellmore NY
        Samuels, Sheila (Margolin) 1961 Chicago IL
        Sanabria, Jose 1978 West Chester PA
        Sanches, Donald (Greer) 1977 Shenzhen China
        Sanchez, Arturo 1967 Jackson Heights NY
        Sanchez, Wendelyn "Wendy" (Caldwell) 1989 Hyde Park NY
        Sanchez, William Jr.1986 VA
        Sandberg, Arlene (Fradkin) 1961 Freehold NJ
        Sanders, Gary 1970 Coconut Creek FL
        Sanderson, Ed 1962 Sarasota FL
        Sandig, Bernice (Malkin) 1947 Huntington Beach CA
        Sandler, Cheryl D. 1968 Scarsdale NY
        Sandler, Eileen (Reich) 1971 Westfield NJ
        Sandlofer, David 1958 Delray Beach FL
        Sanello, Andrew 1961 Atlantic Beach NY
        Sanford, Eric 1998 Madison WI
        Sanger, Debbie (Geller) 1972 Edison NJ
        Sanger, Edward 1943 Belle Harbor NY
        Sanger, Robin (Baumgarten) 1969 Voorhees NJ
        Santella, Maria (March) 1973 Orange CA
        Santiago, Jose 1981 New York NY
        Santini, Mitchell 1976 New York NY
        Santlofer, Jeff 1971
        Santora, Nick 1973 Roslyn Heights NY
        Santorella, Antoinette (Uberti) 1955 Merrick NY
        Santos, Edward 2000 Jacksonville FL
        Saperstone, James 1968 Albany NY
        Saporta, Jon 1974 New York NY
        Sara, Jay 1960 Rocky Mount NC 1/21/05
        Sarapin, Marvin 1965 West Lafayette IN
        Sargent, John 1967 Manuel Antonio Costa Rica
        Sarica, Larry 1964
        Sarnataro, Nicole 1986 New York NY
        Satnick, Len 1951 Poway CA
        Satten, Barry 1968 Brick NJ
        Saunders, David M. 1965 Baltimore MD
        Saunders, Janet 1962 Davis CA
        Savalis, Charles 1994 Far Rockaway NY
        Savitch, Joel 1969 Cooper City FL
        Savitt, Helene (Konell) 1965 Boca Raton FL
        Sawransky, Howard 1983 Mountain Lakes NJ
        Sbarge, Steve 1956 Marina Del Rey CA
        Sbeglia, Richard 1970 Brooklyn NY
        Schacher, Chuck 1953 Oceanside CA
        Schachter, Mariann (Zonis) 1978 Valley Stream NY
        Schachter, Terri (Coffel) 1976 Upper Saddle River NJ
        Schack, Carol (Brown) 1964 Dallas TX
        Schack, Warren 1970 Plantation FL
        Schaefer, Chris 1976 Hudson NH
        Schaefer, George 1948 Massapequa Park NY
        Schaefer, Michael 1978 Alberta VA
        Schaefer, Russell 1981 Brooklyn NY
        Schaffer, Bernie 1952 New Providence NJ
        Schaffer, Irene 1950 Marlton NJ
        Schaffler, Ken 1978 Cedarhurst NY
        Schaffler, Mitchell 1974 Rye NY
        Schain, Marilyn (Hirsch) 1950 Coral Springs FL
        Schandler, Ira 1959 Woodmere NY
        Schantz, Carol (Harvey) 1970 Island Park NY
        Schantz, Larry 1973 New Hempstead NY
        Schantz, Rick 1964 Sharon MA
        Schanzer, Theodore 1936 Newport News VA
        Schapiro, Gail (Marsh) 1957 Asheville NC
        Schapp, Jan 1973 Trinity NC
        Scharer, Ellen (Hesterman) 1956 San Marcos CA
        Scherer, Carolin (Jacaruso) 1956 Boynton Beach FL
        Scharf, Paula (Kohn) 1965 Larchmont NY
        Schatz, Debby (Glinkenhouse) 1969 North Woodmere NY
        Schatz, Iris (Haig) 1965 Hewlett NY
        Schawelson, Robert T. 1964 Rockaway Park NY
        Schear, Michael 1964 Emerson NJ
        Schecht, Philip 1960 Ridge NY
        Schechtman, Sheila (Simon) 1952 Dunedin FL
        Schechter, Artie 1956 West Palm Beach FL
        Schechter, Janice (Lesson) 1979 Merrick NY
        Schechter, Mark 1975 Round Rock TX
        Schechter, Mel 1961 Old Bridge NJ
        Schein, Alvin 1969 New York NY
        Scheiner, Phyllis (Mentle) 1950 New York NY
        Scheiner, Zona 1958 Ann Arbor MI
        Scheingold, Linda (Berke) 1966 Pleasanton CA
        Schenendorf, Barbara 1969 New York NY
        Schenendorf, Stuart 1973 New York NY
        Schenk, Edie (Ross) 1948 Monterey MA
        Scher, Bruce 1966 North Woodmere NY
        Scher, David 1964 Northridge CA
        Scher, Dennis 1964 Rockland County NY
        Scher, Harriet (Weiss) 1955 Merrick NY
        Scher, Marlene (Schofield) 1962 Oceanside NY
        Scher, Mona (Berman) 1968 Saugus CA
        Scher, Susan (Upbin) 1983 Atlantic Beach NY
        Scherker, Bruce 1967 Massapequa NY
        Scherker, Mike 1961 New Albany OH
        Schertzer, Florence (Levy) 1963 Woodmere NY
        Scheuer, Sara (Berger) 1941 Belle Harbor N
        Schiffer, Larry 1972 East Rockaway NY

        Schiffer, Robert M. 1956 New York NY
        Schiffer, Warren 1974 Long Beach NY
        Schiffman, Alisa (Markowitz) 1973 Oceanside NY
        Schiffman, Brenda (Kingsley) 1955 Hollywood FL
        Schiffries, Wesley 1960 San Francisco CA
        Schiller, Berle 1961 Philadelphia PA
        Schiller, Myles 1964 New City NY
        Schindler, Lawrence 1967 Tucson AZ
        Schindlinger, Sandra "Sandy" (Haftel) 1958 Venice FL
        Schireson, Laura (Wetzler) 1965 Shirley NY
        Schlechter, Brenda (Barg) 1966 Cedarhurst NY
        Schlecter, Paul 1961 West Bloomfield MI
        Schleifer, Arlene (Weisberg) 1972 Staten Island NY
        Schliefer, Carole (Tisdale, Pax) 1968 Crestline CA
        Schlessel, Corrine (Cohen) 1970 Wantagh NY
        Schmidt, Barry (Smith) 1955 Brooklyn NY
        Schmidt, Barry 1982 New York NY
        Schmidt, Joseph 1979 New York NY
        Schmidt, Rita (Spiegal) 1981 Far Rockaway NY
        Schnabel, Ann (Simon) 1969 Cherry Hills NJ
        Schnall, Bambi (Polk) 1971 Brooklyn NY
        Schnall, Robert "Roe" 1957 Delray Beach FL
        Schneider, Beth (Merrill) 1975 Massapequa NY
        Schneider, Bob 1961 Palm Beach Gardens FL
        Schneider, Cliff 1964 Abilene TX
        Schneider, Daniel 1974 New York NY
        Schneider, Edith (Aron) 1944
        Schneider, Henry M. 1973 North Woodmere NY
        Schneider, Robbin (Gurr) 1974 Dix Hills NY
        Schneider, Stephen S. 1957 St. Petersburg FL
        Schneider, Valerie (Curtis) 1971 Freeport NY
        Schneider, Vivien (Perlman 1944
        Schnier, Perri 1979 North Andover MA
        Schnitzer, David 1959 Boynton Beach FL
        Schnitzer, Gerald S. 1956
        Schnitzer, Judy (Triebwasser) 1971 Flushing NY
        Schnitzer, Robert 1965 Sea Cliff NY
        Schnur, Jacqueline (Bier) 1969 South Setauket NY
        Schockner, Hilde (Sandlofer Sands) 1959 Fern Park FL
        Schoen, Carol (Brunelle) 1967 Greenfield MA
        Schoenfeld, Linda (Spangler) 1963 Eugene OR
        Schoenhaut, Barry 1958 Congers NY
        Schoenholtz, Gloria (Clemares) 1966 Dunwoody GA
        Schoenmann, Dorothea (Seidenstein) 1964 Valley Stream NY
        Schoenmann, Walter 1973 Ceres CA
        Schoenthal, David 1965 New York NY
        Schoenthal, Robert 1961 New York NY
        Schofer, Erica (Capalbo) 1982 Brooklyn NY
        Schofer, Karen (Heaning) 1984 New Paltz NY
        Schor, David 1965 Plainview NY
        Schor, Stuart 1969 East Rockaway NY
        Schorr, Mark 1964 Plantation FL
        Schotz, Michael 1944 Los Angeles CA
        Schrager, Alfred G. 1961 Lake Worth FL
        Schrager, Arnie 1953
        Schrager, Beverly (Laise) 1972 Staten Island NY
        Schrager, David 1956 Valley Stream NY
        Schrager, Laura (Fishman) 1967 Brooklyn NY
        Schreiber, Robert A. 1959 San Francisco CA
        Schreier, Howard 1964 Bloomsburg PA
        Schreier, Judith (Zwilling) 1968 Sunrise FL
        Schriber, Richard 1971 N. Massapequa NY
        Schriro, Jerry 1959

        Schuffman, Joan (Mandel) 1955 Boynton Beach FL
