As the date approaches, here is information about the hotel, parking etc.

DIRECTIONS to Marriot Laguardia:

From NY - Triborough Bridge to the Grand Central Parkway. Take 94th Street exit. Continue on service road to Ditmars Blvd., and to the Marriott. 
From LI - Grand Central Pky to 94th Street exit, follow signs to Ditmars Blvd., keep left to Marriott.

When you enter the parking lot, take a ticket at the gate. We will have the cards that you need to insert in the gate when you leave. There is FREE PARKING for our reunion guests.  Those staying overnight will also have free parking.

CAMERAS:  Please bring your cameras. We will be posting your digital photos on the Alumni Association website for viewing after the reunion.  Just be sure to list the names of everyone in your pictures.  See below how to send your photos.*

BRUNCH:  We did not arrange for a separate brunch for Sunday morning, but we can all eat in the Steinway Restaurant in the Marriott. They have full breakfast specials, as well as individual breakfast items on the menu. 

REUNION ATTIRE:  We have had some questions about a "dress code" for the reunion.  The operative code is COMFORT.  No gowns, tuxes or jeans - wear what will be comfortable and look good. Hopefully, we all have at least one outfit that meets those criteria.

PHOTOS:  We are not hiring a photographer. We expect that many of you will be bringing your digital cameras to record the evening, and those photos can be posted on the Alumni website. That way you will be able to view them all, and even print them.   Just remember who you photographed, so all people in your photos can be named. 

*Directions on how to send your photos: If you're using a digital camera, please send the photo as an e-mail attachment, with captions, and sized to 640 x 480, to Carol Marston,  Each photo will be made into a thumbnail which can be clicked to view at the original size. 

If you don't know who a person is in a photo and you're writing a caption, please put in a line and question mark where the person is standing, left to right, like this: _______? and possibly someone will know that person and fill in the blank space by writing to Carol.  Please remember to caption your photos; they'll be returned to you if they do not have captions.

We've published a list of those who've made reservations.  Please go here:

We have also published a list of 1959 classmates who are unable to be reached.  It's on two pages.  If you know any way to contact them, please notify Carole or Karen at their above e-mail addresses.

We had said that we planned to distribute an updated directory of our clasmates at the reunion. We  need your entries as soon as possible.  Please write two paragraphs (100 words or so) summarizing your life, what you have learned, etc., and send it, along with up to two photos and whatever contact information you want published (names, mailing address, e-mail address, phones etc.). Based on what we have received so far, please make the entry personal - don't make it sound like a resume.

One of our classmates, David Schnitzer, is putting the directory together for us, and we are sure you will be impressed with the finished product. We think you will also be surprised to learn what some of our classmates have been up to these past 50 years! 

You may send your information by e-mail or snail mail.  Mail it to me at Carole Cohen, 2287 Mott Ave.,  3C,  Far Rockaway, NY 11691.  If you send photos that you want returned, please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

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