Are you a Rockawayite looking for a long lost love or just someone for companionship or possibly more?  Then you have come to the right place.  Please fill out the form below and don't forget to include your  e-mail address.  That's it!!   I will post your information on this page.  Good luck!!


Single female, class of 1955 seeks handsome 45 year old male, sincere,  financially secure for possible relationship. 

Please e-mail me with the above mentioned information, year that you graduated, including 
city and state whereyou  currently live.  My e-mail address is behar65@aol.com

Looking forward to hearing from you.





I am a FRHS female graduate (45 year old Massage Therapist), mom of 2 girls and living on the south shore of Long Island.  I'm warm, loving, fun, optimistic and love life.  My interests include nature, beach, countryside and weekend getaways, gardening, dancing, movies and the arts.  I am interested in meeting a 40-50 year old single male who combines honesty, communication skills and integrity with being fun-loving and is down to earth. Please e-mail meat




Hello, I am not looking for romance, merely to connect with an old friend.  I am looking for Norman (AKA Blitzie) Resnick whom I went steady with in the 6th grade at PS 114.  If anyone out there keeps contact with him or has heard from him through the years, please give him my email address, which is 


Lillian Goldberg (now Russell)
Class of 1959



1967 FRHS grad divorced male is in search of an attractive gal with a good sense of humor, non smoker, who enjoys life on life's terms.  Age unimportant.  If you are interested, please email Scott Epstein at 



My name is Maria March (Santella).  I am a 1972 graduate of Far Rockaway High School.  I'm not looking for love, but was just wondering if anyone may know what happened to an old beau.  We lost touch after my father passed away and my family and I moved to California in 1972.  He graduated from FRHS sometime between 1969-72.  His name is Joseph Sadowski.  He had a sister Caroline who was also a graduate and he lived on Mott Avenue on your way down to Bayswater before you get to Eggert Place. 

Any help would be appreciated. You can reach me through my email address at: 




I am looking forward to meeting a man who is upbeat and positive about starting and pursuing a relationship.  He will possess a great sense of humor, a quick wit, and a warm smile. 

I live in South Florida and have been here for 11 years.  I originally came here to chase rainbows and sunshine.  As of this writing, I have not caught any rainbows and have learned to stay out of the sun.  I have also learned that I am happiest when I am in a loving relationship. So here I go again...I am motivated! 

I also try to attend the Tuesday evening Rockawy Chat.  I have met some very wonderful people there.  My picture is on the chatter's page...so take a look and get in touch.

Kyna Miller, Class of 1964



Hi. I am looking anyone out there who graduated in 1967 and I am looking for Frank Stamp. I am also interested in chatting with anyone else that might know me from the class of 1967.

Iris Icangelo




Not really looking for anyone special. Just wondering if there are any graduates from 1982 out there still living in the Rockaways. If there are, drop me an e-mail.

Charles Shiel, Class of 1982 


Hi, my name is Honey (Grossman) Belson.  I am looking for people who went to Far Rockaway High School around 1955. 

Please contact me: hon@aol.com



Hi, I graduated in 1969.  I am living in Florida now and have children.  I am loking for an old friend, Peter Eisenberg, brother of Ross Eisenberg, graduated 1966.  Are you out there?  Please help me find my old soul mate. 

Thank You.

Lesley Garber



I lived in Wavecrest - Beach 25th behind boardwalk.  Sadin brothers, Stu/Ellen Fox, Bonnie Wolk, Nadine Leeds, Andre Fisher, Bennett Manzella, Todd/Patty Silverstein, Lask Brothers, Mike Stein, Steve Reitkopf, Bob Stauber, Ricky Stockner, Bob Thompkins,Wetzler Sisters - just to name a few who lived in Wavecrest/Rockaway.  Where are some of you?

Would like to hear from others that lived in Rockaway, Arverne, Edgemere - Michelle Grosso, Beverly Siegel, Sharon Munchnikoff, Robin Siegel, Gail Foster, Debbie Schwartz, Bonnie Kivolowitz, Ronnie Kamm, Barbara Brody, Mindy Wetzler, Susan Seagal, Gale Rosenfeld, Lisa Berman, Debbie Conn, Lois Mark, Michelle Strauss, Bobbe Gordon, Bobbi Oshinshy, Josetta  ________  (cute italian girl), Leslie Slaff. 

I'm free, ladies!

Actually, it would just be a kick to hear from you and "gossip" about the others.