        Schulken, Lorraine (Greco) 1971 Oceanside NY
        Schulken, Robert 1964 Escondido CA
        Schulman, Burton 1951 Highland Beach FL
        Schulman, Eileen 1971 New York NY
        Schulman, Linda (Kaber) 1954 Hewlett NY
        Schulman, Joan (Schainholtz) 1962 Yorktown Heights NY
        Schulman, Michael 1965 Buffalo Grove IL
        Schulman, Mike 1967 New Rochelle NY
        Schulman, Norma (Waltzer Janeau) 1951 Tequesta FL
        Schulman, Philip 1969 Far Rockaway NY
        Schulman, Richard 1975 East Meadow NY
        Schultz, Lois (Beckerman) 1967 Hewlett NY
        Schuman, Louis 1942 The Plains OH
        Schuman, Susan (Axelrod) 1965 Avon Lake OH
        Schur, Marilyn (Howard) 1947 Fort Pierce FL
        Schuster, Glenn 1968 Gaithersburg MD
        Schusterman, Mildred (Beck) 1952 Atlantic Beach NY
        Schwach, Howard or 1957 Rockaway Park NY
        Schwach, Robby 1984 Belle Harbor NY
        Schwager, Nina (Cartee) 1975 San Anselmo CA
        Schwan, Eileen (Closs) 1986 West Hempstead NY
        Schwartz, Albert 1959 Mesa AZ
        Schwartz, Allan1964 Howard Beach NY
        Schwartz, Arlene (Jacobs) 1961 Roslyn NY
        Schwartz, Arnold 1970 Stafford VA
        Schwartz, Barbara 1961 New York NY
        Schwartz, Barbara "Bobbi" (Sobel) 1959 Palm Beach Gardens FL
        Schwartz, Barbara (Tilleman) 1971 Far Rockaway NY
        Schwartz, Billy 1962 Merrick NY
        Schwartz, Bruce 1972 Chula Vista CA
        Schwartz, Debbie (Boehme) 1973 Coral Springs FL
        Schwartz, Dion 1982 Deltona FL
        Schwartz, Eleanor (Avni) 1962 Winter Park FL
        Schwartz, Herbert 1973 Melville NY
        Schwartz, Ira 1966 Columbus NJ
        Schwartz, Jay 1972 Pomona NY
        Schwartz, Jeff 1967 San Gabriel CA
        Schwartz, Jeffrey 1974 New York NY
        Schwartz, Kathryn (Cavalcante) 1969 Ft. Lauderdale FL
        Schwartz, Kenneth 1962 East Northport NY
        Schwartz, Larry 1970 Midland TX
        Schwartz, Liz (Pearsall) 1976 Lynbrook NY
        Schwartz, Marjorie (Goody) 1960 Oceanside NY
        Schwartz, Mark 1973 Antioch CA
        Schwartz, Melvin 1937 Hewlett Neck NY
        Schwartz, Mindy (Katz) 1975 Virginia Beach VA
        Schwartz, Morton 1941 Lawrence NY
        Schwartz, Paul 1956 New York NY
        Schwartz, Paula (Christiansen) 1979 Valley Stream NY
        Schwartz, Priscilla (Cooperman) 1954 Island Park NY
        Schwartz, Rich 1966 Hollywood FL
        Schwartz, Richard 1956 North Hollywood CA
        Schwartz, Richard1971 East Rockaway NY
        Schwartz, Richard 1962 San Francisco CA
        Schwartz, Robert 1965 Pittsburgh PA
        Schwartz, Steve 1971 Amsterdam The Netherlands
        Schwartz, Steven F. 1973
        Schwartz, Susan (Benson) 1964 Narragansett RI
        Schwartz, Terry (Moskowitz) 1967 Delmar NY
        Schwarzschild, Adrien "DeDe" (Vargas) 1967 Brooklyn NY
        Schwenkler, Carol Ann (Gramse) 1966 Huntington Station NY
        Schwenkler, Rheva Jane (Welpman) 1967 Quincy MO
        Schwimmer, Marcia (Muskat) 1965 New York NY
        Schwirck, Alfred 1954
        Schwirck, Marilyn (Wilner) 1957 Valley Stream NY
        Schwizer, Gale (Davis) 1967 Aberdeen NJ
        Schwolow, Jane (Floyd) 1965 Lawrence NY
        Scott, Jacqueline (Scott-Smart) 1980 Secaucus NJ 07/09/10
        Scott, Kami 1961 New York NY
        Scott, Steven 1966 Stoughton MA
        Seckler, Eddie 1971 East Brunswick NJ
        Seelick, Beth 1971 South Salem NY
        Segal, Donald 1969 New City NY
        Segal, Susan (Leeds) 1959 Fort Lee NJ
        Segars, Ardie 1973 Houston TX
        Seiden, Elaine (Singer) 1955 Baldwin NY
        Seiden, Marshall 1964 St. Petersburg FL
        Seidenstein, Rosalind (Schull) 1957 Palm Beach Gardens FL
        Seifer, Selma (Goldberg) 1948 Kew Gardens NY
        Seigal, Sheri (Buntzis) 1970 Dix Hills NY
        Seigel, Stacey (Gelman) 1975 Bridgewater NJ
        Seiler, Tina 1971 Toluca Lake CA
        Seitz, Martin 1968 Las Vegas NV
        Selbst, Carol (Plescovich) 1973 Coral Springs FL
        Selbst, Lynne Terry 1960 Simi Valley CA
        Selden, Paul 1963 Massapequa Park NY
        Selden, Steven 1959 Bethesda MD
        Selig, Isaac 1952 Lakeland FL
        Seligman, Edward 1938 Floral Park NY
        Selikowitz, David 1959 Paris France
        Sellers, Alexandria (Burton) 1988 Jacksonville FL
        Seltzer, Stewart 1960 Boca Raton FL
        Seltzer, Susan (Boyce) 1961 Medford NY
        Semel, Barbara (Weinstein) 1963 Oceanside NY
        Seow, Richard 1985 Kendall, Miami FL
        Seplow, Ellen (Adler) 1953 Freeport NY
        Seplow, Eva (Agosta) 1957 Boynton Beach FL
        Serra, Diana (Lim) 1977 Staten Island NY
        Seva, Joseph 1986 Long Beach NY
        Shabsels, Lenny 1964 Pembroke Pines FL
        Shabsels, Roberta (Goldberg) 1959 Long Beach NY
        Shain, Judy1964 Oakland CA
        Shakerdge, Betty (Shakerdge Filer) 1957 Toronto Ontario Canada
        Shalansky, Len 1959
        Shanab, Paul 1986 East Rockaway NY
        Shanab, Peter 1981 Beverly Hills CA
        Shapiro, Betty (Brass) 1949 Santa Clarita CA
        Shapiro, Bill 1964 Oxford GA
        Shapiro, Bob 1958 Eugene OR
        Shapiro, Brian 1980 New York NY
        Shapiro, Bruce H. 1970 Roslyn Heights NY
        Shapiro, Cynthia (Yaakovi) 1964 Herzelia Pituach Israel
        Shapiro, Dale Joan (Young) 1969 Scarsdale NY
        Shapiro, Deborah (Kapp) 1971 Coral Springs FL
        Shapiro, Donna (Haber) 1971 Howell NJ
        Shapiro, Gail (Hashmall) 1969 Wantagh NY
        Shapiro, Gloria (Garbin) 1956 Coral Springs FL
        Shapiro, Jeff 1967 Haslett MI
        Shapiro, Jerome 1963
        Shapiro, Melanie (Bayer) 1972 Sacramento CA
        Shapiro, Muriel (Oxman) 1939 Portland OR
        Shapiro, Nannette (Lieblein) 1958 New York NY
        Shapiro, Pearl (Karon) 1954 Marina del Rey CA
        Shapiro, Robert 1955 Egg Harbor Township NJ
        Shapiro, Rochelle 1965 Great Neck NY
        Shapiro, Sandra (Lapkin) 1958 Boca Raton FL
        Shapiro, Sandy 1966 Denver CO
        Shapiro, Shelley 1961 Plantation FL
        Shapiro, Steven 1973 Rutherford NJ
        Shapiro, Susan (Klein) 1960 Brooklyn NY
        Shapiro, Susan (Reda) 1978 Weston CT
        Shardin, Sharon (Dwyer) 1963
        Shatkin, Barry 1960 Arlington TX
        Shatzer, David 1964 Livingston NJ
        Shatzer, Harriet (Schwarzber) 1971 Edison, NJ
        Shaw, Judy (Spiegel) 1973 Marlboro NJ
        Shawlson, David 1969 Akron OH
        Shear, Marvin 1948 Valley Stream NY
        Sheehan, James j1964 Brownstown PA
        Sheinbaum, Lisa (Sasson) 1975 Forest Hills NY
        Sheinbaum, Stephen 1968 New York NY
        Sheinman, Alan 1969 Woodmere NY
        Sheldon, Randy 1974 Palm Beach Gardens FL
        Sheldon Rodney "Harvey" 1958
        Shell, Martin 1969 Newton MA
        Sher, Alicia (Molina) 1968 Coon Rapids MN
        Sher, Cindy (Szerlip)  1976 Redondo Beach CA
        Sher, Karen 1967 Sharon MA
        Sher, Mark 1964 Boca Raton FL
        Sherbet, Anita (Weis) 1963 Highland Park IL
        Sherman, Alvin 1973 Commack NY
        Sherman, Bruce 1969 Woodmere NY
        Sherman, Carol (Rosario) 1977 Boynton Beach FL
        Sherman, Diane (Schawelson) 1968
        Sherman, Ellen 1970 Oceanside NY
        Sherman, Fred 1954 Tarzana CA
        Sherman, Jacquelyn (Gaudet) 1976 Queen Creek AZ
