Graduates From Rockaway In "The 50's"

Thanks to Vivian Mintz Karow, Class of 1954, for sending this wonderful photo of the graduates of the 1950's taken in 1997 at their Boca Raton reunion. Vivian wants to know where all of you 1950's grads are and why you haven't registered with this site? Click on the photo to see it in it's larger format.

Carol Marston, (Solomon) Class of 1956, joins us from Phoenix, Arizona where she has been living since she left Rockaway the very night she graduated! Carol teaches Computer Literacy and Internet Basics. She grew up in Bayswater and is an avid cat lover. She is married to Pete, a cargo pilot, and has one son, and two grandsons.


Carol can be reached at

Congratulations to Carol for getting her new web site up and running. You can visit it at

Thanks to Carol for her contribution. She's lost her Dolphins, years 1952 through 1956. Any one have extra copies????

Dave Schnitzer, Class of 1959, joins us and writes the following.

Thought I would take a moment to let you know that your page about FRHS looks great...I graduated in 1959 along with a few hundred others and have lost track of most of them. If you know of anyone else from my class I would like to hear from them.

My wife is looking for Arlene Goldsmith Rothenthal, class of 1963, Marcia Rappaport Magid, class of 1962, and Luba Rybb, class of 1962....all of them lived in Arvern.

Dave and his wife can be reached at

Thanks to Dave for his contribution. Dave, I have also posted your requests on the "Lost Classmates" page.

Dave and Jackie Schnitzer, Class of 1959, join us from East Windsor, New Jersey and write the following.

Skip, we noticed a new section for PowWow listed...Why not suggest setting up a conference room for FRHS graduates to meet and talk.

Visiting the FRHS site brings back many memories of our days living in Rockaway...My wife, Jackie (Wachter) lived on Beach 63rd street in Arverne, and I lived on President Street in Far Rock..Nothing could beat the early spring and fall days when the "Summer People" were not there and the beach was ours to enjoy..especially the one day in June, when the FRHS seniors declared a holiday and everyone cut to go to the beach...It was a shame to see what NYC did to the area because of poor planning..Does anyone know what happended to Jack Kirschman, boys phys. ed. teacher and coach in the 50's and 60's?

These pages have become a daily site to visit on the of the best constructed and maintained school pages...

Dave and Jackie can be reached at

Thanks so much for your comments about the web site. I have already passed your suggestion on to Carol Marston, our resident PowWow expert. As for Jack Kisrchman, rumor has it that he will be attending the up-coming reunion in September. Check out Reunions on the Menu.

Richard Ellis, Class of 1953 , joins us from Las Vegas, Nevada and writes the following.

Dear Alan: Good to hear from you. I appreciate the work you're doing on the web site. After 8 years in the United States Air force living in Texas and Alaska, I settled in Las Vegas. I have been a radiolgist here for 27 years. Married for 38 years, 5 children ages 14 to 35. My mother owned Hattie's Dress Shop on Central Ave. from 1941 to 1958. If I come across any photos I'll send them along.

Richard can be reached at

Thanks to Richard for writing. Where on Central Avenue was Hattie's Dress Shop? I can't seem to remember it. Hope you can find some photos for the 50's section.

Richard writes back to say the following. Dear Skip: Again thanks for all your efforts; you're doing a great job. Hattie's dress shop on Central Avenue was in Far Rockaway about a block from the library opposite the Columbia movie theatre.

Florence (Haas) Block, Class of 1953, from Lake Worth, Florida sends this wonderful photo of her senior hat and writes the following.

Dear Skip;

Thanks for including me in your research about Far Rockaway. I am a graduate of 1953. My sister Micke Haas was in class of 1962. Your idea to do Rockaway Beach reunion site is very nice. Sorry I can't help as I lived right in Far Rockaway near the Nassau County line not in Rockaway Beach. I have not been back to that area for almost 20 years. My sister lives in Cedarhurst but we transplanted to Connecticut & now we're in Lake Worth, Florida.

