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Dear Member of Far Rockaway High School Class of 1954,

Congratulations! We have received a nice response to our two “save the date” letters and we are having the reunion as planned. We are looking forward to a great evening.

This invitation includes:

  •       Information on date, time, and place
  •       Price for attending the reunion and instructions for payment
  •       Information on hotel reservations for those attendees who would like to stay at a convenient hotel nearby
  •       Personal information form to complete
  •       The list of attendees as of this date


Date: May 2, 2014



Terrace in the Park                   

52-11 11th Street in Flushing Meadow Park

Queens, NY


Time: 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.


This is the same place where we had our wonderful 50th reunion and we are hoping that many 1954 graduates will attend. More details will follow in a few months in a more formal invitation so that you can register for the event. We are investigating hotel rooms for those who live out of town and other events for the weekend.  We’ll include that information in the invitation once we have finalized all the details.


Stuart Sucherman has generously agreed to have his assistant, Mike McClafferty, receive replies so please send an email now to the address below letting us know whether or not you are thinking of attending. This is not a commitment, but will help us get an approximate number. Please contact everyone you know and tell us of anyone that you think may not have received this notice. We plan to use email for all correspondence so include email addresses. Hope to see you on May 2nd. The address for your reply is:


We have included a printable personal information form for you to fill out and mail which contains all the relevant information you'll need, including cost.  The link is:



The FRHS 60th Reunion Committee

The following members of our class have responded so far:



Amelkin, Stanley

Bennett, Ron

Berlin, Debra Bickwid 

Berlin, Ed 

Bindman, Al

Block, Norman

Braverman, Michael

Caldwell, Marilyn

Cohen, Lorraine Springberg

Edelstein Ecoff, Beverly

Eisinger, Gladys Greenberg

Ellis, Richard 


Friedman Wendrow, Carole

Fuchs, Jerry

Gabrie,  Sharon 

Georges, Dean

Goldstein, Art (Otto)

Greenblatt, Ruth 

Gusoff Copen, Ileen

Harris, Laurence

Harris, Rita Sadek

Holzer, Morton

Illman, Marvin

Janon, Ed

Kaplan, Bob

Karow, Vivian 

Koepell, Mitchell

Lacher, Ivan (Milt)

Lamstein, Marylyn

Miller, George 

Norton, Warner

Orenstein, Joel

Plager Maslow, Barbara 

Rothstein, Barbara

Rubin, Barbara Smith 

Sarro Helms, Annette

Sherman, Fred 

Sherman, Ken

Shulman, Bill

Sloane, Carl

Solomon Leffert, Margi

Stern, Arthur

Sucherman, Stuart


Weinstein Jacobs, Carol

Weiss, Nicky

Weissner Hyman, Carol

Wittner, Mary

Wolther, Loretta

Yanover Romano Farley, Janice

Yudenfreund, Jack 


Bickwid, Jeremy
Emery, Marcia
Janklow, Alice (Drucker)
Paskowitz, Harvey


Alpert, Barbara

Marquez, Sandy Moftiz

Mayer, Len & Harriet

Oliveri, Eugene 

Solomon, Joel 

Steiner, Irma 

Wiesenfeld, Phil   

Looking for the following people on this list.  If you have information, please

contact Vivian Karow at  bobrik@aol.com

Allen, William
Anglelone,  Charles
Anglelone, Louis
Antulov, Joseph
Appel, Henry
Arnove, William
Badash, Ann
Bancalari, Nicholas
Bancroft, Helen
Basile, Louis
Bass, Lande Bertha
Bass, Lee
Bell, James
Berg, William
Berger, Shankman Tamara
Berman, Fred
Bernstein, Arthur
Bernstein, Lewis
Bethiel, Stanley
Blander, Michael
Brackett, Francies
Brennan, Daniel
Brofman, Bernard
Brophy, Dolores
Brown, Edward
Butler, John
Callahan, John
Carrano, Catherine
Chamberain, Arthur
Clark, Stanley
Clarke, Joan
Cohn, Judith
Coker, Etienne  
Croan, Robert
Davis, Ruby
Deegan, Bernard
Dempsey, John
Doherty Dorothy  
Dunleavy, Bob       
Ehrhardt, Marie
Eisenberg, Feldman Barbara
Elin, Charles
Epstein, Sandra
Falak, Harvey
Fein, Joel
Feinstein, Barbara
Finkler, Barbara
Firestone, Arnie
Fisher, Martin  
Forro, Jutkovitz Lois
Forsman, Forsman Eleanor
Frankel, Iris
Freely, Robert 
Gailmor, Gary
Gans, Landman Marcialee
Geller, Arthur
Gerhardt, Paul
Goldsmith, Masch Sally
Goldsmith, Beth
Golub, Bramson Sharon
Greenberg, Masch Judith
Gross, Gross Carol
Grossman, Premisler Barbara
Grubelic, Helen
Grummy, Michels Mary
Hatcher, Mildred
Heinzman     ???
Hennesey, Michael
Herbst, Emily
Hirsch, Stanley
Hirschhorn, Laurence