        Sherman, Ken 1954 Torrance CA
        Sherman, Lynn 1975 Bellerose Village NY
        Sherman, Michael 1967 Westfield NJ
        Sherman, Monte 1973 Merrick NY
        Sherman, Pete 1968 Davie FL
        Sherman, Randy (Leaning 1974 Avon CT
        Sherman, Sharon 1968 Dewitt NY
        Sherman, Susan (Polansky) 1961
        Sherson, Richard 1955 Bluffton NC
        Sherwin, David 1966 Norfolk MA
        Shiel, Charles 1967 Ramsey NJ
        Shiel, Charles 1982 Rockaway Beach NY
        Shiel, James 1988 East Rockaway NY
        Shiel, KathiAnn (Mooney) 1982 Lynbrook NY
        Shiffman, Carla (Honig) 1971 Boca Raton FL
        Shiman, David 1971 Weston FL
        Shiman, Howard 1964 Baltimore MD
        Shimberg, Lawrence 1951
        Shindelman, Lester 1963 Atlanta GA
        Shindelman, Tina (Larssan) 1967 Island Park NY
        Shivek, Lynn 1965 New York NY
        Shnayer, Dave 1976
        Shnayer, Laura (Popeil) 1980 Kingman AZ
        Shogan, Richard 1959 Great Neck NY
        Shube, Charlotte (Lucks) 1981 Hewlett NY
        Shulman, Amy 1973 Foster City CA
        Shulman, Bill 1954 Hollis NY
        Shulman, Heidi 1977 New York NY
        Shulman, Judy (Eisner) 1962 Short Hills NJ
        Shulman, Larry 1971 Dix Hills NY
        Shulman, Patti (Malings) 1969 Bayside NY
        Shulman, Terri (Roseman)  1972 San Diego CA
        Shurr, Carol 1962 New York NY
        Shurr, Maxine (Kenin) 1959 Mountain View CA
        Sibley-Schrieber, Paul 1964 New York NY
        Sicherman, Mitch 1959 Kew Gardens NY
        Sicherman, Warren "Wuzzy" 1961 Atlantic Beach NY
        Sickmon, Ann (Raab) 1950 Palm City FL
        Siegel, Cindi 1967 Bayside NY
        Siegel, David 1973 New York NY
        Siegel, Diana (Blender) 1960 Dania FL
        Siegel, Ellen (Koller) 1971 Agoura CA
        Siegel, Eric 1968 Wheatley Heights NY
        Siegel, Gary 1965 Potomac MD
        Siegel, Howard Mike 1961 Warwick NY
        Siegel, Jerry 1967 Orange CT
        Siegel, Judy (Croce) 1983 North Babylon NY
        Siegel, Michael 1968 Louisville KY
        Siegel, Pamela (Wild) 1969 Chestnut Ridge NY
        Siegel, Renna 1965 Canada
        Siegel, Richard 1970
        Siegel, Robyn (Capraro) 1975 Chester NY
        Siegel, Scott 1974 Ringoes NJ
        Siegel, Sheila 1969 Bellmore NY
        Siegel, Stuart 1972 Staten Island NY
        Siflinger, Alan (Singer) 1967 Cherry Hill NJ
        Siflinger, Linda (Waxman) 1964 New York NY
        Siflinger, Oscar 1964 DavieFL
        Sigler, Stephen 1960 Ft. Lauderdale FL
        Signer, Myra (Woland) 1966 Bel Air MD
        Sikora, Marianne 1982 North Bellmore NY
        Silberman, David 1961 Andover MA
        Silver, Jeffrey 1963 Singer Island FL
        Silver, Jerry 1966 Atlanta GA
        Silver, Perry 1974 East Hampton NY
        Silver, Roberta (Reid) 1971 Santa Monica CA
        Silver, Sandra (Silverman) 1957 Melville NY
        Silver, Shelly 1955 Winter Park FL
        Silverberg, Abe 1965 Far Rockaway NY
        Silverberg, Lisa 1969 Cohoes NY
        Silverberg, Martin 1973
        Silverberg, Rosalind 1970 Far Rockaway NY
        Silverman, David 1987 Rego Park NY
        Silverman, Ellen (Nassberg) 1962 Merion PA 5/11/05
        Silverman, Howie "Zack" 1970 Parlin NJ
        Silverman, Janette 1968 Phoenix AZ
        Silverman, Judith (Ames) 1957 New Paltz NY
        Silverman, Judith (Greenfield) 1960 Stone Ridge NY
        Silverman, Marti (Green) 1963 Dix Hills NY
        Silverman, Martin 1973 New York NY
        Silverman, Maxine (Ganer) 1970 Katonah NY
        Silverman, Neal 1978 Long Beach NYman, Neal 1978 Long Beach NY
        Silverman, Perry 1973 Old Westbury NY
        Silverman, Steven 1981 Lido Beach NY
        Silverman, Susan (Redline) 1973 Shaker Heights OH
        Silverman, Yvette (Melanson) 1973 Newport ME
        Silverstein, Alan 1970 New York NY
        Silverstein, Debbie 1986 NY
        Silverstein, Jack 1944 Lincroft NJ
        Silverstein, Lois (Werner) 1950 Boca Raton FL
        Simmonds, Arturo 1974 Winter Springs FL
        Simmons, Alan 1955 Lake Grove NY
        Simmons, Dwight 1969 Brooklyn NY
        Simmons, Karen L. (Greco) 1959
        Simmons, Rory 1973 Phoenix AZ
        Simms, Addia (Simms-Greaves) 1999 Snellville GA
        Simon, Betty 1964
        Simon, Burton "Sonny" 1938
        Simon, Janis (Simon-Graff) 1974 Henderson NV
        Simon, Melanie (Wilner) 1975 Escondido CA
        Simon, Michelle (Blashka) 1973 Woodbury NY
        Simon, Milton 1942 Lynbrook NY
        Simon, Phyllis B. 1950 North Bethesda MD
        Simonelli, Fred 1964 El Dorado Hills CA
        Singer, Diane (Lamm) 1961 Boca Raton FL
        Singer, Fred 1967 Littleton COnger, Fred 1967 Littleton CO
        Singer, Glenn 1965 West Palm Beach FL
        Singer, Laura (Seinfeld) 1980 Roslyn NY
        Singer, Marcia (Wachspress) 1940 Woodmere NY
        Singer, Michelle (Raines) 1974
        Singer, Stanley 1954 Great Barrington MA
        Singer, Steven 1972  Los Angeles CA
        Sinkler, Lamont 1983 South Ozone Park NY
        Sinofsky, Irwin (Siner) 1963 Coopersburg PA
        Sinofsky, Stanley 1959 Marlboro NJ
        Siperstein, Alan 1970
        Siperstein, Edward 1968 Ft. Myers FL
        Sippin, Mark 1976 Coram NY
        Siroka, Maddy 1980 Manhasset NY
        Siroka, Martin 1971 Hollis NY
        Sirota, Sandra (Keltai) 1965 Monroe NY
        Sita, Rick 1973 South Daytona FL
        Sitnick, Steve 1974 Boca Raton FL
        Skelly, Bill 1944 Maple Grove NM
        Skillmore Buckley, Joan (Pagan) 1986 South Ozone Park NY
        Skolnik, Harriet (Beck) 1961 Ridgefield CT
        Skopp, Elleen (Parks) 1983 Oceanside NY
        Skopp, Martin 1979 Alexandria VA
        Slaff, Leslie (Wagner) 1973 Tamarac FL
        Slaton, Barry 1965 New Paltz NY
        Slavens, Wayne 1966 Coral Gables FL
        Slavin, Gilbert 1963 L'Isle Adam France
        Slavin, Laurie (Harris) 1973 Endicott NY
        Slavin, Wendy 1964 Boca Raton FL
        Slemrod, Marshall 1961 Madison WI
        Sloan, Elyse (Michlewicz) 1967 Brookeville MD
        Sloane, Leonard 1949 Forest Hills NY
        Sloane, Richard 1960 Oviedo FL
        Sloane, Stephen  1953 Middletown CA
        Sloane, Steven 1966
        Slomiak, Steve 1960 Boynton Beach FL
        Slott, Linda (Conner) 1970 Oceanside NY
        Slovney, Shari (Brunning) 1977 Farmingdale NY
        Small, Barbara (Greenberg)  1960 East Meadow NY
        Small, Eric 1963 Somerset NJ
        Smalls, Darlene (Smalls-Brown) 1975 Far Rockaway NY
        Smalls, Donald 1974 Hayward CA
        Smart, Anthony 1982 Newport News VA
        Smilowitz, Bruce 1963 Plainview NY
        Smith, Barbara (Roberts) 1961 Clovis NM
        Smith, Barbara (Stanton) 1957 Jacksonville FL
        Smith, Brian J. 1978 Ft. Lauderdale FL
        Smith, Debbie 1969 Rockaway Park NY
        Smith, Ellen (Hansen) 1963 Rego Park NY
        Smith, Fern 1975 San Diego CAmith, Fern 1975 San Diego CA
        Smith, Harvey 1968 Erwin NC
        Smith, Jackie 1974 North Miami FL
        Smith, Janet 1972 Phoenix AZ
        Smith, Kenny 1974 Woodbury MN
        Smith, Leona (Ramoy) 1939 Palm Beach  FL
        Smith, Linda (Roth) 1966 Rockville Centre NY
        Smith, Marian (Kasdan) 1947 Stamford CT
        Smith, Maureen (Seewald) 1964 Big Pine Key FL
        Smith, Rick 1978 Far Rockaway NY
