Welcome to the Rockaway Chatters Rogue's Gallery!   Now you have faces to put with the names of those in Rockaway Chat on Tuesday night.  If you'd like your picture included, e-mail a scanned copy to me at lebaroness2@cox.net

Since so many alums are making use of the message boards on Yahoo, rather than chat, I'm
going to open this gallery to them as well.  If you just use the message board and would like to be featured, please read the instructions above.


Sharon Shardin Dwyer, '63
Deceased October 2013
I miss you!


Steve Eisenberg, '70


Rhonda Donat, '53


Elisa Bachrow Hinken
LHS '76 
 Far Rocker at heart.

Your Chat Hostess
Carol Solomon Marston, '56


Howard Brody, '54


Fearless Leader
Alan "Skip" Weinstock, '63

"Skip63" or "Mrbrb"

Suzan Posner Weisser, '64
Deceased November 2009
You'll be missed!
Sheldon (Shelly) Fogel, '56

"shelly56" or "flounder"

Barry ('64) & Sandy Orenstein ('65) Halpern


Elaine Soloway 
Zimbler, '70



Aubretia Toulon 
Edick, '68


Kyna Miller '64


Tom Tanner, '71


Barry Slaton, '65


Gail Brown (Gisehaltz) '67


Ann '74


Don Wansor, 1953


Stan Pohl, 1953


Roger Baumgarten, 1978


Steve Blackler, 1957 with wife
Claudia and grandaughter
Claudia Jr.

William (Billy) Fink, 1965


Chuck Schacher, 1953


Michael Kolenick, 1968


 Uhhhh...does this scenario look familiar to any of you? 



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