Steven N. Lang



I am once again helping in the planning of a reunion for class of 1954.  It will be held in May 2004 in New York.  If anyone is out there who graduated in 1954, please contact me.

I have been a widow for over 4 years  I live in So. Florida. 

Vivian Karow, Class of 1954


Single in NJ and wondering where you are now. 

Lorraine Weingast nee Engel, Class of 1967


Just Looking Around
Anyone out there from 1968-1975, who wants to chat, get nostalgic, etc.......I'm here.  No time now for more info.  Let's just see if I get a response.

I lived at 2237 Collier Avenue and I went to PS 215, JHS 198 & FRHS 

I'm a 1974 grad

Janis Simon



Hi, to all of you. I'm looking for anyone from my clique, class, or any of the many friends I had. Is there anyone out there. I didn't see too many people from my time at the 100th reunion a few years ago so I'm wondering where ya'll might be. I'm in Port Saint Lousey ( I mean Lucie) Florida and would love to hear from you. Please email me! Man I miss the Rockaways!

Arleen Kaplan Matier, Class of 1975



Oddly enough, I am looking for someone my own age. It goes without saying, that if you are from Rockaway, you are bright, funny and a pleasure to spend time with.  So there is no point in going into any other desired personality traits. As for myself...I am bright, funny and a pleasure to spend time with. (and very nice looking, too.)

I live in Huntington and find it a wonderful place to live. Might as well mention right up front that I am a Democrat (of the left leaning variety), I love rock and roll and make no apologies for it. That's all I have to say at present. 

Good luck to us all......we deserve it.

Betty Lipson Ochs, Class of 1951



Just hanging my name out there for old girlfriends and friends to contact me...

Steven Reitkopf, Class of 1972



I am looking for someone between 40 - 48 who loves kids, kittens and puppies. Of course, a love of kids is mandatory!!!!  I am a former musician -- very sensitive -- looking for a lady -- must be sensitive with a great warm sense of humour.

Steve Lowenthal, Class of 1972



I seek a long term relationship with a woman 35-55 who is  very kind a good communicator and has a curiosity about the world and its inhabitants-I am a tall very ethical and very open-minded type of guy-I welcome all interested-with one proviso-they have to be FRHS grads!

Andrew Gewirtz, FRHS 1971



My name is Sandi Feinberg Alpert and I graduated
FRHS in January of 1950.

My husband David died a long time ago and so I am looking for someone who would like to travel, have fun,  and have someone to share it with. I am living in Florida, but do travel to New York and California. Am also looking for classmates who might remember me or my late husband. Hope to hear from people out of the past.

Sondra Feinberg Alpert



My name is Martha Pizarro, Class of1968. I would like to find a school friend by the name of Albert Ramos. I dated  his brother Tony who went into the airforce in 1967.  I would love to hear from Tony. The last time I heard from Tony he was living in I believe Mesa, AZ. 

Thank You. 




I am not looking for a boyfriend LOL as I have been happily married for almost 48 years. However, I am looking for former classmates that remembered me and want to get involved with planning the class of 59's 50th anniversary in 2009. Unfortuately we had to cancel our "Why Wait for the 50th" due to lack of response. Our reunion was planned for July 26, 2008 at the Marriott in Uniondale, LI. Carole Waxman Cohen and myself were working on it together. Believe me, we really tried!  Seriously, if anyone from the class of 1959 would like to help us get the reunion going for 2008 and definitely for our 50th, it would be great to hear from you. 

Karen Klein Lutzker



My name is Riesa (Halpern) Claudio and I graduated
FRHS in 1976.  I'm looking for a compassionate person who loves kids and animals.  His age should be 45 to 55.  I am spiritual but not religious.

Please e-mail me at rmhme@yahoo.com



My name is Isabel (Gross) Feinberg and I graduated FRHS in 1967.  I'd be interested in meeting a 'NICE MAN' for a courtship that leads to marriage. I love people, I love to cook, I enjoy traveling and would relocate for the right man. I love to laugh and I'm easy to get along with.  You'll find my picture on the FRHS 1967 graduation site, taken when I was 32 yrs. old. 

You may certainly e-mail me so that we can talk.


Isabel (Gross) Feinberg



Hi all. Just looking for people I knew growing up in Rockaway.  The wheel comes full circle - the beach is once again nearby although I live near the Florida coast now.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Lorraine Weingast ne้ Engel, Class of 1967



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