        Smith, Ray 1964
        Smith, Steven 1981 Huntingdon Valley PA
        Smith, Thelma "Terry" (Bloom) 1955 Delray Beach FL
        Smith, Thomas 1964 Pembroke Pines FL
        Smith, William "Bill" 1975 Piscataway NJ
        Smolin, Barbara (Sachs) 1964 San Diego CA
        Smolin, Steven 1967 Staten Island NY
        Smollett, Leonard 1963 St. Thomas USVI
        Snowhite, Jerry 1967 Brooklyn NY
        Sobel, Arlene 1963
        Sobel, Julie (Soltan) 1974 East Meadow NY
        Sobel, Ronda (Rogovin) 1976 Scarsdale NY (BCHS)
        Sobel, Steven 1966 Kauai Hawaii (Honorary member)
        Sobler, Terry 1961 Piermont NY
        Soffer, Phil 1972 Toms River NJ
        Soffer, Ronnie 1969 Agoura Hills CA
        Soffer, Saundra (Seidman) 1954 Houston TX
        Soffer, Sheila (Rankin) 1959 Jackson NJ
        Sokatch, Judi (Wandres) 1959 Matawan NJ
        Sokatch, Martha "Micki" (Fuller ) 1956 Kibbutz Tsuba Jerusalem Israel
        Soldinger, Alice (Spies) 1940 Lawrenceville GA
        Soldinger, Howard 1942
        Soldo, Robert 1975

        Solinsky, Lucille (Weinberg) 1955 New York NY
        Solko, Janet (Fensterstock) 1979 Westport CT
        Solomon, Alaina (Camuto) 1972 Westfield NJ
        Solomon, Arlene (Basselini) 1967 Manalapan NJ
        Solomon, Carol (Marston) 1956 Sun City AZl (Marston) 1956 Sun City AZ
        Solomon, David 1978 Forest Hills NY
        Solomon, Judy (Locker) 1966 Windsor CT
        Solomon, Martin 1970 Los Angeles CA
        Solomon, Mitchell 1974 Tamarac FL
        Solomon, Robert 1975 New York NY
        Solomon, Susan (Green) 1958 Long Beach NY
        Soloway, Elaine (Zimbler) 1970 Livingston NJ
        Soloway, Ellen (Fox) 1965 New York NY
        Soloway, Jay 1968 North Brunswick NJ
        Soltan, Howard 1969 East Meadow NY
        Soltan, Jeff 1974 Brooklyn NY
        Sondak, Rhoda (Mehr) 1943 Norwalk CT
        Sophos, William 1968
        Sophos, Harry 1958 Southlake TX
        Sophos, Jim 1963
        Sorkin, Marta "Marcy" 1957 Las Vegas NV
        Sornik, Marshall 1971 East Rockaway NY
        Soroca, Herbert 1959 Stamford CT
        Sos, Esther (Rohan) 1952 Oceanside NY
        Soskin, Cheryl 1967 Los Angeles CA
        Soto, Jaidie (Soto-Perez) 1999 Brooklyn NY
        Soto, Sandra (Roca) 1975 Coral Springs FL
        Spakoff, Eileen (Granit) 1968 Weston FL
        Spanier, Lee (Oneill) 1972 North Miami FL
        Spatz, Allan 1958
        Spector, Carl 1956 Plainview NY
        Spector, Stewart 1952 Boynton Beach FL
        Speiser, Marc 1955 Leominster MA
        Sperber, Karen (Terach) 1965 Saddle River NJ
        Sperber, Lori (Tavlin) 1975 Larchmont NY
        Sperber, Michael 1976 New York NY
        Speregon, Elaine (Abolafia) 1955 Coconut Creek FL
        Spergel, Denyse (Dreksler) 1973 Roslyn NY
        Spergel, Ronny 1969 East Meadow NY
        Sperling, Elyse (Pattinger) 1971 Woodbury NY
        Sperling, Phyllis (Jacobs) 1965 Plantation FL
        Spiegel, Beverly 1972 Brooklyn NYel, Beverly 1972 Brooklyn NY
        Spiegel, Janet 1971 Laguna Niguel CA
        Spiegel, Martin 1952 Delray Beach FL
        Spiegel, Natalie (Blumentha) 1963 Lake Hiawatha NJ
        Spiegel, Paulette "Munchie"1966 West Orange NJ"Munchie"1966 West Orange NJ
        Spiegel, Steve 1972 Seattle WA
        Spieler, Ira 1961 Woodmere NY
        Spielman, Howard 1964 Sharon MA
        Spierman, Hazel (Davis) 1956 Lynbrook NY
        Spilka, Jerome 1959

        Spilka, Leonard 1962 East Brunswick NJ
        Spina, Angela (Comer) 1967 Rockville Centre NY
        Spina, Louis 1972 Rockville Centre NYuis 1972 Rockville Centre NY
        Spinelli, MaryLou (Centeri) 1952 Sayville NY
        Spinner, Stephanie 1960 Sherman CT
        Spira, Helene (Armet) 1959 Williamstown MA
        Spiro, Arthur 1944 Great Neck NY
        Spiro, Elliot 1952 Wantagh NY
        Spiro, Stanley 1958
        Spitz, Amanda (Moonitz) 1978 Odessa FL
        Spitz, Edward 1959 Omer Israel
        Spitz, Glenn 1983 Northport NY
        Spitz, Jonathan 1981 Rye NY
        Spivak, Celeste (Katz) 1967 Roswell GA
        Spivak, Pamela (D'Ambrosio) 1968
        Splendore, Christopher 1972 Islip NY
        Spolin, Abby 1972 Staten Island NY
        Sprung, Edward 1947
        Sprung, Joan (Dorff) 1947 Roslyn NY
        Sprung, Judy (Klein) 1951 Boca Raton FL
        Sprung, Priscilla 1958 New York NY
        Spudic, Michael 1977 (H.S. of the Performing Arts) Forest Hills NY (Hononary Member)
        Spudich, Paul 1972 Freehold NJ
        Stachelski, Carolann (Gaynor) 1964 Oceanside NY
        Stadlen, Jennifer (Fromm) 1963 Teaneck NJ
        Stadler, Bonnie (Morr) 1966 Santa Cruz CA
        Stadler, Philip 1960 Chico CA
        Stahl, Barbara 1970 Alameda CA
        Stahlman, Howard 1937 Atlanta GA
        Stahlman, Samuel 1942 Patchogue NY
        Stall, Sharon (Samkoff) 1973 New York  NY
        Stambler, Leonard 1969 Baldwin Harbor NY
        Stankevich, Ray 1971 Warrenton VA
        Stanley, John 1980 Tarrytown NY
        Stark, Ron 1981 Jamison PA
        Starkman, Edward 1976 Bellevue WA
        Starkman, Gale (Blattman) 1969 Phoenix AZ
        Starr, Edward 1951 Santee CA
        Stauber, Larry 1969 New Rochelle NY
        Stauber, Robert 1972 Marietta GA
        Stefel, Barrie 1969 Parkland FL
        Steierman, Roberta (Hyman) 1948 Boynton Beach FL
        Steiger, Robert 1981 Middletown NY
        Steiker, Jeanie (Corn) 1976 Levittown NY
        Stein, Barbara 1968 Arlington VA
        Stein, Gloria (Fleischer) 1958 Dallas TX
        Stein, Herbert 1962 New York NY
        Stein, Ina (Kane) 1980 Smithtown NY
        Stein, Jayne (Resnick) 1972 Boynton Beach FL
        Stein, Michael 1972 Palm Beach Gardens FL
        Stein, Michael 1974 Staten Island NY
        Stein, Peter 1945 Mount Pleasant SC
        Stein, Ralph 1961
        Stein, Robert 1975 Larchmont NY
        Stein, Sharon (States) 1972 Coral Springs FL
        Stein, Susan (Pszenitzki) 1974 Redding CT
        Stein, Sylvia (Klein) 1970 Boca Raton FL
        Steinberg, Alan 1963 Chicago IL
        Steinberg, Debra (Halladay) 1971 Jupiter FL
        Steinberg, Irene (Shapiro) 1957 New York NY
        Steinberg, Jay L. 1959 Belleair FL
        Steinberg, Joan (Robins Binnix) 1963 Columbia SC
        Steinberg, Mike 1958 Lansing MI
        Steinberg, Sharon 1980 Ronkonkoma NY
        Steinberg, Sharon 1980 Ronkonkoma NY
        Steiner, Herb 1955 Ridgewood NJ
        Steiner, Johanna (Pindyck) 1955
        Steiner, Nanda (Hopenwasser) 1961 Northport AL
        Stengel, Karen (DeVries) 1966 Yaphank NY
        Stenson, Alice (Littler) 1970 Rochester NY
        Stenson, Caroline (Kurtz) 1966 Cochecton NY
        Stenzler, Alex 1965 Long Beach CA
        Stenzler, Mark 1970 Long Beach NY
        Sterling, Bob 1967 Mount Vernon NY
        Sterling, Cheryl (Lynch) 1989 SC
        Sterling, Debra 1967 Phoenix AZ
        Stern, Charles M. 1937 San Antonio TX
        Stern, David 1972 Pomona NY
        Stern, Jenny 1969 New York NY
        Stern, Joel 1969 East Longmeadow MA
        Stern, John 1966 Valley Stream NY
        Stern, Robert 1949 Seattle WA
        Stern, Sandy 1956 Granada Hills CA
        Sternbach, Felice (Drucker) 1968 North Miami Beach FL
        Sternberg, Frances (Glick) 1939
        Sternberg, Susan (Taylor) 1974 Belle Harbor NY
        Sternhell, Mary 1969 Belle Harbor NY