There is a reunion being held down here in Boca on Saturday but none of my old friends who I still see down here are attending. Maybe???????? I'll get to New York for September's big party.

I'm answering you via JUNO because AOL has become the biggest pain in the world. We can only get on in middle of the night.

Best wishes to you and your plans.

Florence can be reached at You can also visit her web site at

Thanks to Florence for writing. By calling this the Rockaway Beach Web Site, I meant to include all of the Rockaways from the Nassau County line to Rockaway Point and we certainly want to include you and any memories you would like to share.

Florence writes again to let us know that her neighbor Stella (Block) Levitt, Class of 1937 from Lake Worth, Florida has checked out the web site and would like to hear from anyone out there who remembers her. She can be reached through Florence's e-mail address. I guess I'll have to open up a 1930's section. If Stella writes and sends along a few memories, I will be happy too.

Thanks to Florence for sending this wonderful photo of the "Future Class of 1953" as they graduated from the 8th grade at P.S. 39

Marilyn (Schain) Hirsch, Class of 1950, joins us and writes the following.

We are using our niece's screen name since we don't have e-mail. Our niece also happens to be Hal's daughter. Hal was the owner of Hal's Luncheonette.

I graduated in 1950 from FRHS. I would like to be in touch with grads of that era. I have many memories to share of Far Rockaway, of my brother Hal's luncheonette and the beach.

We recently attended a FRHS reunion in Boca Raton, FL for years 1949 to 1956. There were some students who worked for Hal and we often wonder what has become of them. Some of the folks we wonder about are: Joel Gerstle (we think he relocated to Washington), Marilyn Newman Tulgan (where are you?); other names escape us at the moment but we would be interested in getting in contact with them.

Marilyn can be reached at her niece's e-mail address which is

Thanks to Marilyn for writing. I look forward to receiving some memories and maybe a few photos. Now that you've used this technology, you'll have to get your own computer and e-mail address so you can keep in touch with us.

Larry Edelstein, Class of 1958, joins us from New Jersey and writes the following.

Great job you're doing here Skip.

Because of this site I found my old friend Dave Schnitzer who I have not seen for 35years. Last night my wife and I got together for dinner with Dave and his wife Jackie and reminised about old times. It seems he is only living about an hour away from me in central New Jersey. Small world and getting smaller all the time.

I graduated from FRHS in 1958 and I also would like to post both of my sisters names on the web site.

Elaine Edelstein Abes graduated FRHS in 1950 lives in Boynton Beach, Florida and
Renee Edelstein Simon graduated FRHS in 1954 and lives in Coconut Creek, Fla. They can both be reached at

Keep up the good work.

Larry can be reached at

Thanks Larry for writing. I'm happy to hear that you have found an old friend. I never invisioned that this site would attract as many former graduates as it has. I will continue to keep it growing as long as I can afford too.

Vivian Mintz, Class of 1954 joins us from Boca Raton, Florida and writes the following.

Dear Skip: I graduated in 1954 from FRHS. Very interested in keeping up with people from FRHS. Are you attending the reunion. I gave the school hundreds of people to contact. I just ran a reunion in Boca Raton for the 50's. I had 125 people. It was wonderful. Are you related to Linda Weinstock 1954? I lived in Far Rockaway but my family was from Arverne. My maiden nmae was Mintz. Do you know the name?

Hope to hear from you again. Thanks for your letter. As you can see I am just learning the computer. I have no idea how to send pictues etc.

Vivian can be reached at

Thanks Vivian for your letter. I'm not related to Linda Weinstock but had 3 cousins who lived in Rockaway. Ellyn, David, and Beth Weinstock. If you have any photos from the Boca Raton reunion, I would be happy to put them on the web site. Just mail them to me and I will return them to you. Hope to hear from you soon.

Edward Berlin, Class of 1954 joins us from New York.

Edward Berlin is a computer programmer for the City University of New York. He is best known for his expertise in Rag Time Music and has written several book on the subject. In addition to many articles and publications on the subject of Rag Time, Dr. Berlin has appeared on many radio and television programs discussing the subject. He has also lectured at the Lincoln Center in New York.

