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Rockaway's Air & War History

(Both Civilian & Military)

Rockaway Airport c. 1939 (Civilian) Rockaway Airport c. 1941  (Civilian)
Rockaway, NY Naval Base (NAS) Hangar - c. 1919 Rockaway, NY Naval Base c. 1919
Ft. Tilden, Rockaway, NY WWI Blimp Hangar Ft. Tilden, Rockaway, NY c. 1959 Nike Hercules
F-5L Buno A3606 at NAS Rockaway, NY c. 1919 NC--4 NAS Rockaway, NY c. 1919
 Curtiss CT-1 NAS Rockaway, NY c. 1919 Photo of  Rockaway NAS, now Jacob Riis Park c. 2000
Abandoned Bunker Located in Ft. Tilden, Rockaway, NY  Ft. Tilden Blimp Field - Rockaway, NY
Last known photo of Rockaway Airport c. 1959 1st transatlantic flight -NC-3&4, May 1919 Rockaway NAS

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