        Stevens, Lynne 1963 New York NY
        St. Hill, Jacqueline (Castro) 1985 Far Rockaway NY
        Stieglitz, Aaron 1950 Roswell GA
        Stier, Eileen 1976 East Rockaway NY
        Stillson, Rhoda (Chester) 1955 Belle Harbor NY
        Stitt, Fred 1958 Long Beach NY
        Stockner, Judy (Hoffman) 1968 Hartsdale NY
        Stockner, Rick 1972 East Northport NY
        Stockner, Steve 1966 Plainview NY
        Stoler, Paul 1962 New York NY
        Stoller, Sanford 1965
        Stolzer, Arlene (Sandner) 1965 Suffern NY
        Stone, David 1975 Short Hills NJ
        Stone, Linda 1957 Los Angeles CA
        Stone, Kenneth 1970 San Diego CA
        Stone, Rogie (Rome) 1952 Princeton NJ
        Stoner, Dorothy 1946 New York NY
        Storch, Artie 1973 Foster City CA
        Storch, Carol 1962 La Grange KY
        Storch, Phyllis (Cohen) 1955 Las Vegas NV
        Storch, Sam 1964 Boynton Beach FL
        Storch, Steve 1957 Champaign IL
        Stormwind, Leslie 1982 New York NY
        Strand, Mitchell 1971 Chappaqua NY
        Strauss, Ellen 1964 Springfield VA
        Strauss, Kathleen (Cleary) 1977 Harbor Isle NY
        Strauss, Michelle (Maslow) 1971 Sciota PA
        Strauss, Susan (Tallis) 1970 Little Neck NY
        Streamer, Lynn (Sussman) 1965
        Strober, Fred 1966 Melrose Park PA
        Strum, Elinor (Barse) 1953 New York NY
        Strumpf, Larry 1958 Brockton MA
        Strumwasser, Calvin 1944 Boca Raton FL
        Stuart, Jackie 1979 Miami FL
        Stuart, Robert 1966 Perry MI
        Stubbs, George 1976 Orangeburg SC
        Stuminski, Denise (Maughan) 1971 Winter Park FL
        Stuminski, Susan (Peterman) 1969
        Styles, Lozell 1989 Decatur GA
        Sucherman, Stuart 1954 New York NY
        Sudran, Mark 1972 Plainview NY
        Suffin, Steven 1966 Baldwin NY
        Sugarman, Harriet (Isecke) 1963 Teaneck NJ
        Sugarman, Helen (Presberg) 1955 Rochester NY
        Sugarman, Howard 1962 Syosset NY
        Suglia, Augustus 1942 Cedarhurst NY
        Sukman, Harvey 1963 Long Beach NY
        Sukman, Michael 1962 Hampton VA
        Suling, Barbara (Spencer) 1960 Severn MD
        Sullivan, Edward 1970 Sarasota FL
        Sultan, Lawrence 1958 Laguna Niguel CA
        Sultzer, Arthur 1962 Barrington RI
        Sultzer, Bettyann (Schneider) 1964 Palm Beach Gardens FL
        Sundack, Kevin 1978 Boca Raton FL
        Sundack, Mike 1974 Boca Raton FL
        Sundack, Tracie (Coburn) 1982 Scarsdale NY
        Surnamer, Honi (LeVine) 1947 Boynton Beach FL
        Surnamer, Lyn (Bennett) 1950
        Susenburger, Karen (Vaccaro) 1973 Lindenhurst NY
        Susnick, Harvey 1971 Woodmere NY
        Susnick, Naomi (Grossman) 1968 Rockville Centre NY
        Sussman, Alvin 1940 Fort Lee NJ
        Sussman, Jerry 1973 Chula Vista CA
        Sussman, Roberta 1961 Coral Springs FL
        Sutton, Scott 1974 New Rochelle NY
        Swedlow, David 1963
        Swedlow, Howard 1956

        Swiedler, Alan 1969 New York NY
        Swift, Donald 1974 Olympia WA
        Symonds, Ann (Bariton) 1968 Clearwater FL
        Tabb, Howard 1959 North Miami Beach FL
        Taksen, Ken 1963 Bradenton FL
        Taksen, Sue (Machover) 1968 New City NY
        Talesnick, Toby (Stone) 1960 Hewlett NY
        Tanenbaum, Diane (McCall) 1963 Zephyr Cove NV
        Tanksley, Bayard R. 1940 Port Hueneme CA
        Tannenbaum, Allen 1969 Minneapolis MN
        Tannenbaum, Daveene "Davi" (Henson) 1966 West Palm Beach FL
        Tanner, David 1969 Carmel CA
        Tanner, Tom 1971 Kent Lakes NY
        Tanzman, Jonathan 1981 Wilton CT
        Tanzman, Robyn (Ochs) 1976 Jamaica Plain MA
        Tardell, Robert 1962 Highland Beach FL
        Tarnofsky, Gale (Abercrombie) 1967 Tampa FL
        Tarnofsky, Rona "Ronnie" (Mauro) 1968 Brooklyn NY
        Tarshis, Harvey 1948 Davie FL
        Tartakoff, Dale 1969 Poway CA
        Taruskin, Ray 1969 Brooklyn NY
        Tashoff, Barbara (Saber) 1963 Hewlett NY
        Tashoff, Stanley 1958 Potomac MD
        Taska, Dennis 1970 Elmhurst NY
        Taska, James 1969 Inwood NY
        Taska, Michael 1973 Brooklyn NY
        Tatz, Marilyn (Simon) 1945
        Taub, David 1966 Ashland OR
        Taub, Joanne 1964 Newton Highlands MA
        Taurins, Irene 1965 Wynnewood PA
        Taurins, Maija (Zvirbulis) 1957 Rockaway Beach NY
        Tavlin, Steven 1969 New York NY
        Taylor, Bruce 1967 Albuquerque NM
        Taylor, Janice (Groden) 1963 Huntington Station NY
        Taylor, Jay 1975 Ft. Lauderdale FL
        Taylor, Ronda (Raphael) 1989 Lithonia GA
        Taxerman, Sheila (Ginsburg-Dembo) 1958 Delray Beach FL
        Teichman, Anita (Comiskey) 1972 Westbury NY
        Teitelbaum, Elliot 1969 Hauppauge NY
        Teitell, Jamey 1980 Los Angeles CA
Teitler, Leonard 1963 Hollywood FL
        Tellerman, Arlene 1974 New York NY
        Tellerman, Jeff 1971 Cape Elizabeth ME
        Tellerman, Rita 1967 New York NY
        Telles, Marcy 1969 San Rafael CA
        Telles, Matthew 1979 Lakewood CO
        Tepfer, Stephen 1959 Gilbert AZ
        Tepper, Barbara (Levy) 1973 Saginaw MI
        Tepper, Bonnie (Cohen) 1961 Belle Harbor NY
Tepper, Carol (Semdacj) 1962 Roslyn NY
        Tepper, Edward 1966 Orlando FL
        Tepper, Kenneth 1973 New York NY
        Tepper, Sharon (Gefen) 1968 Tel Aviv Israel
        Terlinsky, David 1969 Cedarhurst NY
        Terry, Karen 1986 Lexington NC
        Tesch, Mik 1956 Coral Gables FL
        Testa, Anna (Caragiulo) 1957 Sarasota FL
        Testa, Josephine (Pelligrini) 1956 San Francisco CA
        Texler, Mike 1969 Minneapolis MN
        Texler, Sam 1965 New City NY
        Thaler, Jeffrey 1962 Woodmere NY
        Thaler, Joyce (Robbins) 1950 Lawrence NY
        Thaler, Linda (Shapiro) 1960 Henderson NV
        Thaler, Sheldon 1955 East Meadow NY
        Tham, Kai Tong 1982 Japan
        Thau, Michele "Shelley" (Gross) 1970 Matawan NJ
        Theodore, Louis 1964 Philadelphia PA
        Theodore, ReBecca 1989 Brooklyn NY
        Thomas, Andrea (Schwartz) 1982 Deltona FL
        Thomas, Ricardo 1981 San Antonio TX
        Thomashow, Barry 1972 Westfield NJ
        Thompson, Deborah (Mundell) 1969 Lake Worth FL
        Tierstein, Susan (Leshen) 1975 Douglaston NY
        Tilker, Wayne 1973 Lakewood NJ
        Tillem, Len 1962 Sonoma CA
        Tilleman, Joseph 1971 Phoenixville PA
        Tinn, Eric 1977 Bridgewater NJ
        Tirado, Millie 1958 New York NY
        Tirman, Joanne (Perelman) 1967 Pittsburgh PA
        Tischler, Jay 1981 Somerville NJ
        Tishberg, Sheryl (Kerner) 1973 NJ
        Tissenbaum, Melissa (Sirella) 1962 Newbury Park CA
        Tobias, Lori (Sanders) 1980 East Meadow NY
        Tobias, Robin 1979 NY
        Tobkas, Carol (Wirth) 1973 Plainview NY
        Toennies, Barbara 1970 Santa Monica CA
        Tolan, Rochelle (McKeen) 1969 Baldwin NY
        Tolin, Joan (Frank) 1969 Winston-Salem NC
        Tolk, Alan 1961 Burke VA
        Tolk, Sandy (Zeliger) 1955 Walnut Creek CA
        Tollin, Bill 1953 Boca Raton FL
        Tomarkin, Florence (Marec) 1951 Perris CA
        Tomlinson, Patrick C. 1976 Jamaica NY
        Tompkin, Howard 1975 East Rockaway NY
        Tompkin, Robert 1972 Merrick NY
        Topaz, Mark 1975 Long Beach NY
        Topel, Elayne (Jacobs) 1971 Bayside NY
        Topel, Linda (Drake) 1972 Windermere FL
        Topel, Michael D. 1973
        Toporovsky, N. Alan 1978 Bronx NY