Edward can be reached at

Rodney Sheldon, Class of 1958 joins us from Beverly Hills, California and writes the following.


 My name is Harvey Sheldon, Class of 1958. I attended NYU and Hofstra College and in 1962, I moved to Los Angeles, California, changed my name to Rodney, (always hated the name Harvey) and for a decade lived on both coasts, maintaining residences in both Manhattan and Malibu. In 1971, I gave up my new York apartment to live, full time, in Malibu. In 1982, I left the beach and moved to Beverly Hills.

 I was in the music business, promoting rock n' roll concerts, in the wonderful sixties, and for the last twenty seven years I have been a writer-producer in Hollywood, working for most of the studios and all the networks.

 I have often wondered what happened to all of my wonderful friends from FRHS; I have lost touch with all of them. It would be wonderful to visit the pleasant memories of the past and I invite any of my old chums, and/or classmates, to contact me. If I could get a list of class of '58 E-mail or home addresses - with or without phone numbers, I would be grateful. Also, I'm looking for anyone from the class of '58, especially Mel Klein, Ben "Duke" Lechtman, Stuart Drell, Howard (Gigger) gersh, Howard Schwartz, Marty Feuereisen, Arnie Ackerman, Willie Hamp and L.C. (Larry) Johnson. Also looking for Barbara Kaufman, and beautiful Rochelle from Neponsit, and anyone else I used to hang with...

 Please add my name and pertinent contact information to all of your reunion lists. This is quite a wonderful thing you do, creating a conduit to the past where our characters and destinies were formed.

 Hope you continue doing this important work. I trust it brings you the same pleasure as it brings to so many others. I sincerely thank you for your efforts. With my very best wishes.....

Rodney can be reached at FarRockflm or at his mailing address which is 153 S. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 - Phone 310 859-1177

Thanks Rodney for writing and for your kind words about the web site. I've enjoyed every minute of the time spent on it. It seems as if it has brought a lot of people together. How about a photo to go with your letter?

Peggy Gordon, Class of 1956 joins us from New York, New York and writes the following.
I graduated FRHS in 1956, and went on to Cornell University where I majored in math, graduating in 1960. Did a couple of years of fruitless graduate work, came back to New York, moved to Manhattan, and have been here ever since, although I did do a lot of travelling in the 'late 60's and '70's. I've worked in computer software development my entire career, and at that time was working for a software house which kept me on the move, including a trip to Israel in 1974, where I caught up with Ronnie Nieman Segal, one of my best friends from FRHS.

I now work for the Bank of New York in Securities Custody (still software development). In 1987 I married Fred Miers, and we live at 372 Central Park West, Apt. 6R, NYNY 10025. We built a weekend home in Warwick NY, where we go every weekend, and are beginning to think about retirement, but we'd like a better climate (and lower property taxes!). We've ruled out Warwick, Florida and Arizona; anybody got any ideas?

My father, Leonard, and brother, David also went to FRHS ('27 and '60, respectively), and, by a weird coincidence, so did my husband's ex-wife's husband, Ed Sprung ('47?). My e-mail address is, and I'd love to hear from anyone who recognizes my name or lives in either of my neighborhoods.

I keep running into old FRHS grads who aren't e-mail-enabled, but are looking for classmates anyway, so I've offered to post these.
Beatrice (Lubin) Lewis (class of '37?), 201 E. 69th St., New York, NY 10021: would like to hear from any of her classmates, especially those who were in the commercial course with her.

 Selma (Wallman) Fried (class of '35), 5 Peasley Drive, Marlboro, NJ 07746: would like to locate Myril (Mushlin) Kaplan.

 Selma is my aunt; Bea is the mother of a friend of a friend.

Keep up the great work!

Peggy can be reached at

Thanks Peggy for writing and allowing me to put your graduation photo on the web site. "Give my regards to Broadway!"

Ed Erdely, Class of 1957 joins us from California and writes the following.