Hittleman, Gross
Hughes, Glover Theresa
Iverson, Kenneth
Joerger, Frederick
Kaiser, Rhoda
Kaplan, Myron
Kaplan, Gloria
Karten, Arthur
Katz, Pearl
Katz, Leo
Kay, Mitchell
Kaye, Eugene
Kearon, Thomas
Keenan, Ted
Kerber, Rita
Kerner, David 
Kerner, Dermon Barbara
Kittenplan, Marjorie 
Klein, Roberta
Koehler, Eugene
Koehler, Nancy
Kraus, Barbara
Kressel, Morris
Krimko, Arline
Kunas. Margolies Lawernce
Lambert, Margolies Barbara
Laredo, Antonia
Larmour, James
Lefing, William
Lepper, Irving
Levine Eleanor
Levine, Sandra
Lewis, Unger Harriet

Lovert, Frances
Lowenstein, Joel
Lucev, Anthony                                                 
Lyon, George
Madison, William
Maloney, John
Mann, Marie
Margolies, Traister Sandy
Miller, Robbins Estelle
Miller, Iris
Miller, Robert
Miller, Susan
Mohlin, Ronald
Mossberg, Barbara
Murphy, Timothy
O'Brien  Frank
O'Conner, Kathleen
O'Grady, Martin
Oppenheim, Roth Carol
Ornstein, Francine
Peacock, James
Peterson, John
Pollack, Arthur
Pollack, Mary
Porte, Ronald
Profeta, Schaffer Pauline
Profsk, Barbara
Pullen, Helen
Pullis, Roger
Quinn, Wanagaitis Jane
Reich, Natalie                               
Reilly, Maurice
Reinhardt, Alan
Repple, Richard
Resua, Ronald
Reuben, Goldstein Jesse 

Rinn, Howard
Robbins, Judith
Roberts, Arthur
Rose, Stanley
Rosenzweig, Ronald
Ross, Lucille
Sarrel, Phillip
Scerer, Gary
Schacher, James
Schaffer, Clyde
Schein, Charles
Schiesel, Gloria
Schiffrin, Alfred
Schnoll, Evelyn
Schwab, Wenger Avra
Schwartz, Larry
Schwartz, Norman
Seigel, Fred
Seliger, Shandalow Eileen
Shandalow, Judith
Shapiro, Roy
Shea, Edward
Sherman, Warren
Silberstein, Stephen
Silver, Helen 
Singer, Edward
Singer, Stanley
Skolnik, Judith
Slavin, Lois
Sobel, Arthur
Sokatch, Seymour
Solomon, Leon
Spiegel, Judy
Stein, Manelis Harriet
Stone, Saul
Sweeney, Barbara
Taramino, Rettig Linda

Traynor, Helen
Treitler, Chaprack Rhoda
Turrantine, Thomas Syandra
Van Cina, Leanora
Vettel, Lorraine
Vukov, Gloria
Wagner, Rose Barbara
Ward, Carl
Ward, Richard
Wedgewood, Naomi
Weinbaum, Madeleine
Weinberg, Mona
Weinstein, Maxwell
Weinstein, Eisenberg Sandra
Weisman  Jerry
Welling, Judith
Wells, Martha
Wenger, Anna
Wilson, John
Wohlman, Alan
Wolser, Harris
Zakarin, Sharon
Zaslavsky, Marilyn
Zerner, Haim Marilyn
Zimmerman,  Miller Yvette
Zuckerman, Gabriel