        Torres, Alma (Magnone) 1983 Hewlett NY
        Torres, Margarita (Rosado) 1978 Belleville IL
        Totten, Jill (Kaplan) 1972 Merrick NY
        Toulon, Aubretia (Edick) 1968 Stottsville NY
        Toulon, Daryl 1971 New York NY
        Toulon, Jacqueline (Butt-Parks) 1974 Morrisonville NY
        Towns, Sharif (Fordham) 1997 Far Rockaway NY
        Towsky, Robert 1974 Oceanside NY
        Trachtenberg, Michele (Kivolowitz) 1970 Island Park NY
        Traficante, Rhonda (Sugarman) 1975 Hollywood FL
        Trager, Freydee 1973 Holbrook NY
        Trager, Susan (Rosenberg) 1964 Lawrence NY
        Traiger, Arthur (Faculty) Ridgefield CT
        Traiger, Glenn 1958
        Traister, Sandy (Margolies) 1954 Boynton Beach FL
        Traister, Sheila 1956 Redgranite WI
        Trama, Joi (Lorenzo) 1967 Lynbrook NY
        Traum, Martin 1969 Springfield NJ
        Travers, Rosemary 1973 Naples FL
        Treiber, Fern 1963 Port Washington NY
        Tremaine, Stephanie (Proserpio) 1971 Richmond VA
        Trenk, Adrienne (Gilberg) 1964 Jericho NY
        Trenk, Maureen 1973 New York NY
        Tribus, Steven 1961
        Triebwasser, Jonah 1968 Red Hook NY
        Triebwasser, Wilma 1968 Reston VA
        Tropp, Gertrude "Trudi" 1964 Los Angeles CA
        Troupp, Michele (Polansky) 1974 Staten Island NY
        Troyan, Amy (Zappia) 1973 Plano TX
        Troyan, Stu 1964 Paradise Valley AZ
        Truitt, Maurice 1981 Far Rockaway NY
        Tuchinsky, Diane 1972 La Mesa CA
        Tuck, Judith 1956 Tucson AZ
        Tulman, Scott B. 1974 Chappaqua NY
        Turbin, Gwynne (Shugarman) 1969 Clearwater FL
        Turetsky, Susan (Coumans) 1981 Round Hill VA
        Turpin, Grace (Rosen) 1974 Weston FL
        Tutundjian, Ann 1972 Arlington VA
        Tutundjian, Susan 1970 Jupiter FL
        Tuz, Michele 1971 Vero Beach FL
        Unger, Margo (Schockett) 1971 Woodmere NY
        Unger, Robert 1974 Ridgewood NJ
        Unterman, Marilyn (Bodow) 1961 Lake Hiawatha NJ
        Unterman, Michael 1970 Wall NJ
        Upbin, Sandra "Cookie" (Hoffner) 1955 Woodmere NY
        Upbin, Stanley 1952
        Urbont, Michael 1974
        Urdank, Albion 1965 Nuevo CA
        Uretzky, Michelle 1970 Oceanside NY
        Uretzky, Rhonda (Moses) 1974 Marlboro NJ
        Urvater, Ernie (Schlosberg) 1951 Amherst MA
        Ussak, Michael 1968 Edison NJ
        Vallet, Larry 1953 Mooresville NC
        Valley, Clare 1969 Hanapepe, Kauai HI
        Vanefsky, Fred 1956 Delray Beach FL
        Varadi, Ethel 1964 Denver CO
        Varadi, Joanna 1967 Florence MA
        Varadi, Rhea 1973 Rego Park NY
        Varady, David 1961 Cincinnati OH
        Varello, Paul 1961 Houston TX
        Varrone, Anthony 1950
        Varrone, Donna (Pearsall) 1975 East Rockaway NY
        Varrone, Dorothy (Turso) 1947 Lawrence NY
        Varrone, Joe 1976 Hopewell Junction NY
        Varrone, Joseph 1966 St. James NY
        Varrone, Toni Ann (Mazzarisi) 1975 Putnam Valley NY
        Vaughn, James K. 1972 Lindenhurst, NY
        Velardi, Anthony 1984 Island Park NY
        Velardi, Joanie (Wendt) 1986 Valley Stream NY
        Vernon, Camille 1987 Ft. Lauderdale FL
        Vicens, Blanca (Barrett) 1965 Roanoke TX
        Vick, Alan 1974 Burlington VT
        Victor, George 1950 Palm Beach Gardens FL
        Vilardi, Arthur 1952
        Vilardi, Louis 1940
        Vilardi, Rose (Goebel) 1953 Elton LA
        Vilardi, Steven 1967 East Rockaway NY
        Vise, Cathy (Anthony) 1969 Rockaway NY
        Vise, Ilayne (Sheinman) 1969 Woodmere NY
        Vitucci, Francesca (Sorrenti) 1967 Brooklyn NY
        Vlahov, Edward 1946
        Vogel, Denise 1974 Vancouver WA
        Vogel, Jaret L.H. 1971 Delray Beach FL
        Vought, Regina1974 Ronkonkoma NY
        Voulgarakis, James 1969 West Hempstead NY
        Wachs, Myrna 1968 Sherman CT
        Wachs, Steven 1964 West Hempstead NY
        Wachter, Jackie (Schnitzer) 1959 Boynton Beach FL
        Wachsberger, Edward 1948 Spencertown NY
        Wachsberger, Jack 1948 London England
        Wachspress, Don (Wachs) 1950 Huntington NY
        Wachspress, Morton 1940 Woodmere NY
        Wachtelkonig, Gail (Schiffer) 1974 East Rockaway NY
        Wacks, Ronald 1950 West Deptford NJ
        Wadler, Michael 1974 Marlboro NJ
        Wadler, Stanley 1952 Norcross GA
        Wagner David 1958 Manhassett Hills NY
        Wagner, Linda (Fryburg) 1972 Weston FL
        Wagner, Harold G. "Bud" 1972 Orange CT
        Wagshul, Fred 1967 Dayton OH
        Waithe, Donovan 2002 Far Rockaway NY
        Waitzman, Linda (Hecker) 1971 East Windsor NJ
        Waitzman, Ronald 1969 Far Rockaway  NY
        Waks, Murray 1945 Las Vegas NV
        Walcher, Janet (Cutler) 1943 Valley Glen CA
        Waldman, Linda Z. 1966 New York NY
        Waldman, Rosalind (Berman) 1969 Maui HI
        Waldman, Sandy (Ettus) 1960 New York NY
        Waldstreicher, Edie (Mund)  1963 Sun Lakes AZ
        Waldstreicher, Roberta (Klein) 1972 Plainview NY
        Wallace, Barbara (Caracciolo) 1977 Pearland TX
        Wallace, Joan V. (Phillips) 1951 Melbourne Beach FL
        Wallach, Bruce 1951 Palm Beach Gardens FL
        Wallach, Gibby 1940 Long Beach NY
        Wallach, Jane (Kessler) 1960 North Bellmore NY
        Wallach, Susan (Weiss) 1957 Hewlett NY
        Wallack, Judith (Bailey) 1953 Long Beach NY
        Wallerstein, Robert 1952
        Wallman, Jeanne (Feiertag) 1941 Delray Beach FL
        Walotsky, Ron 1962
        Walpole, Margaret (Piazza) 1949 Long Beach NY
        Walsh, William  1978 Long Beach NY
        Walter, David 1932 Los Angeles CA
        Waltzer, Neil 1950 Tequesta FL
        Walz, Christina (Walz-Rios) (BCHS) 1977 Northern VA/Washington DC
        Walz, Tina (Krickl) 1982 Schriesheim Germany
        Walzer, Paula 1976 New York NY
        Wang, Barry 1958 Saratoga Springs NY
        Wank, Kenny 1965 Seaford NY
        Wankoff, Warren 1963 Forest Hills NY
        Wansor, Donald 1953 Tamarac FL
Warshavsky, Peggy (Seton) 1965 Pound Ridge NY
        Warshaw, Jane 1968
        Warshaw, Stephen 1956 New York NY 

        Warstadt, Ira 1967 Long Beach NY

        Warstadt, Mitch 1976 San Diego CA
        Washington, Tony 1982 McLeansville NC
        Wasilewski, Ricki (Moss) 1964 Decatur GA
        Wasserman, Harriet (Feinglass) 1948 Jacksonville FL
        Waters, Alan 1953 East Meadow NY
        Watson, Colleen (Webster) 1956
        Wattstein, Sidney 1954 Mamaroneck NJ
        Waxberg, Sue (Juran) 1947 Mason OH
        Waxenbaum, Preston 1970 Holbrook NY
        Waxman, Carole (Cohen) 1959 Far Rockaway NY
        Wayne, Ada May "Bunny" (Eisenberg) 1953 Chicago IL

        Wayser, Harold 1947 Boynton Beach FL
        Wayser Myra 1960
        Weaver, Bruce 1967 White Plains NY
        Weber, Barry 1970 Forest Hills NY
        Weber, Bruce 1969 Sunnyside NY
        Weber, Howie 1965 Massapequa Park NY
        Weber, Kim (Westrich) 1967 Wellsboro PA
        Wecker, Irwin 1953 Boynton Beach FL
        Wedemeyer, Jack 1974 Hopkinton NH
        Weekes, Deun A. 1992 Watford England
        Weicholz, Steve 1962 Boca Raton FL
        Weinberg, Ellen 1975 Oceanside NY
        Weinberg, Emily (Mendel) 1961 Oakland CA
        Weinberg, Gladys (Post) 1948 Beachwood OH
        Weinberg, Miriam (Winokur) 1942 Hamburg NY
        Weinberg, Phil 1980 Boca Raton FL
        Weinberg, Robert 1967 Rochester NY