Dear Skip,

 I am a member of the class of 1957. I was born in Rockaway Beach Hospital, attended P.S.39 and F.R.H.S. After graduation I attended Pratt Institute and received a degree in Electrical Engineering, and came to California in 1962. I have been back to the Rockaways many times over the years and it is a real shame what has happened, but some day it will come back as beach front property all ways does.

I think your web site is great and you are performing a great service. My class as far as I know has never had a reunion, so I will be looking to this one. Some of your letters really bring back memories, and you asked if we could share some of our memories.

After seeing Woodys Allen's Radio Days the scene where Woody is standing on the roof over looking the ocean he sees a German submarine. Yes the submarine was real. I remember my father taking me to the beach after every large storm as the cargo of the sunken liberty ships would be washed ashore. We were looking for K rations. Sealed cans of food that tasted awful, but contained a piece of chocolate. What a treat. Todays kids are being cheated they have no such recollections.

Ed can be reached at

Thanks Ed for your letter. I can also remember walking the beach after a good rain storm to see if anything had washed up. You also brought back memories of my "sand-sifting" days under the boardwalk with a home-made sandsifter. Thanks.

Camille DiResta Schmidt, Class of 1959 joins us and writes the following.

Hi Skip,

 I'm Camille DiResta Schmidt '59, former treasurer of the sr. class, captain of the majorettes, and all that sort of stuff. Just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed the FRHS website. Don't know that I can get to reunion, but I'm delighted to sign up for the directory. I've already heard from classmates and a long lost cousin. A million thanks.

Camille can be reached at

Thanks Camille for writing. I'm glad to hear that you have connected with friends from the past. That is one of the reasons the web site continues to grow. Your quite welcome!

Martin Abrams, Class of 1956 joins us from Rockaway and writes the following.


Both I Martin Abrams and my wife Louise (Chinitz) Abrams, graduated from FRHS. 1956, 1959. We live in Rockaway, and Louise teaches at PS104. We both are registered for the Prom and other events.

Martin and Louise can be reached at

Richard Bender, Class of 1957 joins us and writes the following.

Hi Skip, Great Page!

 I attended FRHS in 54, 55 & 56. I never got to graduate with my class of 57 due to a family situation. I did finally graduate in NYC in 59. I lived on Beach 140th St. in Belle Harbor and would love to hear from others of that period. It has been a long time and I am planning to be there in September to see the 57 alumni and all the gang. Where is Gail Schatz, Carol Loeb, Ann Samuels, others??

Richard can be reached at

Judi Sokatch-Wandres, Class of 1959 joins us from Matawan, New Jersey and writes the following.

Hi Skip,

Great web site ! My name is Judi Sokatch -Wandres. It used to be Judi Sokatch-Birnbach. I've been remarried for 16 years. I graduated in '59. I've really enjoyed this site. I don't think I will be at the reunion because I don't see too many of the '59ers as registrants. I went to Brooklyn College, taught at P.S.105 for a while and then moved to NJ. Did grad work in NJ and now I am living and teaching in Matawan, NJ.

I wonder if anyone knows anything about the following people: Sisty Nichols, Lou Stroller, Louis Lissak, Ernie Rosenberg (class of 57 or 58).

Judi can be reached at

Thanks Judi for writing and I'm glad you enjoy the web site. I may not see a lot of my classmates at the reunion, but I wouldn't miss the opportunity to "gather" with those who share common backgrounds and memories. As we use to say in the 60's, this is going to be a "Happening". Hope you change your mind and attend!

Burton Goldstein, Class of 1959 joins us from Vancouver, British Columbia and writes the following.

I guess I am a lost grad - Far Rockaway High School 1959. After graduation- University of Buffalo (before SUNY), then Brooklyn College. Later University of Pennsylvania, and finally, University of Illinois. Lived & worked in Philadelphia & Chicago, moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1978.Still in Vancouver, with very fond memories of the "old" Far Rock.

My wife Nora (Feldman) FRHS '63, and my brother Ronald Goldstein, FRHS also, are probably registered.

Burton can be reached at

Send me your "stuff"!!!!!!

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