        Weinberg, Winkler 1969 Marietta GA
        Weinberger, Rosalie (Solomon) 1948
        Weiner, Adrienne (Eisenberg) 1964 Staten Island NY
        Weiner, Barbara (Buchwalter) 1976 Lake Worth FL
        Weiner, Cheryl (Zeitchek) 1970 Lynbrook NY
        Weiner, Donna (Weitz) 1965 Delray Beach FL
        Weiner, Fred 1983 New York NY
        Weiner, George 1952 Seaford NY
        Weiner, Harold 1973 Port Saint Lucie FL
        Weiner, Jan 1979 Freehold NJ
        Weiner, Judy (Karasick) 1974 Coral Springs FL
        Weiner, Judy (McBride) 1973 Long Beach NY
        Weiner, Morton 1947 Hollywood FL
        Weiner, Phyllis (Dinowitz) 1975 East Rockaway NY
        Weiner, Phyllis (Heller) 1972 Binghamton NY
        Weiner, Richard 1959 Islandia NY
        Weiner, Richard L. (Werner) 1948 Sharon PA
        Weiner, Sharon (Rowland) 1971 Arverne NY
        Weiner, Sheryl (Furman) 1971 Plainview NY
        Weiner, Warren 1971 Boynton Beach FL
        Weinfeld, Ronald 1956 Far Rockaway NY
        Weingarten, Jonathan 1981 Wantagh NY
        Weingarten, Wendy (Auslander) 1970 East Meadow NY
        Weingrow, Marjorie 1965 Albany CA
        Weingrow, Philip 1963 Oakland CA
        Weinman, Donna 1969 Washougal WA
Weinrauch, Fred 1963 New York NY
        Weinrib, Ellen (Money) 1972 Ponce Inlet FL
Weinrib, Sheldon 1957 Wilton Manors FL
        Weinstein, Alan 1965 New York NY
        Weinstein, Audrey 1973 Lynbrook NY
        Weinstein, Diane (Friedberg) 1962 Miami Beach FL
        Weinstein, Hubert  1931 (no city or state given)
        Weinstein, Joshua 1973 Reston VA
        Weinstein, Karen (Tenenbaum) 1976 Wantagh NY
        Weinstein, Laurie (Rashkin) 1967 Buffalo NY
        Weinstein, Mary (Katz) 1959 Stamford CT
        Weinstein, Randy 1966 Delray Beach FL
        Weinstein, Rich 1973 Oceanside NY
        Weinstein, Ron 1949 New York NY
        Weinstein, Tina (Morris) 1959 Oneonta NY
        Weinstock, Alan "Skip" 1963 Concord CA
        Weinstock, Ellyn (Hubschman) 1968 Little Neck NY
        Weinstock, Helen (Fischer) 1965 Merrick NY
        Weinstock, Linda (Klein) 1954 Boynton Beach FL
        Weinstock, Robert 1961
        Weinstock, Sheila (Kreinces) 1956 Merrick NY
        Weir, Edward 1964 Huntersville NC
        Weir, Richard 1969 Biscayne Park FL
        Weis, Edward 1961 Lido Beach NY
        Weisbard, Herbert  1950 Carbondale CO
        Weisbard, Lee (Rosenthal) 1976 Cherry Hills Village CO
        Weisbard, Norma (Maybruck) 1956 Fort Lauderdale FL
        Weisbaum, Elinor "Ellie" (Kaufman) 1953 Columbus OH
        Weisenberg, Deena 1971 Pompano Beach FL
        Weiser, Joel 1967 Garrison NY
        Weiser, Sidney 1964 Santa Maria CA
        Weisman, Elaine (Lipton) 1954 Los Angeles CA
        Weisman, Sandra 1965 Brooklyn NY
        Weiss, Arlyne "Chicki" (Blessington) 1959 New York NY
        Weiss, Arthur 1955 Seaside OR
        Weiss, Barbara (Franklin) 1950 Menlo Park CA
        Weiss, Barbara (Nislick) 1964 Bayside NY
        Weiss, Barry 1958 Little River CA
        Weiss, Bert 1935
        Weiss, Betty (Finkelstein) 1951 Westhampton NY
        Weiss, Bonnie (Hochberg) 1964 Corte Bella AZ
        Weiss, Carl  1956 Thousand Oaks CA
        Weiss, David 1970 Flushing NY
        Weiss, Enid (Tain) 1968 Canoga Park CA
        Weiss, Ethel (Somberg) 1938 West Orange NJ
        Weiss, Eve (Cotton) 1957 Fresh Meadows NY
        Weiss, Frank 1953 Great Neck NY
        Weiss, Hillary (Zeleznik) 1973 Mount Sinai NY
        Weiss, Joe1952 Flushing NY
        Weiss, Larry 1966 East Windsor NJ
        Weiss, Laura (Cohen) 1968
        Weiss, Susan (Berry) 1969 New York NY
        Weiss, Willie 1969 Glastonbury CT
        Weiss, Yvette (Kleinman) 1975 Coral Springs FL
        Weiss, Zena (Ackerman) 1960 Boynton Beach FL
        Weissberg, Michael 1980 New York NY
        Weissberg, Mindy (Warshaw) 1978 Long Beach NY
        Weissburg, Nita Bette (Spero) 1945 Millburn NJ
        Weitz, Anne (Hamburger) 1964 Baltimore MD
        Weitzberg, Vicki (Mechner) 1959 Springfield VA
        Welner, Suzanne (Siegel) 1962 Atlantic Beach NY
        Welsh, Eileen (Berkowitz) (Berkowitz) 1966 San Antonio TX
        Wen, John 1969 Rockville Centre NY
        Wendel, Edward 1959 Washington DC
        Wendel, Myra (Roney) 1953 Alexandria VA
        Wendroff, Allan 1957 New York NY
        Wendroff, Susan (Denenberg) 1956 Merrick NY
        Wenig, Jeff 1976 Peru NY
        Werbin, Stanley 1964 East Lansing MI
        Werfel, Carol Louise (Schilling) 1955 Glendale CA
        Werner, Lucy (Flatow) 1959 Punta Gorda FL
        Werner, Steven 1962 Queens NY
        Wernick, Helene (Zaslavsky) 1962
        Wertheim, E. Bud 1945 Livingston Manor NY
        Wertheim, Lynda 1967 New York NY
        Wertheim, Martin 1949 Taylors SC
        Wertheim, Toby 1964 New York NY
        Wertlieb, Hillary1968 Atlantic Beach NY
        Wesson, Jeff 1981 Providence RI
        Westreich, Ilene (Klein) 1964
        Wetzler, Arnelle "Arny" (Brown) 1969 Las Vegas NV
        Wetzler, Danny1964 Shirley NY
        Wetzler, Mindy (Bell) 1974 Vestal NY
        Wexler, Beverly 1955 East Rockaway NY
        Wexler, Nancy (Natt) 1963 Lords Valley PA
        Wexman, Mark 1971 Mill Valley CA
        Wexman, Steven1975 Mount Kisco NY
        Whalen, Michael 1965 Holmes NY
        Whaley, Mary (Allsop) 1972 Bardstown KY
        Wheeler, Richard 1975 Lakewood WA
        White, Elaine "Ez" (Haas) 1946 Monroe Township NJ
        White, Richard 1965 Cocoa FL
        White, Robert 1971 Coral Springs FL
        White, Stephen 1973 Lawrenceville GA
        White, Thomas 1978 Oceanside NY
        White,Vanessa (Burgess) 1980 Rosedale NY
        Whitehill, Charles H. 1948 Tucson AZ
        Wiederman, Maxwell S. 1947 Scottsdale AZ
        Wiener, Adrienne (Buscaglia) 1958 Tamarac FL
        Wiener, Daniel 1974 Lido Beach NY
        Wiener, David 1964 Danville CA
        Wiener, Debbie 1964 Tucson AZ
        Wiener, Harold "Hap" Syosset NY
        Wiener, Janet (Moss) 1963 Santa Monica CA
        Wiener, Joan (Karasick) 1962 Marlboro NJ
        Wiener, Natalie 1967 Sunrise FL
        Wiener, Vicki (Kahn) 1963 North Brunswick NJ
        Wiener, Warren 1955
        Wiesenfeld, Lester 1960 Hewlett NY
        Wiesenfeld, Philip 1954 Fair Lawn NJ
        Wiesner, Arlene (Dayboch) 1974 Commack NY
        Wiesner, Craig  1977 Daly City CA
        Wiesner, Estelle (Markow) 1959 Oak Park MI
        Wiesner, Herbert 1944 Deerfield Beach FL
        Wildenberg, Michael 1959 Wellington FL
        Wilenchik, Dennis 1969 Paradise Valley AZ
        Wilenchik, Michael 1967 Scottsdale AZ
        Wilkes, Burt 1966 Staten Island NY
        Wilkes, Ted 1963 Weston CT
        Williams, Alfred "Willie" 1963 Sheboygan WI
        Williams, Catherine 1988 Hampton VA
        Williams, Christian 1981 Albany NY
        Williams, Dwight 1996 London England
        Williams, Emma (Chambers) 1973 Charleston SC
        Williams, Ramona 1986 New York NY
        Willig, Judy 1971 Brooklyn NY
        Willis, John 1966 Lake Worth FL
        Willner, Irwin “Willie” 1957
        Willner, Lenore (Greene) 1959 Sun Lakes AZ
        Wilsker, Howard "Butzie" 1945
        Wilsker, Jerome 1941
        Wilsker, Michael 1973 Westborough MA
        Wilsker, Ron 1968 Allentown PA
        Wilsker, Stu 1971 Bala Cynwyd PA
        Wilsker, Susan (Brownstein) 1970 Lindenhurst NY
        Wilson, Garfield 1980 Loxahatchee FL
        Wingo, Andrea (McCartney) 1976 St. Ann MO
        Winick, Bonnie (Friedman) 1973 Boynton Beach FL
        Winit, Bonnie (Leiman) 1973 Jericho NY
        Winkler, Ellen 1968 Rego Park NY
        Winkler, Linda (Rosenberg) 1972 Fresh Meadows NY
        Winnick, Gary 1963 Syosset NY
        Winokur, Carole (Zissman) 1965 Medford NJ
        Winsten, Ira 1976 Houston TX
        Winter, Henry 1988 Olney MD
        Winter, Joel 1961 Forest Hills NY
        Winter, Kenneth N. 1965 Sun City Center FL
        Winter, Richard 1960 Lake Worth FL
        Winters, Barbara (Burstin) 1970 Tenafly NJ
        Winters, Deborah (Chuk) 1967 New York NY
        Winters, Joan 1973 Brooklyn NY
        Winters, Linda (Gall) 1968 Largo FL
        Winthrop, Artie 1940 Lynbrook NY
        Wirth, Gary 1970 Plainview NY
        Wirth, Joan 1960 Olympia WA
        Wishnick, Deborah (Hoffman) 1965 Paradise Valley AZ
        Witherspoon, Shanti (Lanning) 1989 East Rockaway NY
        Witoff, Alan 1974 Bayside NY
        Wivietsky, Fred (West) 1952 Woodland Hills CA
        Wivietsky, Harold (West) 1964 Bell Canyon CA
        Wohlman, Alan 1954 Northbrook IL
        Wohlner, Ellis 1957 Stockholm Sweden
        Wohlner, Grace (Weinstein) 1953
        Wolberg, Larry 1962 Boynton Beach FL
        Wolbrom, Annie (Flanagan) 1972 Sayreville NJ
        Wolbrom, Renee (Cohen) 1970 Marlboro NJ
        Wolf, Adrien (Marks) 1976 Reisterstown MD
        Wolf, Arlene (King) 1980 East Meadow NY
        Wolf, Diane (Zadnoff) 1967 Indian Lake Estates FL
        Wolf, Herbert 1942 Waitsfield VT
        Wolf, Margaret (Wolf-Eber) 1982 Marlboro NJ
        Wolf, Norman 1985 Fredericksburg VA
        Wolf, Richard 1969
        Wolf, Saundra (Koenigsberg) 1973 Oceanside NY
        Wolf, Sharon (Strum) 1966 Coral Springs FL
        Wolfe, Laurie (Luecke) 1972 Franklin TN
        Wolfe, Leland 1954
        Wolfer, Beth (Wolff) 1962 Lake Oswego OR
        Wolff, Ellen 1975 Hewlett NY
        Wolff, Susanne (Colten) 1983 Oceanside NY
        Wolfson, Daniel 1952 Stamford CT
        Wolfson, Jerome 1933 Dallas TX
        Wolfson, Steve 1949 Santa Monica CA
        Wolk, Lisa C. 1971 Far Rockaway NY
        Wolk, Myra 1969 Far Rockaway NY
        Wolk, Rosalyn (Wilner) 1941 West Palm Beach FL
        Wolkowitz, Susan (Lima) 1973 Miami FL
        Woll, Cathy (Agosti) 1972 Plantation FL
        Wolf, Steve 1975 Oceanside NY
        Wolmer, Andrew 1974 Ft. Lauderdale FL
        Wolpert, Alan 1940 East Hills NY
        Wolpert, Lila (Langer) 1947 Belle Harbor NY
        Wolpov, Michael 1957 Rockville Centre NY
        Wolterding, Dennis 1965 Myrtle Beach SC
        Woodley, Andre 1989 Smyrna DE
        Woodley, Ann 1991 Middletown DE
        Woods, Robert  1968 Merrick NY
        Woods, Shirlene (Johnson) 1986 Philadelphia PA
        Woollard, Florence "Sunshine" (Hough) 1960 Wilmington NC
        Woollard, Barbara J. (Morris)  1961 Rockaway Park NY
        Wright, Lori (Wright-Zeller) 1975 Riverside CA
        Yablans, Judith (Blau) 1962 Oakland NJ
        Yadda, Lynn (Linderman) 1971 Bellmore NY
        Yanover, Estelle (Katzel) 1943 Mahwah NJ
        Yanover, Janice (Farley) 1954 Greenacres FL
        Yarczower, Valerie1976 Lynbrook NY
        Yassell, David 1982 New York NY
        Yawitz, Mitchell 1975 Belmont CA
        Yearwood, Susan (Chiarello) 1972 Boca Raton FL
        Yeschin, Arnold 1962 Plainview NY
        Yeschin, Neil 1964 Calabasas CA
        Yessner, Andrea (Rebackoff) 1971 Harrison NY
        Yessner, Debra (Gruen) 1971 Santa Monica CA
        Yessner, Marla (Doty) 1970 Jackson NJ
        Yessner, Randy 1969
        Yoelson, Jon 1973 Manalapan NJ
        Yonenson, Barry 1964 Rockville Centre NY
        Yoresh, David 1959 Vero Beach FL
        Yoresh, Susan 1963 Vero Beach FL
        Yorke, Rosemary (Gougoutris) 1951 Bloomington MN
        Yoslewitz, Steven 1979 Long Island NY
        Young, Carole (Ruden) 1955 Westport CT
        Young, Ed 1975 Kennewick WA
        Young, Gil 1962 Debary FL
        Young, Jack 1974 Plainview NY
        Young, Kevin-Octavian 1982 Stamford CT
        Young, Sally 1983 Island Park NY
        Young, Scott 1980 Merrick NY
        Young, Sherry (Lieb) 1966 Livingston NJ
        Yudenfreund, Jacob 1954 Belle Harbor NY
        Yudlowitz, Carol (Seigel) 1965 Port St. Lucie FL
        Yudlowitz, Mark "YEG" 1973
        Yurgel, Joan (Zimmermann) 1974 Vienna VA
        Yules, Donna (Kenney) 1977 Cedarhurst NY
        Yuzik, Laurie (Mostafiz) 1971 Hewlett NY
        Yuzik, Richard 1969 Howard Beach NY
        Zabinofsky, Linda (Schnitzer) 1963 Henderson NV
        Zachary, Doris (Denmark) 1958
        Zahler, Howie 1969 Forest Hills NY
        Zakin, Jacques Louis 1943 Worthington OH
        Zakin, Phillip 1949
        Zalkin, Mel 1950 Wanaque NJ
        Zambler, Adele (Gordon) 1951
        Zapolsky, Jeffrey J1974 Oshkosh WI
        Zaretsky, Julius 1966 Coral Springs FL
Zarett, Nancy (Giddins) 1963 Brooklyn NY
        Zaslavsky, Howard 1960 Tucson, AZ
        Zaslavsky, Barry 1963 East Brunswick NJ
        Zeichner, Mark 1967 Scarsdale NY
        Zeitchek, Joel  1964 Lynbrook NY
        Zeitlin, Barry 1969 Delray Beach FL
        Zeitlin, Debra 1973 Nanuet NY
        Zeitlin, Jeffrey 1975 Guilford CT
        Zeitlin, Mark1968 Boca Raton FL
        Zeitlin, Nancy (Fisher) 1971 Stuart FL
        Zeller, Dyan (Harris) 1967 Lawrence NY
        Zeller, Michael  1970 Millstone Township NJ
        Zeller, Sarah 1975 Duluth GA
        Zellermaier, Robin (Hartmann) 1970 Rockaway Park NY
        Zemser, Michael 1960 East Islip NY
        Zemser, Richard 1963 Merrick NY
        Zenreich, Michael 1969 New York NY
        Ziemak, Robert 1966 Treasure Island FL
        Zimmer, Emily (Himelstein) 1966 Poughkeepsie NY
        Zimmerman, Dan 1966 Ottawa Ontario Canada
        Zimmerman, Hy 1964 Ft. Myers FL
        Zimmerman, Jerry 1944 Lauderhill FL
        Zimmerman, Seth A. 1972
        Zimmerman, Stephen 1967 Bellmore NY
        Zinderman, Marcia (Hochberg) 1974 West Chester P
        Zingman, Barbara (Silverman) 1973 Staten Island NY
        Zinman, Arnold 1965 New Rochelle NY

        Zipern, Jackie (Singer) 1947 San Diego CA
        Zipkin, Norman 1951 Atlanta GA
        Zipper, Ronnie (Kramer) 1970 Cleveland OH/Jerusalem Israel
        Ziskind, Richard (BCHS) 1976 Jenks OK
        Zisser, Alan (Grtzky) 1971 Oceanside NY
        Zlobinsky, Carol (Rosenberg) 1958 Boynton Beach FL
        Zolondek, Judy (Konrad) 1964 Stamford CT
        Zolondek, Ronnie (Bramesco) 1959 New York NY
        Zuchowski, Marina (Callaghan) 1975 Rockaway Park NY
        Zuck, Michelle (Harrison) 1971 Atlanta GA
        Zucker, Elliott  1966 Shohola PA
        Zucker, Larry  1971 New City NY
        Zucker, Robert  1968 Hillsborough NJ
        Zucker, Roxann (Ferdschneider)  1961 Lido Beach NY
        Zucker, Vickie (Brown) 1972 Briarwood NY
        Zuckerbrod, Amy (Klein) 1977 Plainview NY
        Zuckerman, Leonard 1957 Dix Hills NY
        Zuckerman, Ronald  1960 Kings Park NY
        Zuckerman, Sheila (Bergman) 1960 Roslyn Harbor NY
        Zuller, Randi 1975 New Hyde Park NY
        Zwiebel, Dorothy (Zenilman) 1947 New York NY
        Zylber, Gerard 1967 Langhorne PA
        Zylberberg, Marc 1972 Pleasant Valley NY

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